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Do you know the missing link?

I want to take you back in time 7 years…(cue time machine)

I was going through a rough stretch when I was working too
much and I was feeling anxious about getting it all done.
On top of it, I was nervous about being able to make enough
money for me to live on.I felt desperate and living my life
in fear.

So when it got really tough, what did I do?

I worked harder.  I pushed.  I tried.  I was putting in even
longer hours….

because that’s what it takes to create success.  Right?

Not exactly…  I believe in paying your dues.  I am a huge
fan of putting in the effort.I don’t mind giving it my all.

But that’s often not enough, but without my favorite the
missing link success is very tough to come by.

So no!  Working harder, pushing and putting in longer hours
did not work for me.

It was only after I consciously decided that I am going to
add FUN back in the mix, that things began to move towards
success more effortlessly.

I started to play poker.  I started to mastermind and get
support from people I loved being around.  I let go of
things that didn’t seem fun to me.  I started going out more
and having a good time.

And yes, that gave me that huge energy boost to make my
business a big success.

Could lack of fun be the missing link in your business, too?

So I want to nudge you bit in the right direction:

So what can you do this week that’s fun?  What will help to
infuse you with amazing energy to create exactly what you
want in your life and in your business?

Share your answer below.




  1. Hello,
    Thank you for writing about how putting fun BACK into our lives can and does make the difference in our success, without really trying. My life was filled with ‘business things and activities’, that had me on a hamster wheel. I saw my mentors and my partners having a ‘LIFE’ and being much more successful than I was in building their businesses and creating higher and higher income. The Universe created space for me to stop, and think by creating an illness that had me on my back for almost 2 months. I had time NOT to care about business. I was sleeping, or lying down near sleeping most of that time, and experiencing a lot of pain. When I began to gain strength and had some time, I slowly got back attending to my business and realized that I was truly missing out on fun, family, relaxation meditation, prayer, exercise and most of who I am. I loved what I do in business and didn’t realize that it was owning me. I was robbing myself from myself. I now have fun, prayer time, fun, family time, meditation. This opened the door to creative ideas, meeting people who are willing to partner with me with no effort, and yes, even exercising again.
    Looking back, I don’t know where I would have wound up if I hadn’t been experienced the illness that knocked me on my arse. I did NOT listen or read the signs that I should have chosen to get of the hamster wheel on my own and then….as usual, the Universe, knocked me into reality and created space the HARD way. Hope to remember the wisdom I learned. Thank you for the space you hold for seekers of your wisdom.

  2. Runy says:

    Hi Bill
    Was just in a Facebook Bootcamp and somebody mentioned your name. They said you helped them with writing.

    I like your authentic writing style. I love real stories and you got my attention right away. That was Fun.

  3. This is a great post, Bill. It really spoke to me as I’m focusing on putting the fun back into my business. For me it’s been about deciding what what I really love doing and what I’m best at and outsourcing the rest. I think it’s essential that we include fun, particularly when running a conscious business, because if we aren’t enjoying it, then we aren’t being authentic. Fun also helps us to be creative and have a sense of adventure.

  4. Fun! Essential, so essential to balance and the ability to work as hard as I do. This week I get to play mah jongg! And take a friend out to dinner. And maybe even go dancing (haven’t had as much of that as I like because health challenges have slowed me down).

    And I get to go to my WordPress meetup group (okay, I have a weird definition of fun, but for this geeky soul, my meetup group provides lots of fun!).

  5. One of my ways I make the big shift is to define what my downtime looks like-feels like and actually create it into my day!
    Example; one of my favorite downtime events is mid afternoon to go out in the back yard (we live next to a wooded area with a wetlands on the other side, in Southern Fl) and lay in the hammock under the trees with the sun poking through the pine needles. Listening to the birds and sounds as they create a harmonious rhythm with the breeze. I love the feeling as the soft bed cradles my body. The rocking of the hammock disengages my thoughts as the warmth of the sun soothes my soul. The smell of the air reminds me of many happy memories at my grandmother’s home in Hillsdale Mich. playing in the yard.

    • Bill Baren says:

      That sounds so amazing! I can really picture it. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Hey Bill, thanks for your email, and what great timing! It’s mid-winter here, and client numbers are down – I AM FRUSTRATED! I have learned, though, that fun is so important, so I have been watching the Chicago Blackhawks set records and play like men possessed! As a lifelong Chicago hockey fan, that is a LOT of fun. I’m also sitting in front of my fireplace whenever possible, even if I’m working. It’s a comfortable reminder of how fortunate I am, even when things aren’t going great. Peace and all the best to you.

    • Bill Baren says:

      Yes, Dave… And that’s quite a run for the Blackhawks… it was worth the wait through the strike.

  7. Tanya says:

    Dance lessons

    • Yes! Another word for FUN is PLEASURE! What give you pleasure? I just made a list this morning (great first step; now I will act on it). PLEASURE/FUN = FUEL for our souls and our hearts. To be effective in business – particularly the kinds of businesses we are in, we need to put fuel in our “vehicle”. We need to keep ourselves “tuned up”. The more energy we have, the more balanced and grateful we feel, the happier we are – the more successful we will be in business and in LIFE. This is non-negotiable. We live in a largely “all work/no play” culture (or at the least, “You can’t go out and play until you’ve done your homework.”). So pay attention to this. What is fun for you? What brings you pleasure? And, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or any money at all. I am in the process of integrating this as as an ongoing discipline (habit) in my life. And, yes, we teach what we most need to learn! 🙂

    • Bill Baren says:

      That does sound like fun!

  8. Thank you Bill.
    You are SO right.
    I wish I had know this 50 years ago when I blocked my “fun”. LOL
    Now that I have cleared those blocks.. I have found the more fun I have, the more money I make.. that is one reason I am going to “The Big Shift”!
    See you there.

  9. Kim says:

    Reading your email was like reading my life. I am in the process of finding my passion and I am not willing for this to last for years. Mastermind and getting support is a challenge for me. I am a life coach and love helping people, but I have not found my niche, nor have I made any money at it. I am thinking of combining it with another one of my passions, color and design. I’m confused, but willing and ready to learn. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
    Thank You

    • Bill Baren says:

      Kim, you can channel all of your passions, including design, into a result your ideal market really wants. Just know that it will happen for you… I am going to be going deep into breaking down how to do this at the Big Shift Experience. Hope you can make it.

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