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Archives for November 2009

What’s Your Promise?

I get a ton of questions from people who ask me how to choose a good niche.

I’m going to tell you exactly what to do to get it figured out for good.

It all boils down to one very simple thing.

What’s your promise?

Everything you do in your business is about making and keeping promises to your customers.

Seriously, think about it.
Tylenol promises to reduce fevers and help your headache go away.
Your TV promises to project moving images for your entertainment.
Your manicurist promises to help your hands look more beautiful.
What are you promising with your service?

A confused customer always says no

Are prospective clients confused by what you do?

Here’s a tip: think about the service or product that you provide as a promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a massage therapist, what if you thought of yourself as “helping women get totally relaxed in an hour” expert, then you can totally devote yourself to delivering on that promise.

Instead of thinking of yourself as a life coach, what if you thought of yourself as a “find a career that fulfills you” expert then you can do what it takes to you have all the tools in place to help people with just that problem.

When you can promise what your ideal clients want, and consistently keep that promise you will have more business than you can handle.

Are you a generalist?

It’s often said that generalists tend to be less successful then experts in a service based business. Simply put, people want to work with experts or specialists.

I’ve run into this challenge myself, because I have the tendency to be a generalist. Here’s my own experience: the more I became an expert in helping you get more clients in less time, the more money I started making.

Because, figuring out your niche (and your promise) is such a common challenge, I’m going to be launching a unique program in a few weeks that will give you powerful tools for CLAIMING a niche that you can be an expert in. I’ll send details soon.

I promise you’re going to love it!


I have since launched the Coaching Niche Telesummit taking place December
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Sign up at http://www.coachingnichetelesummit.com to see our full list of
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Plus, we’ll send you the recordings after the event has concluded.

See you there!

The “5 Whys” Method

Oftentimes, when a prospective client isnt sure whether to hire you, its because you havent zeroed in on the REAL problem or challenge that the prospective client would be willing to invest into solving.

So I recommend the “5 Whys” method, which gained acclaim as a powerful approach used at Toyota in Japan during its growth in the 1970s.
This method will help you (and your client) get to the heart of their problem, which forms the basis for working together.

Heres how it works: typically during an initial consultation, you’re listening for the problem or challenge a client would like help with.
Instead of stopping at the superficial level, keep going deeper by asking “why?” (what caused the problem?) 5 times.

Heres an example. Lets suppose you’re a life coach talking with a potential client.

Q: Hello, what motivated you to see me today?

Potential Client: I want to stop smoking.

Q: Why do you want to stop smoking, why today?

A: Well, I’m concerned about my health.

Q: True, its smoking impacts your health, but why today, what made you decide to take action about health today?

A: Well, I was playing with my kids, and I got winded, because I have so much tar in my lungs.

Q: Well yes, not very good, what about that bothers you?

You keep going, and you find that the potential client is concerned about how they are showing up as a role model to their kids.
They are concerned about whether they are an adequate paren’t.

THIS is likely the area where they would find value in working with you.

In sum: The 5 Whys approach is an easy and often-effective tool getting to the root of a clients problem
Because it is so simple, it can be applied quickly to most any problem.
BTW, this also works for you to know why it is you really want something in your life or in your business.

Click here to download an explanation of The 5 Ways Method
Give it a try, and let me know what you think in the comments below.