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Archives for June 2014

What’s the invisible divide between success and failure?

I’ve noticed an invisible divide between those that are creating success and those that aren’t.

It’s not because some people have some opportunities and others don’t…

It’s not because some were born smart and others weren’t…

It isn’t because some had wealthy families and others didn’t…

This divide can be summed up in one way…

In today’s short video, I’m going to share exactly what this invisible divide is, and how you can create your success.

When you’re done, reply and let me know your thoughts – what’s your biggest insight?

To your success,


4 Magic & Foolproof Ways To Find out EXACTLY What Your Clients Want (And Are Willing To Pay For)

Istock for blogWhat would it be like if every time you created a new offering, your clients immediately said “yes, that’s something I want to pay for”?

Imagine that when you create a new event, information product, coaching package, training program, book, webinar, etc – you immediately had high demand.

In this article, I want to show you the first essential step you need to take:

Find out the #1 thing your client wants!

I’ll give you an example from my world. After I created my best-selling program Master of Enrollment, I simply asked my clients what they wanted next. (I’ll show you exactly how to ask in a minute). I found out they wanted to learn how to do teleseminars with the same results that I’d been getting, so I created a new program called Teleseminar Enrollment System. That led to a $250,000 launch in the first two months!

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What to do when someone gives you advice (and it doesn’t feel right)

Blog Post 6.4.13

We are constantly bombarded with messages that tell us what to do, how to be and even how to think.  It started in childhood with our parents and now continues through friends, culture at large, marketing and even through various experts on various subjects (yes, including me).

And as important as information, advice and viewpoints are from the outside world, the most important point of view is YOURS.

Any opinion and every teaching point can only illuminate part of your path.  The rest is your job.

Only you know what you truly love.
Only you hear messages from your higher self.
Only you

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