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Archives for October 2006

Authentic Trust

TrustHow quickly do you trust?
How quickly do you trust someone who is selling to you?

The only way for you to gain the trust of your clients/customers is to have them experience that you care more about them then the $ they are giving you.

Check out Seth Godin’s brilliant post on the matter.

7 Steps to Customer Trust

  1. Wholeheartedly believe in your product or service
  2. Be authentic in your marketing and in all your interactions with your customers
  3. Be curious about your customer’s experience
  4. Create a business culture of integrity
  5. Over deliver
  6. Love your clients
  7. Trust Yourself

Creativity Blockers

I believe that we all have an innate ability to be creative in our own individual way. It is our ability to turn off our intellect and flow in our intuitive state that gets us in our creativity zone into our Zone of Genius.

Seth’s post has inspired to come with my own list of creativity blockers:

  • The fear of the unknown
  • Resisting Change
  • Fear of being rejected or even hated
  • Ignoring your intuition
  • Being judgmental of yourself and others
  • The need of approval from others
  • The habit of being attached to things as the way they are right now
  • The habit of creating doubt in your own mind

The absence of creativity blockers get you into this state:

  • I completely trust and act on my intuition
  • I enjoy the wonder of uncertainty
  • I am fully self-expressed even if my colleagues/employees/bosses/industry don’t like it
  • I get the sense of who I am from the essential nature of my being rather then from my actions, accomplishments or others
  • I am continuously open to new ways of seeing something, while retaining my unique way of seeing things
  • I sense the perfection in everything around me

What inspires you to be creative?

The Good Kind of Gossip

Russian Gossip

Are people talking about what you do or what you have created?

  • Are your customers telling their friends, “Oh my God!! You’ve gotta hire this … He is amazing!”
  • Are bloggers writing glowing posts about your products?
  • Are strangers to your business saying things like “Have you seen…?”

If not, the problem is not your marketing — it’s your products or services.

Why are you so expensive?

Check out the answer to the question to the question of why are you so expensive from the Chris Barrow blog.

“I actually don’t believe that we are expensive – I believe that our prices are accurate and reflect the level of experience and excellence that we deliver.”

I also believe that once we create our own unique markets for what we provide and sell, the questions on price come up less and less.

Quest for the Perfect Client

Is this your perfect client?

  1. The perfect client never challenges and questions you
  2. The perfect client never asks the uncomfortable questions
  3. The perfect client always does what you ask of him/her
  4. The perfect client always shows up when they said they would
  5. The perfect client has exactly the same worldview as you
  6. The perfect client is always happy with your service
  7. The perfect client never asks for a discount

I have had perfect clients like this. I have also had them simply disappear on me completely. The first time it happened, it made absolutely no sense to me. They were happy with my service. They were getting results. They never gave me any suggestion as to how I can serve them better.

They weren’t telling me the whole truth about their experience with me.

Now this is my perfect client:

  1. The perfect client always tells me what he/she wants even if that’s not how I am currently doing it
  2. The perfect client ask the uncomfortable questions
  3. The perfect client tells me that he/she doesn’t want to do something so that we can co-create a better way
  4. The perfect client sometimes reschedules because they lead a full and fulfilling life
  5. The perfect client challenges my worldview
  6. The perfect client gives me feedback as to how I can better serve him/her
  7. The perfect client questions my prices and then happily pays my fees because he/she truly sees the value of what I am doing

Who is your perfect client now?

Book Sharing

Kathy Sierra from Creating Passionate Users encouraged her readers to post comments on the book they most want others to read. I am taking the call and sharing my two entries.


Bee Season

Bee Season by Myla Goldberg
I want you to read it because it will awaken parts of you that will help to expand the bounds of what’s possible in your life.


Biology of Belief

Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton
I want you to read this book because it will completely change your understanding of life, science and consciousness.

What are yours (one fiction and one non-fiction please)?