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Are you overlooking these 7 areas in your business?

Have you ever had this experience?

You learn a new word that you seem to have never heard of before, then, all of a sudden you start hearing and seeing that word everywhere.

Is the word being used more now that you’ve learned it?


Are you simply noticing it more because you’ve increased your possibilities by learning a new word?

When you open your attention to new things –> you increase your possibilities

When you’re stuck, it simply means that you’ve gotten into a rut of looking at the same things over and over again.

When you widen the range of what you pay attention to and then begin to change your actions accordingly, you shift.  You get unstuck.

I call this “The Perception Principle.”

The perception principle is at the heart of why certain business owners stagnate or fail, and why others achieve success and create businesses that allow them to have financial freedom.

When you put your attention on “what works” in successful businesses, (including your own), you expand the scope of what you notice, learn and apply from what works, your business grows, your confidence soars, and your stress disappears.

Heres a list of areas that I find most business owners need to pay extra attention to:

  1. Your Audience – Knowing your audience and their needs and being able to articulate it
  2. Your Promise to Your Audience – Knowing what you’re promising your audience that they are actually willing to invest into
  3. Your Business Model – Figuring out the optimal way to set up the packages, offerings, and money flow in your business
  4. Your Marketing Flow – Understanding and optimizing the entire flow of how you attract and retain clients
  5. Your Team – Continually finding ways for you to do what you love, and let others take care of the rest
  6. Your Systems – Creating ways to get great results EVERY time (no more needing to constantly reinventing the wheel)
  7. Your Self – Total commitment to mastery in your areas of expertise including knowing yourself and getting better at being YOU

It’s not always easy to notice NEW POSSIBILITIES in each of these areas.  And it certainly is not easy to commit to devoting time and energy to working ON your business in this way.  Yet, the more you pay attention, and the more you can see your business with new eyes, the more your business expands to include new opportunities for increased revenue, better teams, greater partnerships and making more of a difference.

So let me know in the comments below – what is one area that needs more attention in your business?  How can the perception principle help you focus on this area?



  1. Bill,
    Each one of these areas is great to focus on. If I spent a focused week, or month, to take each one individually I would see better progress. Thanks for outlining these key areas. To pick one, I would probably start with the business model. When I understand the business model better, then my time on the market flow, systems, and team will be more productive.

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