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Leading Against The Grain

Only a tiny percentage of the population are the real leaders in their fields. They propel their cause by the sheer passion and force of their determination. These people are true pioneers. They make it possible for the rest of us to reap the tremendous benefits of their work. They have integrity, courage and willingness to go against the grain in the face of tremendous cost. And that’s very important — Cornell West

These pioneers don’t often create success for themselves in the business world. They create progress and make the world a better place as a result of them having lived.

I want to encourage all of us to recognize them and support them. Who is a true leader in your sphere?

Sandrine Hahn is one such pioneer.

*** Just being around these pioneers allows us to create innovation in our lives and businesses.

Trust in the leader, team-mates and system

Marc Cuban describes the vibe in the locker room before the Mavs beat the Spurs (amazing game!):

“No one felt that the game was their responsibility. Every player in there trusted the guys on both sides of them. They trusted their coaches. They trusted the system in place.”

This reminded of my post from a few days ago about a business family. The Mavs sound like that family. It works for them and it will work for your team. Utopia does exist!

Business Community: Is Utopia possible?

Chris Barrow, had an interesting take on great teams in his latest newsletter:

*** A work force => You have to force a work force to work and force always generates resistance.

*** A team => You lead the team; and a well lead team will want to do the work themselves.

*** A business family => You give birth to a business family, you nurture them, you teach them, you inspire them, you allow them to develop their own style, you work, rest and play with them and your hopes for them are greater than your hopes for yourself. You are a model who they wish to emulate and they feel their unique style and contribution is equally valuable. Ultimately you can accept it and are happy when they leave the nest and move on to greater things.

Aaaaah! a business family does sound good! Its distinguishing feature is its sense of community. In a community everyone is working towards a collective mission of the organization while supporting the individual missions and desires of each member of the family. It’s almost utopian yet!