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Archives for May 2014

How to find out exactly what your clients want: A tale of two coffee shops

I was riding in an elevator to my office building and struck up a conversation with someone in an office one floor down from me.  She was really enjoying her morning coffee, and I noticed that her coffee cup was from Awaken Café, right across the street from our building.  I was surprised because there is a delightful coffee shop less than 10 feet from our elevator-  Bittersweet Café, and it’s right in our building.  It’s well designed, cozy and has seemingly good coffee (though I don’t drink coffee), and it’s less expensive.

I got curious, and asked her why she doesn’t get her coffee from Bittersweet in our own building.  She said that their coffee is not that great, and they should stick to what they do best – hot chocolate (THAT – I do drink and it is wonderful).

This is a waste of opportunity for Bittersweet.  If they would have simply bothered to ask their clientele a few questions like:

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This story will definitely trigger you

CH0000A147What do the crisis in Syria and a dying giraffe have in common?

Sometimes you come across a story that at first glance simply doesn’t compute, but then as you dig a little deeper, not only does it make sense, but it teaches you a great deal about yourself and how the world really operates.

I am going to share two stories with you, which will probably trigger you, but please stick with me anyway, OK?

One story I’m about to share got MAJOR press attention, the other didn’t. Inside each of these stories is a major lesson in marketing.

Story # 1- A sweet giraffe Mario had one issue – he was born with the wrong set of genes. European law has very strict rules for what is defined as inbreeding, and Mario clearly fell inside those boundaries. Since his genetic pool was already represented at the Copenhagen zoo where Mario lived, the zoo had two choices – either neuter this 18-month old giraffe, or put Mario to death!  The zoo-keeper decided to end Mario’s life, in spite of other European zoos offering to take him.

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My top personal shares

LearningHi there,

The first 4 months of the year have just whizzed by.  Lots of amazing things are happening here at Bill Baren Coaching.  I am coming into my own thinking of what we do around here as a University of Conscious Success.  It is a big vision of mine to impact as many conscious entrepreneurs as possible.  Nothing brings me greater joy than watching the number of students in our universe grow exponentially.

My Business Highlights

#1 – We’ve had the biggest Big Shift Experience yet here at BBC headquarters, and we are celebrating the Big Shifts so many people have had through the experience.   I’ve written about the tremendous learning from the last Big Shift Experience here. 

#2 – Our initiative around raising the consciousness and integrity of our whole industry is starting to have traction.  I can’t wait for the next Conscious Business Playground ,

#3 – We are doubling the number of graduates from our Master of Enrollment program and creating a new consciousness and approach to sales ,

Favorites of the Month

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