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3 Factors that Make a Product Launch Superior to ANY Other Marketing Strategy for Filling Your Programs and Selling Your Products Online

Guest Blog Post By Milana Leshinsky

There are hundreds of ways to market your products and programs, but there’s one that stands out as the most powerful one – product launches! It’s the fastest way to generate a surge of sales and clients in your business, even if you’re brand new to your target market.

In fact, the biggest LIE of a product launch is that you need to be a well-known authority or expert in order to succeed with product launches. When done right, a product launch can be the SOURCE of your celebrity status and financial success!

Let me share with you the 3 factors that make product launches the absolutely BEST marketing strategy on the planet:

Factor #1 – Social Proof
The invisible force that makes rational people do crazy, even appalling, acts

A product launch has a unique ability to cause a flood of motivated and excited buyers to sign up for your offer in a short, concentrated period of time. New York Times bestselling psychologist, Robert Cialdini, validates the power of a product launch:  We view a behavior as more correct…to the degree that we see others performing it.  The reason is simple. It’s called social proof.

So much fear is removed from the mind of your buyers when they see that they are not alone! There is a huge difference between being ONE person buying something by themselves, and being a part of a stampeding horde of buyers racing to buy at the same time!

The feeling is electrifying! For both you and the buyer! A product launch, done the right way, is based on magnetically attracting a targeted crowd and guiding them into an overwhelming desire for your product.

Factor #2 – Education
Empower Your Audience Through Education

Trying to get a total stranger to pay you their hard earned money is not easy. But doing it over a distance and doing it online can be even harder. The BEST way I have found to CONNECT with your prospects is to EDUCATE them. The purpose of educating your audience is to INCREASE DESIRE and SEE YOU AS THE AUTHORITY. Your educational will position you in their minds as an expert and you’ll significantly increase your results.

The other incredible benefit to educating your audience is that you don’t have to be a great copywriter! Your content will help you connect with your prospects, and they’ll buy from you based on that connection – not based on the sales copy. An educated and empowered audience is willing to pay 50% to 500% more for the same product!

Factor #3 – Timing
Giving Time to Get To Know You

The last factor of what makes a launch effective is the timing. By spreading your launch over time, you give your audience a chance to get to know you. They get familiar with your name, your content, they do not feel forced to make the decision to buy right now. It’s not about pushing your product onto your prospects. Product launch process gives you time to connect deeply with your audience and generate an unconscious and powerful desire, so they DEMAND your product. I call it silent selling.

In my experience, the best way to time your product launch is over the course of 28 days. Every week you release a piece of content teaching your prospects about your topic. They consume that content, ask you questions, give you feedback, and discuss it with peers. Then when you announce your product or program, they rush to purchase it. Of course, it’s very important that your educational content is connected
to your product. I teach how to do that in my “7 Strategies for Creating Content That Sells” at http://www.LaunchYourCoachingProgram.com

These 3 factors create a unique buying environment no other marketing strategy offers.

About Author: Milana Leshinsky has created a million-dollar coaching and information business empire. She uses simple product launches to create income and get clients on demand. To learn her program launching secrets, including the 28-day simple product launch blueprint, be sure to attend her LIVE teleclass at http://www.LaunchYourCoachingProgram.com


  1. I like reading a post that will make people think.

    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

  2. I relate to #2 – Education. What I struggle with in you comment is how do I educate about spiritual coaching?
    I have self-published a book on the transformational poetry. It is doing well but not on the internet. I have a web site http://www.reinventinghealthpublishing.com that needs to be reorganized. I am on face book and always I am seeking to learn more how to get sales and get my information into the hands of those who struggle with rebirthing the true self.
    I learned much from your article. Thank you!

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