Earn More, Serve More, and Work Less. Here’s how…

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What if you could find a way double, or even triple the number of dollars coming into your business without working more hours?  And, what if, with that increased revenue you could also exponentially increase the impact and results you’re able to deliver for every single client that worked with you?

It’s possible.  And that’s the topic of today’s blog post.

I find in talking with many small business owners, one of the biggest challenges they face is making enough money to make their business sustainable.

Far too often I see them undercharging and under-earning.

So how do you change this so you can start creating more income, and a steady flow of clients… all while working the same hours or less?[Continue Reading...]

7 Books That Will Transform Your Business (and Life)

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As a lifelong learner, it is a passion of mine to continually acquire new knowledge about marketing, sales, and mastering the inner game of building a business.

When you finally master the game of marketing, you attract new leads effortlessly.  When you master the game of enrollment conversations, you exponentially increase your income in your business. Finally, when you master your inner psychology, nothing stops you from achieving what you set out to accomplish.

I am continually reading and educating myself to improve upon my skills in these three areas because I see it as a lifelong journey to master these domains.

In the information age, there’s so much information out there that it’s challenging to narrow it down to the most relevant and supportive material for you while you move forward in your business. So I’d like to help you out by offering up some of my own personal favorites in my library.

Today, I’m sharing seven books that can transform your business (and life) by reading and applying their principles to your business.[Continue Reading...]

The Simplest Success Principle In The World… Are You Doing It?

I was hanging out with one of my closest friends, Johnny Fernandez. He was sharing an amazing conversation he recently had with his daughter.  I found it very on point for what is holding back most entrepreneurs. In the video below I’ll share what … [Continue reading]

What Separates Businesses that Succeed and Those That Fail?

I was talking to a client earlier this month who said, “I’m completely lost, and struggling with my business. What do I do next?” Click play to hear the advice I gave her. After you've finished watching this video, tell me in the comments … [Continue reading]

A Fun Game You Can Use To Break Through Your Income Ceiling

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I want to talk to you about your income ceiling today. It’s a big topic for most business owners I talk to. Your income ceiling is often based on the most amount of money you’ve ever made in your business. For example, let’s say the most you’ve … [Continue reading]

4 Critical Things To Change If You’re Working On Your Business Way Too Much

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I hear it all too often from business owners: “I am SO overwhelmed by everything I need to do in my business!” I have to say, I totally get it. You’re serving clients, marketing your business, and you want to have a life. You cross one thing off … [Continue reading]