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Archives for June 2006

Is Grey the New Black?

Grey Black WhiteSingularity of purpose, clarity of vision and lack of any doubt is what we expect of our leaders. They are either pro-environment or pro-business, pro-choice or pro-life, fiscal conservatives or social progressives. We like it that way. It makes us feel RIGHTEOUS. — Econtrario

We all have our unshakable beliefs. How do they serve us? What do we gain from limiting our perspective? Can passion come from the grey area of the black & white spectrum?

I am committed to my evolution to not only see grey, but to lead from that flexible stance. I want to be powerful and flexible at the same time and I know it’s possible.

I want to thank Econtrario for inspiring me

Combat Flabby Marketing

The best way to market your services is to first understand what exactly you are marketing.

Robert Middleton suggests to combat flabby marketing by writing. Answering the questions below will get you a better understanding of your own services or products:

– What exactly is your service and why should I be interested?
– Is this service for me? Will it work for me and/or my business?
– What kind of results can I expect with this service?
– Who else has used this service and what were their results?
– How exactly do your services work? What’s the process and structure?
– Are you credible? Do you have the experience to help me?
– What do I have to do next to get and use your services?

The Biggest Challenge

What is the biggest challenge you have in building your business? I emailed all of the subscribers of my Coach Talk newsletter to ask them this question. Below are some of the answers:

  • Making decisions, picking from choices at hand
  • Knowing what I want and then going for it (trusting my intuition more)
  • How to stay committed to the things I really want to do
  • Channeling the energy into one or two things and sticking to it
  • The best way to market and/or sell my products
  • Having confidence to take massive actions
  • Producing product fast enough and getting the word out to qualified buyers
  • How to transition from a secure job to having prosperity in my own business
  • Staying focused on business building while balancing other desires
  • How to set up a structure for yourself when you are your own boss
  • Difficulty in talking and promoting myself
  • Patience in waiting for marketing to bring in more clients
  • Break through my own inner battle to START something new
  • Aligning myself with what I really want for my business
  • Figuring out why my marketing is not as effective as I would like it to be
  • Committing enough time to business development


What are the patterns we see here?

Add some more comments about your biggest challenges…

The Edge of Bankruptcy

One night I went to bed a genius and woke up the town idiot. –Michael Volkema, the chairman of Herman Miller

One day you will find your business shrinking or on the edge of bankruptcy. This won’t happen to me. Yes, that’s what I am subconsciously thinking as I write this. I know too much. I have too much experience for this to happen. I’ve been through downturns before and know what to look for.

I’ve created an illusion for myself that my business will continue to grow and the marketplace will always have a need for my services and products. It’s simply an illusion.

The best way to minimize (not eliminate) the chances of the downturn for your business:

  • Don’t take for granted the times the business is going well
  • Continue to spend time & money in R&D of new products, trends & services
  • Be a flexible leader that listens to members of your team, your clients and your industry
  • Adopt successful principles from outside of your industry and comfort zone
  • Position your business to follow the natural flow of trends better yet position yourself to start trends (naturally)
  • Take risks and choose the courageous path
  • Remember that you get the highest rewards when you invent something new rather then make something old a little better
  • Evolve yourself and the business will follow your evolution
  • Share one of your own rules in the comment field

Mastermind Group Power

Last night I experienced the power of collaboration. Kris and I created a mastermind group and had our first meeting. We were inspired by the Power of Collaboration conference to use the mastermind concept first introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s.

We brought together seven amazing people, who we trust, admire and respect. In the spirit of cooperative harmony, we made the commitment to share, give and receive. We will be each other’s personal board of directors. We will mastermind concepts, goals, intentions and actions. We will take turns collaborating for and with each other.

This our initial structure:

  • Create an intention for the meeting
  • Speak about what we feel gratitude towards
  • Figure out how much time each person will take to speak
  • Each Individual speaks and the group listens and brainstorms solutions
  • Conclusions, appreciations, etc…

Other Commitments

  • To make the process a holistic full-body experience
  • To use the yes and rule
  • To inspire each other to stretch and to expand what’s possible

The energy in the room was electrifying. I felt like anything is possible; and it is!


What would you having your own personal board of directors mean for your business and your life?

How else can you experiment with the power of collaboration?

Walking in the Opposite Direction

I went to an entrepreneur meeting tonight at a hotel in downtown San Francisco at a location very familiar to me. As I left the place and started walking towards my car, I literally felt like I had never been there before. How can that be? I have driven by this place thousands of times. Then it hits me. The street is one way and I am walking in the opposite direction of traffic. I had a completely different perspective of the same street and situation.

Our perspective really affects the decisions we make in our business. Yet it’s important to know that it is only one perspective. I was reminded of that today.

  • Are you driving on your business path as if it was a one-way street, never experiencing what it’s like to navigate in the opposite direction?
  • What can you do expand your perspective of your marketing, your product or services?