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Unstoppable Series: How to Attract Unstoppable Clients (Bonus Lesson!) Ep. 139

Is there really such a thing as the ideal client?

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Learn How to Read Your Client’s Mind | Ep. 05

Think you can tell what your clients or potential clients are thinking and feeling?

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5 Deepest Learnings From My Best Launch Ever

Launch Learning

It has quietly become a tradition that every time I do something big, I put the time into understanding what went right and what went wrong. And out of that intuitive analysis, I distill those down to my deepest learnings.

I can never predict what those lessons are going to be. I can predict that in playing full out and in paying attention, I AM going to learn. And since cultivating a learning mindset is one my biggest commitments, as long as I learn, I win.

I am now wrapping up my best year in my business and my most successful program launch of my life. Now I want to share with you what I learned from the experience.

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4 Critical Things To Change If You’re Working On Your Business Way Too Much

To do - everything Shutterstock

I hear it all too often from business owners:

“I am SO overwhelmed by everything I need to do in my business!”

I have to say, I totally get it.

You’re serving clients, marketing your business, and you want to have a life. You cross one thing off the list and two more pop up in its place. No wonder you feel drained! And I know you don’t want that.

I have a little insight that will have a big impact:

“You CAN’T have it all.” (Even though I often hear people proclaim the opposite).

The key is to be mindful about WHAT do you really want to devote your life force and your attention to.

In my experience, people get overwhelmed because they’re trying to pack too much “stuff” into their lives that ultimately isn’t that important.

Here are 4 powerful things I’ve done that have helped me shift from feeling overworked and unfocused into a life of meaning and fulfillment and more spaciousness.

I know you have a lot on your plate, so let’s get to it!

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4 Magic & Foolproof Ways To Find out EXACTLY What Your Clients Want (And Are Willing To Pay For)

Istock for blogWhat would it be like if every time you created a new offering, your clients immediately said “yes, that’s something I want to pay for”?

Imagine that when you create a new event, information product, coaching package, training program, book, webinar, etc – you immediately had high demand.

In this article, I want to show you the first essential step you need to take:

Find out the #1 thing your client wants!

I’ll give you an example from my world. After I created my best-selling program Master of Enrollment, I simply asked my clients what they wanted next. (I’ll show you exactly how to ask in a minute). I found out they wanted to learn how to do teleseminars with the same results that I’d been getting, so I created a new program called Teleseminar Enrollment System. That led to a $250,000 launch in the first two months!

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How to find out exactly what your clients want: A tale of two coffee shops

I was riding in an elevator to my office building and struck up a conversation with someone in an office one floor down from me.  She was really enjoying her morning coffee, and I noticed that her coffee cup was from Awaken Café, right across the street from our building.  I was surprised because there is a delightful coffee shop less than 10 feet from our elevator-  Bittersweet Café, and it’s right in our building.  It’s well designed, cozy and has seemingly good coffee (though I don’t drink coffee), and it’s less expensive.

I got curious, and asked her why she doesn’t get her coffee from Bittersweet in our own building.  She said that their coffee is not that great, and they should stick to what they do best – hot chocolate (THAT – I do drink and it is wonderful).

This is a waste of opportunity for Bittersweet.  If they would have simply bothered to ask their clientele a few questions like:

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