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Archives for April 2012

A confession & my top 3 new learnings

I am back at my office after an amazing Big Shift Experience and then a week off to take care of myself and get the much needed rest my body has been craving.

I have to confess that this is the first time ever I took time off right after a big event I was hosting and I’ve gotta tell you, taking care of myself in this way feels awesome.

But I digress…

What I really want to talk to you about is what I learned from putting together my biggest (over 250 participants) and best event ever. The sheer power of the big shifts happening in the room was awe-inspiring and the community that was created was gratifying to me at the core of my being.

Since the Big Shift Experience, I’ve been getting tons of emails and phone calls with what I can summarize as a one question “How did you do that?”

So without going into the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to create a community, do a mega-successful launch and design a transformational experience, I want to give you the highlights of what I learned.

#1 My favorite trifecta of intention, commitment and design works today more than ever.

Here’s how I think about the process of creating:

First I set the intention of what I want to create – what transformation I want my participants to experience, how do I want them to feel, my goals and as much vision about the program as I can muster.

The second, and arguably the most important aspect of this is the commitment. The commitment to bring to life my intention. The commitment to mastering the elements of what I am creating, the commitment to delegate all aspects of the project that I don’t intend to master; and the commitment to being the best me possible throughout the process.

For me, the rest of it is all about design – how do I design my program, my 1-on-1 service or my event to create the results I want my clients to get AND the experience I want them to have.

And yes, I do believe design is a key component to creating anything. So why not think of myself as a designer of amazing results and transformational experiences for my clients?

#2 – In today’s age of lots of connections with very little depth, a deep supportive community of individuals connected by a common desire is the missing piece for most business

My whole team and I have become community junkies… we want to be creating communities and we want those communities and every participant in them to feel like they are not alone.

And what I am seeing in all of my programs, especially the Big Shift Coaching Program is that there is an incredible thirst for feeling like you are a part of something bigger and for knowing that others have your back.

As a society, we are in a period of mourning the loss of community. Personally, instead of mourning for it, I believe that the future of the planet is dependent on creating and leading these communities. So I am committed to this today more than ever.

#3 – Pattern interrupt is key for success.  

We are so ingrained in our current way of thinking, our established habits and our way of being in the world. NOTHING will ever shift for us unless we shake things up.

So participating in experiences that help you interrupt your patterns (which helps you to be a lot more at choice in creating new patterns) is one of the few effective ways to create change in your life.

Yes, it is foolish to be thinking the same way and performing the same actions and be expecting different results.

These are just a few of things I learned or now own in a deeper way as a result of the Big Shift Experience.

So what did you get out of my learning? What do you want to commit to now? Share your comments below.