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Archives for April 2010

A Short Note to Express Appreciation to You

Have you told your clients how much you appreciate them lately?

I just got off the phone with an amazing client from my Client Mastery Blueprint program.  At the end of the conversation, I told her how much of a joy she is to me.  I meant it because it’s true.  It felt great to say it and I know it felt good for her to receive it.

Your clients like working with you, not just because you have a great service. They like working with you because of how they feel when working with you.  The experience is just as important as the results they get.

But do they also know how much you like working with them?

You feeling and communicating gratitude for the gift of being able to work with your client is an essential piece of what can make the experience of working with you just that much better.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Write in a gratitude journal what you appreciate about your clients and being of service to them.
  • Then share that gratitude with your clients.  You can send them a card, a gift or you can simply tell them about it verbally

This will make a difference.  Because what you appreciate appreciates.

The fact that I take the time daily to connect to what and to whom I appreciate is the difference maker in my business.

It’s my secret sauce.

Here’s what I am appreciating in my business

  • The 30 incredible participants in my Client Mastery Blueprint Group Coaching Program – you continue to inspire me
  • *You* for reading my writing and for being a part of my audience and allowing me to share my gifts with you
  • My private clients who never cease to amaze me with their courage and accomplishments
  • My team, who are serious Rock Stars, and help me continue to shine as brightly as I am possibly can
  • My strategic partners who believe in what I do and want to share it with others
  • My fiancé for sharing her life, her joys and her sorrows with me
  • My business model that will allow me to maximize my impact and touch that more lives
  • The 99 amazing new clients who signed up for my Master of Enrollment Program – I can’t wait to get started on Wednesday

Thank YOU again for taking the time to read what I’m grateful for, for your never-ending support and inspiring me and my business everyday.

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.

What are you thankful for?