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Can Spirituality & Wealth Co-Exist? | Ep. 144

Can spirituality and generating tons of money co-exist?

Is it spiritual to charge handsomely for what you do?

I certainly don’t have all the answers…but when I shared my views at a live workshop, people were really fired up.

So I thought I would share my thoughts in a video.

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  1. Everything is spiritual, including money. Wealth is a result of providing value to others. If you provide value to others, you deserve to be rewarded. If you provide a lot of value, you deserve a big reward. Giving and receiving are two aspects of life. There is no conflict.

  2. I believe they co exist. And I feel they do this nicely. While I often give things away, when the opportunity is there for me to charge more I shall. I would love to help more people in that way as well. 🙂

  3. Abundance is our birht divine right.

  4. Like a Sherpa-For-Hire that helps carry the burden up the mountainside, we too when relieving a client of a burden that has been weighing him/her down provide a service that justifies a commensurate value exchange in return.

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