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Archives for November 2006

Whisper of a Call

One of my wonderful clients has quit her job. She is delighted at the prospect of devoting herself full-time to her business and her life’s work. She was arriving at the last big staff meeting, at her now past-employer’s, with the intention of breaking the news of her departure to most of her colleagues. How will they react? Will they be supportive of her pursuing her dream?

She was pleasantly surprised to find that the staff meeting was actually a farewell party for her. Everyone was supportive and encouraging. She was touched. Yes, she is taking a risk. Yes, working for yourself is a scary unknown. Goodbyes have never been easy for her. She now saw that this was less of a goodbye and more of a hello to a new beginning.

Most people make changes in their lives when the pain of their current situation becomes greater then the fear of making a change. People go as far as to sabotage their circumstances in order to create more a compelling excuse to finally make a move. What my client did was extraordinary. She followed her heart and intuition to make a significant change. She did that, rather then wait and then need to escape the increasingly intolerable situation. She went towards the life awaiting her rather then running away from a life that wasn’t working. As a result, she now has all the tools, a great network and plenty of energy for her new venture.

Her colleagues saw that she is leaving from a place of integrity. Her co-workers sensed that she is leaving towards the bright light of possibility. They now have that bit of that hope of something bigger in them, too. When we take courageous bold steps towards the life that is calling us, we empower ourselves to create success on our terms and we empower others to follow in our footsteps.

Our calling can be a subtle whisper. Our calling is sometimes a tap on the shoulder that appears out of nowhere. Our calling is a nagging dissatisfaction with our present situation. Why is it a calling? Perhaps it is a calling because we are supposed to answer.

  • What do you often dream about, but haven’t even shared it with others?
  • What’s too scary to even contemplate?
  • What’s your calling?

Impassioned Response

It’s a typical Tuesday evening. Sylvia is running a little late to meet her boyfriend for dinner at great out of the way bistro on the Lower East Side. She is lucky to have gotten a seat on this rush-hour NYC subway cart. She is struggling to read Wired magazine, as the ride is especially bumpy today.

It’s amazing that on such a crowded train, she feels completely invisible. But if anyone is paying attention to her, they are noticing that she is beginning to be visibly excited by what she is reading. In fact, she is so excited that she is dying to tap the shoulder of the man sitting next to her and tell him about what she is reading. This stranger is startled out of his subway stupor and is soon engaged by what she is sharing. He learns how taken she is by her new discovery. He is now a believer, too.

She is reading a story about your business!

  • Is your product or service remarkable enough?
  • Is the story of your product engaging enough to a stranger?
  • How easy is it to spread your story?
What we are striving for is to create and market in such a way as to elicit an impassioned response. Once we do, selling becomes effortless, getting clients becomes commonplace and growing your business becomes a given.

Follow the love…

I love my work, because when I love what I do, it is no longer work!

100% Satisfaction

I got into the business of music because I loved music. I left the music industry because I could no longer feel my passion for music. Instead, what was once the love of my life became a reminder of the politics, the administrative clutter and what I didn’t like about the culture of my industry. I spent more time running my business then being in touch with music itself. It was a heartbreaking experience.

Things are much different for me now. I proudly call myself an entrepreneur coach, a creativity catalyst, a blogger and a human software engineer. I wear these badges proudly and enjoy the time I spend wearing each of these hats and I get to spend the majority of the day doing what I love.

With the passing of the mid-term election, I was reflecting on what has become of our political system and of everyone who is involved in this massive industry. Why do politicians get into what they do? Are they there to make a difference? Do they get involved because they believe in a cause and want to champion it? Do they simply want power?

The majority of members of our Congress devote the greater part of their time fundraising for their re-election. The job we, the people, hired them to do is a distant second. They took the job of Congressman, but are doing the job of Fundraiser. Moreover, the decisions they make on a daily basis have less to do with their mission of the job (to represent and serve the people of their district) but more with how much their re-election will gain or lose as a consequence of their decision.

We love our work when we have the freedom to do what we believe is right in any situation. We love our work when the culture of our company and of our industry is in line with our personal values. We love our work when we spend the majority of our time doing what we love. Can politicians say that? Can doctors? Can coaches? Can writers? Can painters?

Business Alignment Questionnaire

  • Do you have the personal freedom to do what you believe is right in your business?
  • Do you spend the majority of the time doing what you love?
  • What’s your personal mission behind your business?
  • Do you believe in the culture and integrity of your industry?

Satisfaction is doing what you love and loving what you are doing.

Top 100 Books of 2006

Publisher’s Weekly recently released their Top 100 Books of 2006

Here are my two favorites:

Small Is the New Big and 193 Other Riffs, Rants, and Remarkable Business Ideas
Seth Godin (Portfolio)

The age of the corporate giant having a competitive advantage is over. Seth Godin hospices the end of BIG.



Omnivore’s Dilemma
Michael Pollan (Penguin)

The path from the farm to your dinner table is not so straightforward. Pollan’s explanation is.