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Integrity is a Choice

Conscious Capitalism is based on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. Seth Godin reminds me today that it’s also about integrity. It’s not enough for integrity to be part of the personality of your business. Integrity must be a part of its essence.

Systems are always going to be manipulated by some. That’s inevitable. What’s happening today is that manipulation has become part of the system. How unfortunate it is that the people that choose not to manipulate are the ones going against the grain. Integrity is going against the grain. How sad is that?

We don’t have to play the game, we can, we should, we must create a new game. Integrity is a choice. It’s not an easy choice. Conscious Capitalism is about making conscious choices.

*** Thank you Andrea for such an appropriate post…

Is Grey the New Black?

Grey Black WhiteSingularity of purpose, clarity of vision and lack of any doubt is what we expect of our leaders. They are either pro-environment or pro-business, pro-choice or pro-life, fiscal conservatives or social progressives. We like it that way. It makes us feel RIGHTEOUS. — Econtrario

We all have our unshakable beliefs. How do they serve us? What do we gain from limiting our perspective? Can passion come from the grey area of the black & white spectrum?

I am committed to my evolution to not only see grey, but to lead from that flexible stance. I want to be powerful and flexible at the same time and I know it’s possible.

I want to thank Econtrario for inspiring me

Mastermind Group Power

Last night I experienced the power of collaboration. Kris and I created a mastermind group and had our first meeting. We were inspired by the Power of Collaboration conference to use the mastermind concept first introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900’s.

We brought together seven amazing people, who we trust, admire and respect. In the spirit of cooperative harmony, we made the commitment to share, give and receive. We will be each other’s personal board of directors. We will mastermind concepts, goals, intentions and actions. We will take turns collaborating for and with each other.

This our initial structure:

  • Create an intention for the meeting
  • Speak about what we feel gratitude towards
  • Figure out how much time each person will take to speak
  • Each Individual speaks and the group listens and brainstorms solutions
  • Conclusions, appreciations, etc…

Other Commitments

  • To make the process a holistic full-body experience
  • To use the yes and rule
  • To inspire each other to stretch and to expand what’s possible

The energy in the room was electrifying. I felt like anything is possible; and it is!


What would you having your own personal board of directors mean for your business and your life?

How else can you experiment with the power of collaboration?

Business Bystander Effect

On March 13, 1964 Kitty Genovese was brutally murdered near her apartment complex in Queens, New York. She was an ordinary girl. The stabbing was not extraordinary for NYC in the mid-60’s either. What shocked the nation was that 38 people witnessed the happenings and no one called the cops until thirty-five minutes after the assault began. How is it possible that 38 people allowed an innocent 28-year old woman get killed and did nothing? How can this be? What’s wrong with these people?

What does this have to do with business and entrepreneurship?

A single person will typically intervene if another person is in need of help. However, when more than one person witnesses a situation in which their help is needed, there is lesser likelihood of intervention. In some instances, a large group of bystanders may fail to help a person who obviously needs help. This is known as the bystander effect, where each individual experiences the diffusion of responsibility and simply chooses not to act.

What does this have to do with business and entrepreneurship?

The more people we have working with and for us in our ventures, the more likely we may experience the business bystander effect. You’ve been a part of this phenomenon, I am sure.

I am bystanding now. There’s an email in my in-box asking for volunteers to lead the next teleconference. I am not that into it. Apparen’tly, neither is anyone else. It continues to sit in my in-box, waiting for someone to respond. Had the email been directed only to me, it would certainly not have taken me a week to respond.

I spoke in a company a month ago where I saw a white elephant in the room. Everyone else saw it. In fact, they’ve been seeing it for a long time. Yet no one talks about it and no one does anything. It’s too big. The responsibility is massive. Yet someone needs to make that phone call. Someone needs to own the white elephant. Someone, anyone, help!

** How is bystander effect playing out in your business?
** How can each project be conceived with each member taking full ownership of his/her part?
** How can your company structure be designed with the bystander effect in mind?

I want to know…

The Wave of the Future

Lynn Kindler asked a vital question of how can we show and act our beliefs through the actions of how we lead our lives?

Yes, we can all do something for what we believe in.

* We can decide to work on ourselves and influence others not by preachy force but by the powerful resonance of our voice, our words and our being

* We can commit to our businesses being more than about profit

* We can consciously decide not to put our dollars into developments, chain stores and gas guzzling cars.

* We can blog about how we want to see the world, our businesses and our leaders

* We can be the revolution.

The ripple we create today can be the tidal wave of the future.

Competitors Unite

Seth Godin blogs about the positive power of competition.

As far as I can see it, the two most important benefits to competition are:

** Competition motivates our businesses to innovate
** Competitive forces simultaneously compete and conspire to create a movement that eventually drive more people to each competitor

Ex. Organic food movement, yoga movement, photo’s on-line movement, social networking movement

In China, I noticed whole city blocks devoted to a particular retail specialty. There was a bridal store street, a shoe street, a furniture street, etc… and they were all thriving.