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Archives for November 2011

I believe in myself

I love this time of the year.

This is the time for family and friends. It’s the time to slow down and reflect. And I am consistently reminded to practice being in a state of gratitude from moment to moment.

I am writing this to you on a plane ride to visit my paren’ts in New Jersey. And as I sit here reflecting on my life and what I am grateful for, one thing keeps surprisingly popping up over and over again.

I am grateful that I believe in myself.

And I am especially grateful that I noticed a pattern that most successful people in business, in sports and anywhere in life, have this uncanny ability to believe in themselves.

Those who believe in themselves succeed and those who don’t have a tendency to struggle.

By the way, when I say I believe in myself, I don’t just mean I believe I can do this one activity or be good in this one particular situation.

What I am talking about is an overarching belief  – “I can do it. I trust myself to achieve anything I put my mind to.”

I have been studying this subject and experimenting on myself with this for years. So that now after years of practice and personal inquiry, I can now honestly say:

“I believe in myself.”

So I want to share some of my practices and mindsets that have been incredibly helpful to me on my journey towards believing in myself:

  1. Put good thoughts in my head – my thoughts create my reality, so I do my best to expose myself to good thoughts that serve me and humanity (hint: I have given up being connected to the news cycle); what I put in is what I get out
  2. Give myself permission to go for what I want – what I want is sacred; by going for what I want no matter how impossible or scary it may seem, I am honoring myself and what the Universe has in store for me
  3. Appreciate small wins – I know everything is cumulative; there are no overnight successes; so by appreciating small wins consistently, I get to create constant movement forward towards that which I want
  4. Pay attention – I am getting feedback from the Universe all the time; by not taking this feedback personally, I get to course correct and get better over time

So I want to encourage you to consciously embrace the journey towards believing in yourself. It will change your life.

What are you grateful for?


P.S. A couple of weeks ago, I held a “Get Real Open Forum with Bill” community call as an experiment. On it, I openly shared about my daily practices and my “secrets” to success, and many other things I don’t usually have a chance to talk about. One of my favorite questions was “how do you talk your spiritual practices when you have a business audiences?”

I got so much positive feedback that I wanted to share the recording with you here.

Download ‘Get Real Open with Bill’ call


You spoke. We listened.

Remember the survey I invited you to about 3 weeks ago? The one asking “what you would like to know about holding successful teleseminars?”I don’t know about you, but I am often curious to see the results of the surveys I take. So I will share what I learned with you – I hope you find it as fascinating as I did. Before I get to that, I want to thank everyone who made the time to take our survey. I know how valuable your time is and I am grateful that you lent a few minutes of it to give us your opinions.

Here are some key highlights. It might be interesting to see if you have similar opinions or concerns.
First off, we did a survey last year and we asked a group of our top clients:

“Which of the following are you most interested in using to create more income in your business?”

How many have you conducted?

Turns out Teleseminars were the most popular topic.

That’s not surprising, right? Since every day you see the top experts in your industry expanding their audience using teleseminars.

We asked people in our teleseminar survey the following question and this is where it starts to get interesting.

“How many teleseminars have you already conducted?”
What's your interest level?

According to our survey, 69% of our respondents have never conducted a teleseminar! And only 15% have ever done more than 5 teleseminars.

I found this to be a startling statistic. I hope you are taking note of this.

The thought that struck me when I saw this – wow, very few people are using this powerful marketing method.

The reason this is so important is: there’s a lot of opportunity for you to stand out in your field by using teleseminars. Because most of your colleagues haven’t taken the plunge.

Next question is:
“On a scale of 1-10, what is your interest level in creating teleseminars to market your services?”

Which method are you interested in?

As you can see, 80% of respondents selected 7 or above.

And the average level of interest in teleseminars is 7.81, so a very strong interest.

So isn’t this a paradox?
80% of our survey-takers have a strong interest in teleseminars  And yet 69% have never conducted one.

I was scratching my head on this one, until I saw the answer to the next question:

“What is your #1 question (or challenge) about doing teleseminars to market your services?”

Here’s what people told us are their biggest challenges:

  1. I don’t know how to attract enough people to my teleseminar
  2. I don’t know how to create a compelling topic or content
  3. How do I make my offer so that people want to buy?
  4. Technical issues – what do I need to set up a teleseminar?
  5. Overcoming fear and doubt – will I sound foolish, what if there’s no audience, etc

“A-ha!”, I thought.

This explains why so many people are INTERESTED in teleseminars, but so few people are actually doing them.

And with all of these perceived challenges, this is why it’s such an opportunity for you to break from the crowd.

My team spent hours sitting with the survey results, absorbing the wisdom within.

As you know, I like to think BIG, so naturally I wondered how I could address these varied concerns with one project.

And the Teleseminar Enrollment System was born

I’m proud and excited to give you advance notice about my next exciting project – The Teleseminar Enrollment System.  It’s an unprecedented program where I’m going to share practically everything I know about creating successful teleseminars that bring really good income into your business AND allow you to shine in a big way.  It’s the number one marketing method in my business, and my last 5 program launches have all well-exceeded 6 figures, thanks to teleseminars.

I feel like an expectant paren’t!

I’ll send more info about the “new baby” soon, but here’s one thing for you to note – my intention is to make doing teleseminars as easy as possible for you.
It is to give you an easy to use, step-by-step system for creating your own teleseminars, so you know exactly how to:

  • Attract lots of people to your teleseminars
  • Create compelling content that your audience will love
  • Make an offer that will enroll people into your programs and products
  • Easily create your teleseminar “tech setup”
  • And be confident in presenting your teleseminar material

If you loved my Master of Enrollment program, then you are going to love this too.

So keep your eyes peeled for our launch announcement soon.