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Can You Guess My #1 Marketing Strategy in Business Coaching?

You probably already know that I have a passion for sharing my most effective business-building strategies with you. But there’s one thing I’ve never taught until now.

It’s my #1 marketing strategy, which can help you consistently attract clients and radically increase the amount of impact and community you create in your business.

Can you guess what it is?

OK, the answer is… it’s building a sizeable list of potential clients that you can consistently communicate with and offer your content and services to.

Because having a list is the easiest way for you to reach your tribe, build relationships and credibility, and attract new clients.

I’d like to tell you a story…

When I first started out 9 years ago as a coach, I had no one on my email newsletter list. It was a struggle to go out and get clients. And every month, it felt like I was starting over again, I had no marketing momentum built up in my business.

A marketing mentor gave me a good piece of advice, “Why don’t you start a newsletter?”

So I did.

I decided to start a simple newsletter, and I tried everything I could to add people to my list. Gradually, my list grew from zero to 2,000 people.
Amazingly, something magical happened when my newsletter list got past the 2,000 people mark.

On a regular basis, people would email me asking about my services, asking for a consultation – and then hiring me!

This was completely unsolicited! These were people who subscribed to my newsletter and enjoyed the free content I was sharing. I was on cloud 9.

Can you imagine this? Every time you send out an email, it generates excitement and new business with your audience.

Once I had grown my list to 2,000 people, I set an intention to double it. But things went much better than I had planned.

In the past 2 years, I’ve been able to grow my list from 2,000 to 18,000 amazing people that I’m totally psyched to be in communication with!

The opportunities that a list this size have created for me are huge:

  • Last year I filled 4 group coaching programs, coaching 570 people to greater heights in their businesses!
  • I used to be excited to get 50 people on a teleseminar – now 1,000 to 2,000 people sign up for telecalls to receive my training content.

Why am I sharing my story with you? Because I know the power that list building has to transform your business (like it did with mine), and I want you to benefit from it too.

My intention is to double the size of my list again in the next 12 months to 36,000 people.
Would you like to join me on this journey?

Why Networking Is A Waste of Time…

I rarely see networking work really well.

It’s true, the majority of business owners I speak to either network sporadically (“pitch and run”) or they spend a lot of time networking…  and …

<< drumroll >>

They rarely get many clients through their networking efforts.

I see you investing your time and effort into networking that doesn’t result in new clients and worse yet, it results in you losing faith that networking can work for you.

Networking doesn’t work unless you follow certain basic principles of enrollment. 

  1. Go to networking events regularly with organizations that have repeat visitors and a community
  2. Then concentrate on creating relationships
  3. Have a compelling “elevator pitch” that leaves the people in your tribe (your target audience) wanting more
  4. Have a unique business card with a call to action on it (see below)
  5. Follow up and schedule a “get to know you” session with potential clients

Is your business card getting tossed within 24 hours?

A business card specifically created for networking can be an incredible tool to build your credibility, help you stand out and also build an audience of people who are actually looking for the results your service offers.

Here’s how to take a plain, boring business card and turn it into a client generating machine.

Front of the Card ideas

  1. Put a picture on the front of your card that showcases your personality.  This is so people you meet remember you better.
  2. Write on the front of the business card:  “I gave you this card because I enjoyed meeting you.  I’d love to see you again, so look for me.”  This line along with the picture will cement you in their memory and it also invites them to seek you out at the next event.
  3. Include a phone # or an email address (one or the other).  You want to encourage people to use the mode of communication that you respond faster to.

Back of the Card ideas

  1. You want to include a “call to action”, so that when the person you gave the card to goes home and looks at your card again, they actually do something with the card instead of just filing it somewhere or throwing it out.
  2. I recommend that you include a link to a web page offering a high quality free gift like an ebook or audio from you.
  3. Nothing else should be placed on the back of the card, other than the URL where they should go for that action, and a short description of the benefits.

Here’s an example of the Back of a Business Card (using me as an example)

If you are coach, healer or small business owner who really wants to make a difference with your service and you are wasting your time doing free consultations and are not getting any clients out of it…

My free video training series will help you have your prospects say yes to investing in your service without you doing any selling.


Here are the benefits of having a card like this:

  • You get to stand out in a sea of networkers
  • You are inviting people who have met you once to come seek you out
  • You are developing relationships quicker
  • You are establishing yourself as an expert
  • You get to build your list when people you meet opt-in to your call to action.  And only the people who want what you have will opt-in and get on your email list.
  • You get to finally make networking work for you

Now, let’s get more advanced

I shared some basic networking principles up above, now here’s a more advanced strategy.

These days, I never network to attract clients. (Although networking for clients is a perfectly good approach.)

I network to create relationships with strategic alliance partners.

A great partner is someone that you trust and have a fantastic working relationship with.
Where we can work together on a long-term basis and mutually support both of our businesses.

And with a great partner, you can double the size of the audience you can reach.

So when you’re at a networking event, keep your eyes open for the people who are “centers of influence” and who can tap into an audience you’d like to connect with.
And get things rolling by thinking about how you can help them! (Be creative!)

Let the unveiling begin

Next week, I will unveil my free video training that I used in the business card example above.

So if you want to know more of my advanced secrets on how to easily enroll new clients, you’re going to love what I have prepared for you.

Stay tuned, my friend.  Stay tuned…


Not just a job – Reflections of a Business Coach

I don’t want a job.  I have never wanted a job, and I’ve never had one.  In the past, I have often found myself feeling like what I am doing is a job (not recently thankfully) and that my boss is not so nice to me.

I have been a traveler on the journey of transforming my business from a job into the deepest reflection of my internal desires for years.

In simplest terms, my desire for my business is to do what I love, in a way that’s congruent with my deepest values, and with people I love working with.  It’s a pretty simple concept, yet the realization of that dream of mine has been my practice for years now.

I’m grateful that in recent times, I have been able to do exactly what I want.  I have been creating exactly the kind of programs and products that I am excited about and ones that create a huge impact.

I have been able to liberate my time to do only the things I love – writing, coaching,  delivering tele-trainings and designing my business. All of this to maximize my ability to be of service and offer my gifts to the people I am meant to serve.

I have been able to work ONLY with clients that I love and who totally resonate with my teachings and my coaching style AND I have had the privilege of partnering of some of the best minds and hearts in the business space.

Underneath all of this, it’s not just a walk in the park. I’m expanding my comfort zone and often that’s very uncomfortable.  But I know that everything I long for is just outside my comfort zone.  And to tell you the truth, it is even more uncomfortable to me to know that I am wasting my gifts.  So I always give it my all even if it’s difficult.

The place I have had struggle in my business is with my schedule.  I am now extremely productive.  I can get more done quicker than almost anyone I know (my business partner, Patrick, is amazing at that, too).  And at the same time, my desire to give, be of service AND be available has meant that my schedule is constantly filled-up.

So I am continuing to work on refining my way of being in my business that allows me to give fully without the demand on my schedule increasing.  This is the part of my personal growth that my business is moving me towards.

Why am I sharing all of this?

#1 – I want you to be inspired to play bigger and ALLOW your business to help you create the kind of life you truly want.
I want you to know that you can make the kind of money you want to earn.
And make the kind of impact you crave for.
You can feel great and expansive in your business.
And create the kind of schedule and lifestyle you want to create.
And I want you to know that you need to set a strong INTENTION for this to happen, and have a commitment to intentional action.  That’s the only reason I have been successful.  I am not more talented than you.  I am not more of a natural at what I do than you.  So I know that if I can do it, you can, too.

#2 – My life and my business are far from perfect.  I may seem like I’ve got it all together.  I don’t.  I have a lot of things together and figured out.  On the other hand, I still struggle in certain areas of my business and my life.  But I know that because of my commitment to my own breakthroughs that I will have the big shifts that will allow me to continue to create life and business I truly want.

So I want to invite you to commit at that same level (that’s 100%) in areas that you are currently struggling or simply tolerating in your business and in your life.

I recently learned from a mentor that struggle is effort with negative energy (resistance). If you can remove the negative energy, then effort can be enjoyable.


Are You Sabotaging Your Sales Conversations?

As a business coach, I get a LOT of questions from very diverse business owners.

One of the most frequent questions is this:
“Im very good at what I do! so why aren’t people hiring me?”

Is this happening with you?

If so, I am going to share with you three of the biggest mistakes people make when they are having an enrollment conversation with potential clients.
(By the way, “enrollment conversation” is another way of saying “initial consultation” or “sales conversation”)

MISTAKE #1 – Promoting your services before your potential client gets clear on what they REALLY want.
The consultation is about your potential clients and their needs, and not about you. So be sure to take a substantial part of your consultation to ask questions to understand you potential clients needs before you offer solutions.

When you understand their deepest wants and needs – and I mean whats keeping them up at night – then you’re in a great place to offer your services as a solution.

If you aren’t establishing the “Gap”, you’re going to have a hard time getting hired! The “Gap” is the frustration that potential clients feel about the chasm between where they are now and where they want to go with their life, business, health, web site, etc.

MISTAKE #2 – Trying to solve the potential clients problem during your initial consultation. The consultation is not the time to help your prospect solve a micro-problem they are currently having.  Its an opportunity for them to see much greater opportunities for themselves and for their business and to establish you as someone who can help them close the gap.

Heres why this is a mistake. Often when you give them 1/20th of a solution to their problem, they think theyve already received the solution from you and go off to implement it on their own – without hiring you.

This is not the best way you can be of service to them, since their problem is only partially solved. And it will certainly not land you the client.

And this isnt just an issue for coaches – its often true whether you are a web designer, business consultant, healer or wellness practitioner, professional organizer, etc.

MISTAKE #3 – Not using a consistent system for your enrollment conversation.
When you’re having a conversation with a potential client about working together, is it something you do spontaneously, without a script or agenda? Does it feel kind of random, and you’re uncertain if your conversation is going to work? You may even feel like the conversation with your potential client is going well, but then they don’t hire you. And you don’t why.

If this is the case, I have to ask you, do you have a “system” that you are using in every sales conversation?

I am not a systematic guy by nature.  In fact, I have often been allergic to systems.

But after a while, I couldnt deny that when I developed a system for enrolling clients during a one-on-one consultation, used it every time, continually made it better – the results spoke for themselves. My results jumped from a 0% success rate to a place where now 80% of prospective clients hire me.

If you are making one or all of these mistakes in your enrollment consultations, don’t despair!

Just make a conscious effort to change how you’re approaching your clients and holding these conversations.

And consider learning a more systematic approach to having enrollment conversations, such as my “Master of Enrollment” program.
Before you know it you these conversations will flow with ease, and you’ll allow new clients to say “yes” to you.

What’s Your Promise?

I get a ton of questions from people who ask me how to choose a good niche.

I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to get it figured out for good.

It all boils down to one very simple thing.

What’s your promise?

Everything you do in your business is about making and keeping promises to your customers.

Seriously, think about it.
Tylenol promises to reduce fevers and help your headache go away.
Your TV promises to project moving images for your entertainment.
Your manicurist promises to help your hands look more beautiful.
What are you promising with your service?

A confused customer always says no

Are prospective clients confused by what you do?

Here’s a tip: think about the service or product that you provide as a promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a massage therapist, what if you thought of yourself as “helping women get totally relaxed in an hour” expert, then you can totally devote yourself to delivering on that promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a life coach, what if you thought of yourself as a “find a career that fulfills you” expert then you can do what it takes to you have all the tools in place to help people with just that problem.

When you can promise what your ideal clients want, and consistently keep that promise you will have more business than you can handle.

Are you a generalist?

It’s often said that generalists tend to be less successful then experts in a service based business. Simply put, people want to work with experts or specialists.

I’ve run into this challenge myself, because I have the tendency to be a generalist. Here’s my own experience: the more I became an expert in helping you get more clients in less time, the more money I started making.

Because, figuring out your niche (and your promise) is such a common challenge, I’m going to be launching a unique program in a few weeks that will give you powerful tools for CLAIMING a niche that you can be an expert in. I’ll send details soon.

I promise you’re going to love it!


I have since launched the Coaching Niche Telesummit taking place December
15-18. If you are a coach and this post spoke to you, then you definitely
need to attend. Go to http://www.coachingnichetelesummit.com for more details.

This event features coaches who are leaders in 6 in-demand coaching niches.
Each hour long telecall will feature a different area of specialization and
will show you key strategies for you to take your business down a path of
growth and success.

Sign up at http://www.coachingnichetelesummit.com to see our full list of
experts. You’ll get completely free access to the Coaching Niche Telesummit
as well as a complete schedule of telecalls.

Plus, we’ll send you the recordings after the event has concluded.

See you there!

The “5 Whys” Method

Oftentimes, when a prospective client isnt sure whether to hire you, its because you havent zeroed in on the REAL problem or challenge that the prospective client would be willing to invest into solving.

So I recommend the “5 Whys” method, which gained acclaim as a powerful approach used at Toyota in Japan during its growth in the 1970s.
This method will help you (and your client) get to the heart of their problem, which forms the basis for working together.

Heres how it works: typically during an initial consultation, you’re listening for the problem or challenge a client would like help with.
Instead of stopping at the superficial level, keep going deeper by asking “why?” (what caused the problem?) 5 times.

Heres an example. Lets suppose you’re a life coach talking with a potential client.

Q: Hello, what motivated you to see me today?

Potential Client: I want to stop smoking.

Q: Why do you want to stop smoking, why today?

A: Well, I’m concerned about my health.

Q: True, its smoking impacts your health, but why today, what made you decide to take action about health today?

A: Well, I was playing with my kids, and I got winded, because I have so much tar in my lungs.

Q: Well yes, not very good, what about that bothers you?

You keep going, and you find that the potential client is concerned about how they are showing up as a role model to their kids.
They are concerned about whether they are an adequate paren’t.

THIS is likely the area where they would find value in working with you.

In sum: The 5 Whys approach is an easy and often-effective tool getting to the root of a clients problem
Because it is so simple, it can be applied quickly to most any problem.
BTW, this also works for you to know why it is you really want something in your life or in your business.

Click here to download an explanation of The 5 Ways Method
Give it a try, and let me know what you think in the comments below.