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We will help you get there by sharing with you the best marketing, sales/enrollment and mindset practices known to humankind today… All of these practices are tested and come from the people who are the very best at utilizing and teaching them. These will be some of the most extraordinary people on this planet. Get ready for your Big Shift!

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It’s Time To Fire Your Inner Perfectionist

Imperfect action

I’ve got a wish.

I wish I could erase a word from your vocabulary. That word is perfection.

I know I am being dramatic here and it’s not really the word I want to erase, but I do want to erase the baggage that comes along with it.

When were attached to perfection:

  • We spend a lot of time learning, and not much time implementing
  • We procrastinate and procrastinate
  • We spend too much time making it just right (and its still not perfect anyway!)

Heres the thing – whatever you’re doing will never be “perfect” until you try it out in real life with real people.

So heres my favorite motto: Imperfect action is better than no action.

Taking lots of imperfect action is what gets us new clients and new business.

I want to share a success story to inspire you to imperfect action.

Last month I was teaching the art of mastering enrolling conversations on a coaching call.  I gave a participant a basic script for what to say in a sales conversation.

Instead of waiting months to get the script perfect and after almost “wimping out in the last moment,” she leapt into imperfect action right away and used the script with a prospective client. She stayed open and relied on her curiosity to get connected to her prospect. And by the end of the conversation, it was her prospect who asked if she had any packages she could offer her!

YES, this imperfect conversation turned into her client committing to working with her for the next 5 months. This imperfect action not only resulted in a long-term client, it also renewed her confidence in her business and her ability to enroll other prospects into her business.

Here are a few lessons for enrolling new clients and overcoming your desire for perfection:

Imperfect Action Is Better Than No Action: Stop waiting for the perfect time, the perfect idea or the perfect package. Use what you have and “just do it”. You can always improve on what you have later but by if you don’t put it out there in the first place you’ll never make anything happen

“Perfection” Is Not A One Time Event – Its A Process of Trial and Error: Try something out (such as a sales conversation script), learn from every time you use it, and make an improvement every time.

Be Honest: Honesty is always the best policy. During enrolling conversations don’t fret about following the right steps or losing the prospect. Be in your element, show genuine interest in your prospect and trust your instincts. When you are honest and passionate about who you are and what you do the rest will fall into place

Celebrate All Victories: By trying to be perfect all the time, we forget the small things we accomplish. Instead of just focusing on the things she forgot to do, I asked my client to celebrate the fact that her client ASKED for her services. What a great success!

If you’re a perfectionist and my ode to imperfect action inspired you, I’d like to ask you to share an imperfect action you’re willing to take in the next 7 days in the comments below.

“The Ultimate Time Mastery Technique”

What would you do if you could:
– eliminate the distractions and interruptions that are stealing your time and energy?
– say NO to low-priority tasks you shouldnt be doing?

Heres the SINGLE most powerful technique Ive discovered for getting started with reducing the time wasters in your business (which could be stealing anywhere from 50% to 80% of your time!).

DOWNLOAD The Ultimate Time Mastery Technique (PDF)

Are you ready to take the challenge, and use this for 3 days?
(If not, perhaps this could be what is keeping the time wasters in your day.)

I guarantee if you use this resource (instructions are inside) for 3 days, the way you think about time in your business will be transformed.

Its transformed my business and that of many of my clients.

And when you are ready to transform the way you’re using your time, join us at the The Big Shift Experience. Were going to show you how you can use all of the time you can be saving to:

=> work with clients you love
=> develop higher value products and program
=> partner with a whole new group of big-vision positive-thinking business owners
=> create a business model that works for you
=> double your income goal! (if you were on my 5 Big Shifts teleseminar, you know what I’m talking about)

Click here to learn more about The Big Shift Experience

Let me know your questions, insights – and your results (!!) in the comments below.

Make the “Big Income Shift” in Your Business in 2010

(Let me know if you think this “Big Income Shift” is totally on target – or way off base – in the comments below!)

This shift is going to help you get unstuck from your current income level and breaking through invisible ceilings to significantly increasing your revenue.

A big mistake many of you are making is you’re either not setting your income intention at all for 2010, or you’re not setting it high enough.

Were going to solve this problem with the Big Income Shift.
Its very simple, and were going to do it together right now.

(1) Start by writing down your income goal for 2010.
Get out a pen and write it down somewhere where you can see it. If you havent planned your income goal for 2010, then take a moment to choose a number that feels right to you now.

In fact, if you’re at this point in the year and you don’t already have a clear income goal formed for 2010, then committing to an intention is already a shift for you.

I have a question for you. Most business owners approach the new year with a plan to try to maintain the same income they had the year before. Or the set a goal that is slightly higher.

Heres the problem – if you set a goal thats the same or slightly higher than last year, you’re not going to expand your business!

If you want to have a big shift in your income, you have to set a bigger goal for 2010!

(2) OK, do you have your income goal? Now what I want you to do is double it.
So if your income goal is $50,000, then cross out $50,000 and write down $100,000.
If your goal is $100,000, make it $200,000.
If your goal is $200,000, make it $400,000.

How does it feel to expand your income goal so much? Do you feel some excitement? Do you feel some fear too? If you’re feeling some fear, thats good, it means you’re pushing out of a comfort zone. If you’re totally comfortable with your current goal, its too low.

Would you be able to do this level of income? Could you save money toward a house? Could you radically reduce any debts?

Now this idea of doubling your income right now might seem like a fantasy.
But by trying on this new level of income thinking, youll be able to break through any limiting beliefs or old ways of thinking that held you back in 2009.

I want to give you an example of one of my clients.
We did this exercise, and at first he was a little shell-shocked by the idea of doing this big income shift. But in just one session, we were able to map out how he could change his services and his business model to give his clients a lot more value, and how he could serve a lot more people too. He also started thinking about high-level partnerships he had never thought of before. All of these possibilities for expanding his business opened up in one conversation. And it all happened by making this one shift in his mind.

So the Big Income shift is the first step is to significantly increase your income goal in 2010. Because when you do, youll start to attract the people, the ideas, and the resources to make it happen. Can you imagine if all of us on this call made a huge shift to our income goal right now, and we worked together to help each other achieve it? We would all be able to chart a course for doing business in a bigger way, and be bold about helping a lot more people.

When you begin to make this big income shift, your confidence grows, your income begins to grow and accelerate. And yes, it feels great.

Now if you want to turn your Big Income Shift into reality, join us for The Big Shift Experience LIVE event in San Francisco!

I Need Your Help Please

I am really excited about the new coaching program I am creating to help people get more clients for their business, and I would really love your input on the name before we finalize on just one.

I think I am just too close to it and because I value your opinion so much, I wanted to ask you to share your thoughts.

So here are the 3 names my team and I have come up with so far.

Which one do you like best? And if you think of a better one, Id be very curious to hear that too!

1. Getting Clients and Beyond

2. Get Clients Mastermind

3. Client Attraction Mastery

Please comment below with your vote. Cant wait to hear your input.

For Coaches Only: You owe it to the world to be successful

I just read a statistic that less than 10% of all coaches earn six figures of income in a year.
I find this statistic frustrating!

I’ve talked to many struggling coaches who could be bringing their gifts and talents to a lot more people than they are now.

And I know the one main thing that stops them in business – they are using the wrong strategies to grow their practice. Conversely, successful coaches use the right strategies to make their business successful.

It’s that simple.

So I want to take a minute to share some of my top strategies that I’ve used over the years to fill my practice, create new programs, and go beyond six figures.

And if there was one specific strategy virtually any coach, consultant, speaker, etc. could use to quickly get new clients and generate new sales – even in this economy – would you want to know about it? Read on…

1. Invest into being a better businessperson, not just being a better coach

If you have gifts and talents – then it’s your moral obligation to use them to serve others. Building a successful business and practice is how you do this. The key thing is to work on your business, not just in your business (to paraphrase Michael Gerber).

2. Stop trying to reinvent the wheel yourself

It has always been strange to me that many coaches will invest thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into learning how to be a great coach from experts (a good strategy).

But then try to figure out how to create a successful business from scratch on their own (a very difficult and time-consuming way to go, as you may have noticed).

I want you to answer two simple questions:

(a) how much money and time have you invested into your coaching training?

(b) how much money and time have you invested into your business training?
(training = learning from an expert who has already been tremendously successful in their area of training)

The answer will be reflected in your bank account. (Yes, this is a tough love email.)

I’ve given up trying to figure it all out on my own. Instead, I make a point of learning what I don’t know from those who are a proven success.

For example, I’ve learned a lot about Internet Marketing from people like Eben Pagan, whom I shared with you in my last email. And now, I get all of my clients from the internet. I never do networking or other similar strategies that are taught to new coaches. Instead, I’m using more “advanced” business strategies I’ve learned from very successful coaches.

3. Get trained by others who have been successful

Every once in a while I receive an email from someone on my newsletter list complaining that I frequently “promote” the knowledge of other experts. “Bill, why are you always promoting somebody?”

Here’s what they are missing: most of the key strategies I’ve used to grow my business and to grow as a person, I’ve learned from someone else!

I’m not at all ashamed to admit it. To the contrary, it’s typical that successful business people give credit to other people for contributing to their success.

I’m going to get real here. I want to share with you the knowledge of people who have made a radical difference in my business and life. And if someone prefers to stay in their comfort zone, I would ask them to unsubscribe from my list. If you stay on my list, we’ll have fun, learn from each other, and so forth. But it’s not my intention to provide a comfort zone experience.

I don’t want to see entrepreneurs continue to struggle because they stick to using business strategies that don’t work!

4. Adopt proven business strategies that work better than what you are doing now

If your practice – or your bank account – isn’t where you want it to be, then your current business growth strategies need to shift. Makes sense, right?

Over the next several months, I’m going share “advanced” business strategies to take your practice to the next level. Some are mine, some are from other experts. By the way, I call them advanced not because they are difficult, but because 95% of coaches aren’t using them, mainly because they don’t know how to put these strategies into place successfully.

This month, I want to share to with you the strategy of *group coaching*. I’ve recruited Mary Allen (who many of you may know as “Life Coach Mary”) and Eva Gregory, who are experts on this topic. I’ve admired their work for a while and we first became “friends” on Facebook. Now I’m excited to be sharing their expertise with you.

On Tuesday June 2, I want to invite you to a special telecall with Mary and Eva as my guests.  We’re going to delve deep into the topic of earning more as a professional coach. Mary and Eva will share their own personal secrets and success strategies on how they have both created an income beyond six figures as a life coach. And specifically, they are going to give you the inside scoop on group coaching.

Sign up for the telecall here:


Especially in these times, you need to learn new ideas and try better strategies to make your coaching business profitable so you not only make more money – but have a much bigger impact.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to make 3-6 times your hourly rate, have MORE coaching clients, and make over six figures while working only 3 days a week!
  • How Mary went from $30K in debt to $20K in savings in just 9 months.
  • How Eva Gregory, Mary’s partner in this project, “accidentally” became an expert in hosting group coaching programs.
  • The 3 Big Reasons why most coaches aren’t offering group coaching programs.
  • 7 Indisputable FACTS why every coach should be leading their own group coaching programs.
  • Bill is going to “grill” Mary on her insider secrets (and share a few of his own).
  • And, a surprise insight that you’re only going to hear on this call!

If that’s not enough, I’m going to be their guinea pig for part of the call, as they coach me on applying their advanced business strategies. I’m going to get grilled, and we’re all going to learn a lot. You won’t want to miss this part!

Ready to hear these breakthrough strategies from a true insider? (I’m eager to hear more myself!)

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It will not cost you anything to participate.

This ONE-TIME FREE Telecall takes place on Tuesday, June 2nd at 5:00 PM Pacific Time/8:00 PM Eastern Time.

I hope you can make it live on the call. If not, we’ll be sending out the recording to all who registered.


Whisper of a Call

One of my wonderful clients has quit her job. She is delighted at the prospect of devoting herself full-time to her business and her life’s work. She was arriving at the last big staff meeting, at her now past-employer’s, with the intention of breaking the news of her departure to most of her colleagues. How will they react? Will they be supportive of her pursuing her dream?

She was pleasantly surprised to find that the staff meeting was actually a farewell party for her. Everyone was supportive and encouraging. She was touched. Yes, she is taking a risk. Yes, working for yourself is a scary unknown. Goodbyes have never been easy for her. She now saw that this was less of a goodbye and more of a hello to a new beginning.

Most people make changes in their lives when the pain of their current situation becomes greater then the fear of making a change. People go as far as to sabotage their circumstances in order to create more a compelling excuse to finally make a move. What my client did was extraordinary. She followed her heart and intuition to make a significant change. She did that, rather then wait and then need to escape the increasingly intolerable situation. She went towards the life awaiting her rather then running away from a life that wasn’t working. As a result, she now has all the tools, a great network and plenty of energy for her new venture.

Her colleagues saw that she is leaving from a place of integrity. Her co-workers sensed that she is leaving towards the bright light of possibility. They now have that bit of that hope of something bigger in them, too. When we take courageous bold steps towards the life that is calling us, we empower ourselves to create success on our terms and we empower others to follow in our footsteps.

Our calling can be a subtle whisper. Our calling is sometimes a tap on the shoulder that appears out of nowhere. Our calling is a nagging dissatisfaction with our present situation. Why is it a calling? Perhaps it is a calling because we are supposed to answer.

  • What do you often dream about, but haven’t even shared it with others?
  • What’s too scary to even contemplate?
  • What’s your calling?