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Archives for September 2006

Nightmares to Dreams

We want to enjoy our life. We want to enjoy the things we do. We want to enjoy our experiences. So do our customers.

Our customers want to enjoy our products and services. Our customers want to enjoy the experience of acquiring our products and services. Our customers want to enjoy and have fun with what they buy from us and tell their friends about it.

What can we do increase this enjoyment for our customers?
What little improvement can we implement today that will allow our customers to enjoy their experience with our business?

Customer Experience Top 7
1. Treat your customers with respect
2. Be nice
3. Find out what your clients don’t like about what you do & make it better
4. Make sure that everyone in your company is an expert in their field
5. Allow your customers to do what they want done easily
6. Create experiences that are fun and innovative
7. Make it easy for your customers to give you feedback

Customer Experience Nightmares

  • To find anything at Ikea while walking around their showroom maze
  • To cancel AOL’s service
  • To find the right and inexpensive service with a cable company
What are your clients’ nightmares in your industry?
How can you turn their nightmares into dream experiences?

Piss People Off

This technology from HP pisses me off. Does that mean that it won’t be successful?

This automatic slimming feature is going to be a huge hit despite the fact it may turn off some of the people. Personally, I like photographs that reflect the reality of each moment captured. I don’t want to look like I’ve lost 15 pounds unless I’ve really lost 15 pounds. I’m simply not their ideal customer.

Are there others out there that don’t share this opinion of mine?

Don’t be afraid to alienate or piss people off. If they are not part of your audience, pissing them off may mean that you’re doing something right.

Create New Rules

Gaping Void - change the system

(Cartoon courtesy of Gaping Void.)
My worldview was supported in BOOMING fashion in a post by Seth Godin. I already believed that change has to happen outside of the system. I already believed that changing from within paradigm is flawed. Seth once again was able to market to me in a way that solidified an already existing belief in me.

Most politicians get into politics because they want to make a difference. Doctors want to save lives and care about their patients. Lawyers have their own idealistic views when they get into the game and then the game changes them. We want acceptance. We want success. Acceptance and success in the game means conforming, means compromising, means playing by someone else’s rules. The only way to create change is to play a different game.

Change happens by creating new rules, new fields and new cultures.

This change, in turn, influences what happens in more established arenas.

This is what Seth Godin says about it:

“Once something makes its way to the mass market, the mass market doesn’t want it to change. And once it moves from that big hump in the middle of the market to become a classic, the market doesn’t just want it to not change, they insist.

History has shown us that the answer is crystal clear: if you want change, you’ve got to leave. Change comes, almost always, from the outside. The people who reinvented music, food, technology and politics have always gone outside the existing dominant channels to create something new and vital and important.”

Certain Uncertainty

Business is uncertain. Anyone who begins to think that their success is a certainty is simply fooling him or herself.

We create promises to ourselves that create our motivations to get things done. We consciously or unconsciously say to ourselves, if I start to make calls to my perspective clients, my business will grow and I can be successful. I can increase the certainty for prosperity.

There simply is no certainty. Change your thinking away from wanting security. Begin to be comfortable in the uncertainty. Simply be aware.

Awareness and curiosity are the states that will lead you to business and personal success.

Business is not a mechanical process. It constantly and organically changes. Trends change. Your competition changes. Your relationship to your business changes. Market conditions change. Uncertainty is constant.

Keep your eyes open and practice unbridled awareness. This state of being and not doing will allow you to get as close to your own definition of success as possible at any given moment.

There is no dogma. There is no security. There’s only aware exploration. Not all successful entrepreneurs know this. Most fulfilled and contented ones do.

The Marketing Morning Glory

Successful politicians are great marketers. They tell stories. They don’t try to convince us that something we don’t believe is true. They simply reinforce the beliefs that we already have.

As entrepreneurs, we can learn something from politicians.

  • Tell Great Stories that reinforce our customer’s belief in their worldview.
  • Tell Great Stories that appeal to our whole being and not just our logic.

What’s your story?

Flat Tire

Tow TruckI got my sixth flat tire this year. Don’t ask. It’s a mystery that I can’t seem to solve. Today I didn’t mind.

My tow truck driver/owner, John Reyes, was a treat. He was professional, personable and actually asked me questions. It was shocking to have a stranger be genuinely interested in my life and my experiences. The power of a simple question and the power of caring about another human being is what endeared me to him. I am now a loyal customer. I do hope I won’t need John’s services, but I will use him when I am in need and will tell everyone I know about the pleasant experience I had with him.

Sometimes being nice is the only differentiation your business needs for success.

BTW, John Reyes from Reyes Towing & Transporting is located in Daly City, California and can be reached at 650-271-5832.