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Archives for October 2011

Just me being personal

When I first started to write my newsletter, it was very difficult for me to write about anything personal. I made up a story that people didn’t care about me. All they wanted to read from me were my business building tips, success mindsets or any other relevant information on how to get clients.

But over the last few years, I have allowed myself to open up more and let people into my world. And it’s been an incredible relationship building adventure.

It all started at the urging of my business partner, Patrick, to shoot a video with Gia simply announcing my engagement. I didn’t want to do it, but Patrick can be persuasive, so I finally agreed. Getting Gia to do the video was even more difficult, but she finally relented.

What happened shocked me.

I got more comments and emails from that one video than anything I have ever done. What!!!

Since then, I have done everything possible to bring the human Bill element into everything I do and it’s made a difference.

We would all rather engage with someone who is open and personal. We want to know about people we do business with. We want to feel like we are dealing with real people who care about us. We do not want to deal with closed and impersonal corporations trying to sell stuff to us all the time.

When you speak about who you are and when you speak your truth – your newsletter subscribers are going to respond!

Here are a few tips on that for ya:

  • Write the way you speak. There is no reason to use big words or fancy language. Write as if you were speaking to a friend who you care deeply about and are pretty familiar with. Don’t worry about making mistakes.
  • Share powerful opinions even if you think some of your readers might disagree (especially if you think people might disagree!). Share perspectives that need to be said, but others are afraid to say. Scary – perhaps. Powerful – definitely.
  • Tell stories from your own life experience. People love stories that allow them to extract what’s useful to them and their own lives.

I remember 4-5 years ago, my ex-wife emailed me after reading one of my newsletters. She said that it sounds like I am leading a charmed life, that everything seems so neatly put together and that I come across as perfect. I didn’t like getting that email because here’s someone who knows me and is telling me that I am not being altogether real.

That authentic email from my ex-wife made a huge difference for me on my journey towards being more real and personal in my own communication. I learned that sharing things about my journey that haven’t been easy or flattering is part of who I am, so why omit them from my communications.

So I want urge you to be more YOU, including all the rough edges, when you speak to people in your life, your clients, your newsletter subscribers and even your potential clients.

This will allow you to feel better in your business and your business will reward you with more revenue, more clients and more fulfillment.

So how are you going to be more authentic in your next communication/newsletter?


Inside scoop about my three marriages?

There are three relationships that I hold sacred in my business.

Without these relationships, the success I have achieved would not be possible. Without these relationships, my reach and my impact would be a fraction of what I’ve been able to create. Without these relationships, my level of fulfillment and satisfaction would pale in comparison to what I experience every day in my business.

I am grateful every day for what I have been able to create through my three marriages in my business.

So what are my three business marriages?

1. My audience – the people I have committed to serve. I am committed to loving my audience and holding their best interest audience sacred.

I pledge to do my best to place the interests of my tribe above my own.

I vow to continue to grow personally so that I can be the best messenger I know how.

Do I always do these things? Am I even near perfect here?
A big f**ing NO, but by holding my commitment to this marriage sacred, I can see and feel myself getting better everyday.

2. My peers – the people who have also committed to serve my audience

I am committed to seeing the people who are serving the same audience as my allies.

I do my best to strike the word competition and competitor out of my conscious and unconscious thinking.

I practice abundance consciousness knowing that there is enough business for all of us.

3. My support network – the people who have committed to support me in serving my audience

I am committed to cultivating the best team that allows me to exponentially increase my impact.

I am committed to their growth and the full realization of their gifts.

I do my best to get support in areas where I know I can be better.

I vow to surround myself with people who will call me on my shit and will act as great mirrors for me to see who I am being and how I am acting.

My job is to nurture these relationships and bring as much of my loving self to them as I can.

And with all 3 of these marriages, I set my intentions high and the same time try to be willing to look at where I’m messing up.

Which marriages are most sacred to you?
What can you do TODAY to nurture this relationship more?

Join the conversation and leave a comment…