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Do you want exposure to 30,000 people on my list? (Winners Announced!)

One of the things that gets me inspired about my business is
doing new things that I have never done before.  There is
nothing like trying something innovative that gets my juices

So this week is totally exciting for me since I’m announcing
something new and fresh:

A Roving Reporter Contest

Roving Reporter Contest

I am going to select 3 attendees of the Big Shift Experience
to be my roving reporters. Attendees of my three-day event
are going to experience amazing personal shifts as well as
big shifts to their business.

The 3 winners of my roving reporter contest will be my eyes
and ears during the event.

And here’s the best part:

I will be featuring their reporting to my 30,000 person
newsletter list, to my over 16,000 Twitter followers and to
over 5000 of my connections on Facebook.

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Do you appreciate your clients enough?

The more you appreciate the clients you do have, the more
clients you’ll attract into your world.

And speaking of appreciation, here’s the third and final
installment in my client appreciation series. Alicia came
into my world less than a year ago with a truly unique
calling. In the short time I’ve known her I’ve gotten to see
her step further and further into her power.  She has an
answered the calling inside her in a huge way.

Meet Alicia Dattner…

Alicia Dattner

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Someone I’d like you to meet

The Client Appreciation Series continues today with Jonathan
Bender.  He has accomplished so much in the last few years…
I have had the privilege of watching him develop, step into
his own power and create a business that most business would
only dream of.  I think you’ll enjoy his story.

Meet Jonathan Bender…

Jonathan Bender

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Jimi Hendrix… and how to have loyal clients for life?

I was listening to tracks from one of my favorite albums – Are You Experienced? by Jimi Hendrix this morning.

I can only guess what he meant by this trippy title, but it got me thinking about one of my favorite topics…

The Customer Experience

In software and in the on-line world, creating an incredible customer experience is a huge trend. Internet companies have whole departments devoted to these questions:

  • What is the experience the user of my product or service is having?
  • How can we make the user experience better, more fun, easier and/or unique?

The amazing experience people have using Apple products is what makes that company legendary.

The experience that you create for your clients is the difference between a commodity service and a highly sought-after service.

Yet I can see that WE, the service-based business owners, pay so very little attention to the experience our clients are having with us.

I don’t mean just paying attention to your service or your expertise. I mean paying attention to EVERY little interaction they have with you:

Your email communications, your initial consultations, customer service calls, the message they hear on your voice mail, your email address, your invoices, what your office looks like, thank you cards, the extra perks you give.

I know I pay attention to the experience of my clients, but providing the experience still takes a back seat to my content or to my coaching.

What would happen if I sat down and designed the experience from the first email my clients get from me, to how a welcome phone call is delivered, to what kind of gift I will send my clients for participating and even to learning what experience they are really wanting with me.

  • What if I made the experience my clients have with me more fun?
  • What if I made the experience my clients have with me much simpler?
  • What if the experience clients have with me had the WOW factor?
  • What if I delivered something totally unexpected for every single client?

If I did that –

I would have clients for life!

And that is precisely what I want. And I am hoping you want that, too.

I invite you to explore this topic and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

A Short Note to Express Appreciation to You

Have you told your clients how much you appreciate them lately?

I just got off the phone with an amazing client from my Client Mastery Blueprint program.  At the end of the conversation, I told her how much of a joy she is to me.  I meant it because it’s true.  It felt great to say it and I know it felt good for her to receive it.

Your clients like working with you, not just because you have a great service. They like working with you because of how they feel when working with you.  The experience is just as important as the results they get.

But do they also know how much you like working with them?

You feeling and communicating gratitude for the gift of being able to work with your client is an essential piece of what can make the experience of working with you just that much better.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Write in a gratitude journal what you appreciate about your clients and being of service to them.
  • Then share that gratitude with your clients.  You can send them a card, a gift or you can simply tell them about it verbally

This will make a difference.  Because what you appreciate appreciates.

The fact that I take the time daily to connect to what and to whom I appreciate is the difference maker in my business.

It’s my secret sauce.

Here’s what I am appreciating in my business

  • The 30 incredible participants in my Client Mastery Blueprint Group Coaching Program – you continue to inspire me
  • *You* for reading my writing and for being a part of my audience and allowing me to share my gifts with you
  • My private clients who never cease to amaze me with their courage and accomplishments
  • My team, who are serious Rock Stars, and help me continue to shine as brightly as I am possibly can
  • My strategic partners who believe in what I do and want to share it with others
  • My fiancé for sharing her life, her joys and her sorrows with me
  • My business model that will allow me to maximize my impact and touch that more lives
  • The 99 amazing new clients who signed up for my Master of Enrollment Program – I can’t wait to get started on Wednesday

Thank YOU again for taking the time to read what I’m grateful for, for your never-ending support and inspiring me and my business everyday.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

What are you thankful for?


What’s Your Promise?

I get a ton of questions from people who ask me how to choose a good niche.

I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to get it figured out for good.

It all boils down to one very simple thing.

What’s your promise?

Everything you do in your business is about making and keeping promises to your customers.

Seriously, think about it.
Tylenol promises to reduce fevers and help your headache go away.
Your TV promises to project moving images for your entertainment.
Your manicurist promises to help your hands look more beautiful.
What are you promising with your service?

A confused customer always says no

Are prospective clients confused by what you do?

Here’s a tip: think about the service or product that you provide as a promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a massage therapist, what if you thought of yourself as “helping women get totally relaxed in an hour” expert, then you can totally devote yourself to delivering on that promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a life coach, what if you thought of yourself as a “find a career that fulfills you” expert then you can do what it takes to you have all the tools in place to help people with just that problem.

When you can promise what your ideal clients want, and consistently keep that promise you will have more business than you can handle.

Are you a generalist?

It’s often said that generalists tend to be less successful then experts in a service based business. Simply put, people want to work with experts or specialists.

I’ve run into this challenge myself, because I have the tendency to be a generalist. Here’s my own experience: the more I became an expert in helping you get more clients in less time, the more money I started making.

Because, figuring out your niche (and your promise) is such a common challenge, I’m going to be launching a unique program in a few weeks that will give you powerful tools for CLAIMING a niche that you can be an expert in. I’ll send details soon.

I promise you’re going to love it!


I have since launched the Coaching Niche Telesummit taking place December
15-18. If you are a coach and this post spoke to you, then you definitely
need to attend. Go to http://www.coachingnichetelesummit.com for more details.

This event features coaches who are leaders in 6 in-demand coaching niches.
Each hour long telecall will feature a different area of specialization and
will show you key strategies for you to take your business down a path of
growth and success.

Sign up at http://www.coachingnichetelesummit.com to see our full list of
experts. You’ll get completely free access to the Coaching Niche Telesummit
as well as a complete schedule of telecalls.

Plus, we’ll send you the recordings after the event has concluded.

See you there!