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A Fun Game You Can Use To Break Through Your Income Ceiling

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I want to talk to you about your income ceiling today.

It’s a big topic for most business owners I talk to.

Your income ceiling is often based on the most amount of money you’ve ever made in your business.

For example, let’s say the most you’ve ever earned in one month is $3,500. That means that your current monthly income ceiling is $3,500 a month.

You have never had the experience of earning more, so in reality, you don’t know what it takes to get to a bigger amount, and you don’t know how it will feel once you do.

Here’s fun way to create incremental shifts, and break through your ceiling…

I recommend that you create a game out of raising your income ceiling.

Here’s how that might look:

Perhaps you earning $3,500 this month. So you can strive for $3,600 next month. And $5,000 six months from now.

Can you imagine creating an intention of earning just a little more each month than the previous month and keeping that going for a while?

I’ll give you an example of this in my life.

In my twenties, I conducted a personal 1-year experiment of going to the gym and working out every day. I started all my workouts on the stationary bike with the intention of burning off more calories than the day before.

And I did that every single day for a year.

Sometimes I did it by going faster and sometimes I just had to bike longer to beat my performance from the previous day. And it almost never felt difficult or impossible because I was gradually increasing my performance.

And at the end of the year, I was doing some remarkable things on the bike – I could go on for hours and at a pretty fast pace.

But because I was raising my fitness ceiling slowly, with intentionality and most importantly with consistency, I was able to achieve so much more than I would have thought possible.

So I would love for you to take on this gradual approach to raising your income ceiling so that it won’t feel impossible each month and yet over a whole year, you can greatly improve your financial situation.

Share in the comments below and let me know – what is one thing you can do to take a more gradual approach to break through your income ceiling?



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