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We will help you get there by sharing with you the best marketing, sales/enrollment and mindset practices known to humankind today… All of these practices are tested and come from the people who are the very best at utilizing and teaching them. These will be some of the most extraordinary people on this planet. Get ready for your Big Shift!

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Is Confidence Really a Predictor of Success? (Surprising Findings) | Ep. 89

A lot of people think confidence is a great predictor of success as an entrepreneur. But confidence can also foreshadow spectacular failure. So when is confidence called for in business, and when is it a really bad idea?

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Why Sex Sells and What You’re Offering Doesn’t | Ep. 88

SEX has a never-ending power to sell practically anything, anywhere. And believe it or not, there’s a way to make what you’re selling just as alluring.

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What To Do When Someone Asks You For A Discount | Ep. 87


Do you get flustered when a potential client asks for a discount on your services? Here’s how to keep your cool, your price, AND your client. … [Continue reading]

Can Women Really Have It All? (And What About the Men?) | Ep. 86


Can ANYONE really be completely fulfilled and successful in both business AND their personal life? Yes…and as a conscious business owner, YOU are perfectly positioned to realize this dream! … [Continue reading]

2 Simple Things That Will Make Your Clients Eager to Pay Your Premium Fees | Ep. 85


What would make your clients eager to pay you top dollars for your services? Actually, it's just 2 simple things - these very things will also help you up your enjoyment and effectiveness as an entrepreneur. … [Continue reading]

Why You Should Never Charge What You Are Worth | Ep. 84


Have you ever been told to “charge what you are worth”? That might sound good, but the truth is, following that advice could seriously damage your business. … [Continue reading]