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Archives for September 2011

Bill’s notes from behind the scenes of a launch

It’s been an incredible last few weeks, the launch of my new and improved Master of Enrollment program has been a huge success. This is by far our biggest launch ever.

And I want to celebrate this with you by sharing a few of the things I have learned from the process.

Hopefully this helps:

(1) How I am being is just as important as what I am doing

I noticed that when I felt energized and I got enough sleep, lots of people were enrolling during my tele-seminars.

My content was consistent, but when I showed up to these calls focused and in touch with the transformation I wanted to create with my content, business owners were signing up in droves.

The flip side though is also true. When I wasn’t taking care of myself and low on energy or food or sleep, my ability to connect with my audience was noticeably hampered, and so was my ability to deliver the valuable content and messages they came for.

The big a-ha for me – there’s a bigger cost to me not taking care of myself than I previously realized.

(2) I can’t please everyone

In many of the teleseminars I held, there was always at least one person who didn’t like me or did not resonate with who I was and what I was saying. And they were vocal about it during call, either in an email or in the message box I can see during a teleseminar.

It allowed me to practice what I preach, that who I am and what I offer is not a good match for everyone.

Here’s an email I received after one of these teleseminars:

“Hello Bill,
I was excited to join your teleseminar. As experts in our industry, we can always learn more.

I work globally as an image, etiquette, communication and leadership coach and I was surprised to see you looking quite poor in your photo and inappropriately dressed for the level of your success.

I signed off your session within ten minutes because I did not see or sense a level of excellence.

Harsh words, but true.
Look the part and use the language of success and your credibility factor will soar.”

I now love getting these sort of email because they allow me to continue to recommit to simply being myself. When I am on a live teleseminar with an audience of hundreds, I’m not thinking about upgrading my image. I want my image to reflect who I am and to allow people who resonate with me to stay in my world and for people who don’t resonate with me to slowly drop away.

Is it always pleasant for me to receive negative feedback? NO, but it is simply part of the territory of allowing myself to be seen and heard by many. It is part of my commitment to make a difference in a big way.

I refuse to protect and shield myself from criticism just to stay safe and secure.

And I’ve noticed that the size of the audience I’m able to reach increases in direct proportion to my ability to let go of fear of rejection and the need to be approved of by everyone. (And so does my sense of personal freedom as a human being.)

(3) My job is do everything possible to help people make decisions quickly

I am seeing how difficult it is for us to make quick AND intuitive decisions. We hear it from our potential clients – I’ve gotta think about it before they hire you.

The reality is “I’ve gotta think about it” often means “I don’t want to think about it now. I am going to avoid making a decision right now.”

I see more and more that my job in consultations and during teleseminars is to inspire people so much that they are ready NOW to make the decision that their higher self is really dying to make, despite the other parts of them that are still resisting.

I want to lead the YES Revolution, because everything good in our lives happened as a result of us saying YES to ourselves, by us making a commitment to a bigger vision and making a leap of faith towards what we want. We need to do this ourselves and we need inspire our clients to do the same.

OK, these are just some of the things I’ve learned through my latest launch of Master of Enrollment. Will be sharing more soon!

Let me know what you thought of this by leaving a comment below.


P.S. This was the response I wrote to the email I mentioned above.

“Thank you, xxxx, for your feedback!

Part of what I teach is to be your natural full self. I do not want to upgrade my image… I want to fully be me – my own style, my own vibe.

I am aware that it puts some people off. I understand that it put you off.

If you would have stayed on past 10 minutes… I actually addressed that during the presentation.

I appreciate your response, especially the fact that you wrote it. You being honest in communicating your truth is something I respect a great deal.

Much respect,