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Archives for June 2012

The truth about conscious marketing

This week I got an amazing email from one of my dear Big Shift Coaching program clients who said that she loves the way I talk about marketing. She said that I made it sound so simple and intuitive so that she can immediately ‘get it’.

With that email emerged a desire in me to share with you how I went from being the poster child of marketing resistance to being a huge fan of marketing.

That change in attitude has helped me create a very successful business and made marketing feel easy for me.

And since that’s exactly what I want for you, I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

First of all, even though I love marketing, I never think about it as marketing.

This is how I do think about it:

  • How do I get to know the people I am meant to serve in a deep and intimate way?
  • What is it I can do to help them, in a way that I am going to enjoy and that will make a difference to them?
  • How do I verbalize it in a way that’s simple for my clients to understand?

Marketing is not ‘How do I get people to hire me or buy my stuff?’ Marketing is the ultimate act of service, where I get to teach, inspire and share who I am with the world.

What if you knew that you could freely give to as many people as possible because you knew that some of those people are going to be more than happy to hire you.

Now your job becomes two-fold, figure out what cool things you can share with people, and find more and more people to share it with.

Here are some ideas where you could start:

  1. Brainstorm 10-20 things you can do to help your clients and potential clients get the results they need
  2. Take your favorite of those ideas and turn it into a gift to your potential client, this could be an ebook, a blog post, a webinar, a poem, a singing video, a game, a manifesto.. (let your imagination run wild)
  3. Give that gift out freely to as many people as possible
  4. Make sure you make it easy for the recipients of those free gifts to contact and to hire you

Marketing can be that simple and all it requires of you is a desire to serve and a propensity to want to give freely of your gifts and talents.

How will you approach marketing today?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Want to know how to read your clients’ minds?

I want to share with you a great resource on how to practically read the minds of your clients, so you can design exactly the kind of offerings they are craving.

The way to become a mind reader is first to stop wanting to read their minds and actually ask them what they’re thinking.

How easy is that? Ask your ideal clients what they want and then simply give it to them.

Yet, most business owners don’t do this. And if you could just do one thing to improve your earnings and impact with your clients, it would be to ask your clients what they want.

The specific resource I am talking about here is the one-question survey.

If you want to see an example of it in action then click on this link and take my one question survey.

You will notice that I chose a broad and open-ended question because posing a question in this way gives the person answering an opportunity to give you their most current top-of-mind answer. This will provide you with some incredible intel on what they want help with now around your area of expertise.

If you ever wonder what to write about in your newsletter, or what the topic of your teleseminar should be, or what your signature speech should be about – wonder no more! Just do a one question survey by duplicating what I do using Survey Monkey.

And if you don’t have a list, don’t worry, take your one question survey to a networking event and simply ask live.

Here’s my assignment to you:

  1. Formulate your one, broad and open-ended question around your area of expertise
  2. Create a Survey Monkey survey and send it out to your list, Facebook friends or members of a community you’re a part of
  3. Invest 15-30 minutes of your time to review the answers and pick out the top 2-3 themes
  4. Create a teleseminar on your favorite of these topics and offer your services as a solution

So let’s get started right now.

What would be a question you’d like to know from your audience? Post it here on my blog.


The Secret Sauce for attracting your ideal clients

Girl with Glasses

People often ask me, what’s the “secret sauce” behind being consistently successful at attracting wildly motivated clients and raving fans?

So I wanted to share with you a very important business skill for you to develop, one that I think is often overlooked.

Here it is…

Learn to see all of your interactions with your clients through the lens your clients are looking through (not your own).

Can you imagine knowing exactly how your ideal clients are going to react to everything you do in your business?

  • You would know what to say and what not to say
  • You would know which of your offerings will be a hit and which ones won’t
  • You would know how to engage your audience rather than
    bore them to death
  • You would know exactly what they want and be able to
    simply provide that for them

And yes, your ability to serve your audience and your ability to generate the income you desire would skyrocket.

You knowing how your potential clients are going to feel and what they will think as a reaction to all your outreach is a huge asset and it’s also a skill. And it is absolutely a skill that you can develop. All it takes is a desire for it, knowing where to start and a whole lot of practice.

Here’s what you can do to develop this skill:

1. Commit to asking yourself the following question:
How will my ideal client react, how will they feel and what will they think in reaction to what I am about to do right now?

This is the essence of marketing. Ultimately it’s a commitment to being of service, knowing that you will be that much more of service when you understand your ideal clients.

And asking these questions can be a huge eye-opener:

How will this email land? How will my ideal client respond to this particular word? What will they think when I offer them my premium service package? How will they feel when they watch my webinar?

And what I am talking about is getting as intimate with your tribe as you do with your lover. When you know your partner, you know how they are going to react to everything you do. It might not be conscious, but you know.

Being able to intimately and consciously know your tribe is one of your biggest business assets. Invest in it freely.

2. Do whatever you can to experience the world through their lens.

Here are a couple of exercises that can help with this:

a.) Ask a friend or a colleague to interview you as if you were an ideal client for your business. Your friend would be asking you all kinds of questions to get to know you, what you want, what keeps you up at night, what you like and what you don’t like as it pertains to your area of expertise and to marketing.

b.) Interview a few of your clients and ask them the same questions. Ask them about what they like about you and your service. Ask them about your marketing. Ask them to read one of your newsletters and ask them to be brutally honest. Provide an extremely safe environment for them to tell you exactly what they think and feel about EVERYTHING you do. This will be extremely valuable. I’ve done this on many occasions and I have learned a ton (even if I was uncomfortable hearing the criticism).

c.) Create a collage using magazine cutouts of your ideal client’s world – what they like, what car they drive, what clothes they wear, what books they read, etc….

This will allow you to look at the world through their lens and will help you to be a more effective marketer and more impactful with your clients, too.

3. Learn to measure and monitor your ideal client’s reaction to everything you do.

This is an important and very courageous act. It’s not easy to always be tuning in to the experience of your audience. For example, when you send out an email and no one responds, notice that. Be loving to yourself and avoid getting down on yourself. But notice that you did something (sent an email) and you got a particular reaction. Ask yourself questions like, “What did not resonate with my ideal client? What could I have done differently to get better results?” Conversely, when something works and you get a good response, notice what worked and do it again…and again…and again.

You can do the same in a consultation with a potential client. Notice when you lose the connection to them. Notice when they begin to shut down. Notice when they light up. Notice what reaction they have to what you say and also to how you listen.

Notice and adjust with no judgment and without making yourself or your potential client wrong.

When you are able to create this kind of empathic relationship with your ideal client by looking at the world through their lens, your marketing will be highly effective, you will love how it feels in your business and your clients will be raving fans spreading the gospel of YOU.

And isn’t that what we all want?

Stop Offering Free Consultations

If you are offering free consultations (or discovery sessions or strategy sessions), and you’re not seeing 80% of your potential clients sign up with an enthusiastic YES, then I want to show you how to turn that around in this report. When you discover how to have conversations with potential clients so that they practically enroll themselves into working with you (if it’s a good match)  and they feel great about the enrollment process, then you’ll find it easy to attract as many clients as you want.

Free Download – YES: A Revolutionary Approach to Conversations That Sell And Transform

Your turn!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and more importantly, what you plan to do with what you’ve just read. Please leave a comment below and let me know.  I can’t wait to read through every single one of them. 


3 Factors that Make a Product Launch Superior to ANY Other Marketing Strategy for Filling Your Programs and Selling Your Products Online

Guest Blog Post By Milana Leshinsky

There are hundreds of ways to market your products and programs, but there’s one that stands out as the most powerful one – product launches! It’s the fastest way to generate a surge of sales and clients in your business, even if you’re brand new to your target market.

In fact, the biggest LIE of a product launch is that you need to be a well-known authority or expert in order to succeed with product launches. When done right, a product launch can be the SOURCE of your celebrity status and financial success!

Let me share with you the 3 factors that make product launches the absolutely BEST marketing strategy on the planet:

Factor #1 – Social Proof
The invisible force that makes rational people do crazy, even appalling, acts

A product launch has a unique ability to cause a flood of motivated and excited buyers to sign up for your offer in a short, concentrated period of time. New York Times bestselling psychologist, Robert Cialdini, validates the power of a product launch:  We view a behavior as more correct…to the degree that we see others performing it.  The reason is simple. It’s called social proof.

So much fear is removed from the mind of your buyers when they see that they are not alone! There is a huge difference between being ONE person buying something by themselves, and being a part of a stampeding horde of buyers racing to buy at the same time!

The feeling is electrifying! For both you and the buyer! A product launch, done the right way, is based on magnetically attracting a targeted crowd and guiding them into an overwhelming desire for your product.

Factor #2 – Education
Empower Your Audience Through Education

Trying to get a total stranger to pay you their hard earned money is not easy. But doing it over a distance and doing it online can be even harder. The BEST way I have found to CONNECT with your prospects is to EDUCATE them. The purpose of educating your audience is to INCREASE DESIRE and SEE YOU AS THE AUTHORITY. Your educational will position you in their minds as an expert and you’ll significantly increase your results.

The other incredible benefit to educating your audience is that you don’t have to be a great copywriter! Your content will help you connect with your prospects, and they’ll buy from you based on that connection – not based on the sales copy. An educated and empowered audience is willing to pay 50% to 500% more for the same product!

Factor #3 – Timing
Giving Time to Get To Know You

The last factor of what makes a launch effective is the timing. By spreading your launch over time, you give your audience a chance to get to know you. They get familiar with your name, your content, they do not feel forced to make the decision to buy right now. It’s not about pushing your product onto your prospects. Product launch process gives you time to connect deeply with your audience and generate an unconscious and powerful desire, so they DEMAND your product. I call it silent selling.

In my experience, the best way to time your product launch is over the course of 28 days. Every week you release a piece of content teaching your prospects about your topic. They consume that content, ask you questions, give you feedback, and discuss it with peers. Then when you announce your product or program, they rush to purchase it. Of course, it’s very important that your educational content is connected
to your product. I teach how to do that in my “7 Strategies for Creating Content That Sells” at http://www.LaunchYourCoachingProgram.com

These 3 factors create a unique buying environment no other marketing strategy offers.

About Author: Milana Leshinsky has created a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. She uses simple product launches to create income and get clients on demand. To learn her program launching secrets, including the 28-day simple product launch blueprint, be sure to attend her LIVE teleclass at http://www.LaunchYourCoachingProgram.com