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Archives for May 2012

How to mesmerize your clients?

I was hanging out with my wife this past weekend in the kitchen of our new home and listening to music. There is nothing better than spending some time with someone you love on a sunny morning with nothing to do and nowhere else to be.

Then a song comes on one of my Pandora radio stations and I was mesmerized. It sounded like the most beautiful creation I have ever heard. And then out of nowhere I just started crying as if something long forgotten just got touched. I was touched that deeply by the beauty of the music.

The song was Bella Luna by Jason Mraz. And it got me thinking that when we create something from some deep place inside of ourselves, other people can feel it and it creates a magical effect.

So how does this relate to being in business?

Jason Mraz dug deep into who he is and out of the depth of his being, he created Bella Luna.

And this doesn’t just apply to musicians and artists. This is true for business owners like you, too.

How can you dig deeper into who you are and simply share in a way that will have your clients and your target market be transformed?

  • You can write a heartfelt newsletter that shares your own experiences.
  • You can write a poem that will make a difference for your clients.
  • You can create an inspirational video that will inspire your audience.
  • You can articulate what you do in a way that will get across exactly who you are and what difference you make.
  • You can!

But what will you do?

Please share a way you will share yourself in a deeper way in your business.

Leave your comment here.

What do you want?

Life is ironic. It’s crazy to think that the things we want most are the things we have the most resistance to.

Do you remember being really nervous and fearful around a boy or a girl you liked?

Do you sometimes procrastinate on the projects that are most important to you?

Do you tend to hide your deepest gifts?

We all do.

It’s because the things we want most in life tend to create the most fear in us.

Yes, your deepest desires are sacred. They live in the most vulnerable part of your being. And you have had to create ways to protect this beautiful and most valuable part of yourself.

It’s no wonder that our greatest desires and our deepest fears go hand in hand…

The popular teachings would have you do anything and everything to breakthrough your resistance and overcome your fears. But what if your fear and resistance can actually be your allies as you move towards creating something really dear and important?

So don’t worry that you sometimes get paralyzed into inaction in your business, or that you are resisting doing the important things to move your business forward or that you are afraid to expose the deepest parts of yourself.

Perfect. You are right on course. Your fear and resistance are your friends simply letting you know that you are on track.

Thank them. And move forward anyway knowing that there is nothing more important in life than you creating exactly what you want for yourself.

Remember, just because fear is your friend, it doesn’t mean you should listen to it.

So instead of trying to breakthrough your fears or overcome your resistance, go for what you want and allow the most meaningful part of your being come alive.

Your deepest desires are waiting for you… please don’t make them wait one second longer than they have to.

Please share with us what you truly want.

Leave your comment here.

Do you know what time it is?

The time is NOW…

This is the best time in history to be in business for yourself. And no, this is not the new age positive thinker in me talking. I do believe in being positive, but I also believe in seeing the clear signals that the world is constantly sending out.

So what am I seeing?

** The internet and computers have made marketing and delivering your message easier than any other time in the history…

** People are thirstier than ever to better themselves and their circumstances and are now actually believing it’s possible for them to do so…

** Interest rates are the lowest they have been in over 50 years…

** Lots of great people all over the world are looking to be involved with businesses or projects that have meaning and that are positively impacting the world…

There is been no better time in your lifetime for you to succeed in business.

The information you need to succeed is here now.

The access to delivering your message is here now.

The help you need is here now.

The opportunity is here now.

The question is:

What are you doing during this time of unparalleled opportunity?

Are you spending your time whining and complaining or are you taking full responsibility and doing whatever it takes?

Are you paralyzed with worry or you looking fear straight in the face and taking action anyway?

Are you wasting your time waiting or are you going for it now?

Your abundant and impactful business is waiting for YOU. Don’t you think it’s time to answer the call?

So what are willing to do about it today?

Share what you’re going to do here.