The Big Shift is a podcast, a community, and a movement. It is our aim to help those who want to make a difference, have success in carrying out their mission. The goal of our podcast is to inspire heart-centered entrepreneurs to create their dream business, do what they love, and make the world a better place in the process.

We will help you get there by sharing with you the best marketing, sales/enrollment and mindset practices known to humankind today… All of these practices are tested and come from the people who are the very best at utilizing and teaching them. These will be some of the most extraordinary people on this planet. Get ready for your Big Shift!

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Do you want exposure to 30,000 people on my list? (Winners Announced!)

One of the things that gets me inspired about my business is
doing new things that I have never done before.  There is
nothing like trying something innovative that gets my juices

So this week is totally exciting for me since I’m announcing
something new and fresh:

A Roving Reporter Contest

Roving Reporter Contest

I am going to select 3 attendees of the Big Shift Experience
to be my roving reporters. Attendees of my three-day event
are going to experience amazing personal shifts as well as
big shifts to their business.

The 3 winners of my roving reporter contest will be my eyes
and ears during the event.

And here’s the best part:

I will be featuring their reporting to my 30,000 person
newsletter list, to my over 16,000 Twitter followers and to
over 5000 of my connections on Facebook.


Congratulations to our Roving Reporters!

Geffen Rothe
Stephanie Nicole Lum
Eva Zacks

Thank you so much for entering and I can’t wait to
see you at the Big Shift Experience!


P.S.  If you haven’t bought your ticket to the Big Shift Experience,
but would love to attend, get one of the last few remaining tickets.




  1. Yay!!! Super grateful and happy! Looking forward to meeting Geffen and Eva and to the event! It’s gonna be a blast–can’t wait!
    Thanks Ann and Bill!

  2. A BIG congratulations to:
    Geffen Rothe
    Stephanie Nicole Lum
    Eva Zacks

    Geffen, I LOVED your poem!
    Stephanie Nicole, it was so great that you offered to Bill to talk with your parents. 🙂
    Eva, fantastic job of claiming it!

    • Woohoo! Thank you Ann and Bill!
      How exciting to report during the event.
      I am looking forward to meeting my fella reporters, Ann and Stephanie.
      With joy and enthusiasm,

  3. OK – here are my “details” as requested:

    Linda Welch
    Business Coach
    Website/Blog: http://www.launchmydreams.com

    WHY do i want to be the roving reporter?

    Aside from the benefits of connecting with like minded “peeps” for JV’s and prospective clients…

    I am REALLY good at the Art of the Question…AND I LOVE it!!

    If we’re sitting in a bar…you WILL start telling me who you are, what you want, your dreams. etc.

    I don’t do it on purpose – it’s not about getting something…I just ask the right question, because I’m INTERESTED!…and THEN????

    I listen.

    What more could you ask for in a Roving Reporter???

    I love talking with people. I love helping them “connect the dots.” I love drawing out the transformation.

    I love the work you do – and the people who are attracted to it.

    Let’s get to it!

    Much love…


  4. I am registered for the Big Shift Experience, I have bought my plane ticket and booked my hotel room. I have also gotten my business associate, Janet, signed up so that we both receive a ton of value together!
    Name: Ann Strong
    Business: Thriving Coaches
    Twitter: @ThrivingCoaches
    Blog/website: http://www.annstrong.com/

    Why I want to be a roving reporter: Bill, I LOVE your fresh, authentic, compassionate and kick-ass approach to business. This opportunity offers a fantastic way for me to receive more from the Big Shift Experience by engaging with, learning about and reporting about the transformation of other Big Shifters and sharing it with your tribe!

    Serving as a roving reporter totally feeds my Maximizer, Individualization, Communication and Positivity strengths. As a Maximizer, I will be making an already great experience even better. For me by participating more fully. For those I interview by telling their story beautifully, clearly and concisely. And for you by eliciting Big Shift stories to inspire others. With my Individualization strength, I will naturally and easily hear and write about the nuances and specificity of each person’s experience and at the same time, I will share how their experience is also universally applicable. As a prolific and dedicated Positive Communicator, I energize everything I share. Oh, and I just got the most amazing new tool – the iPhone 5 and I’m so geeked about easily interviewing, photographing and shooting video.

    Thanks for loving to innovate and try new things, Bill!

  5. Hi Bill,
    I’d LOVE to be your roving reporter at the Big Shift Experience. I am Reinvention Expert helping clients gain strength, courage, inspiration, and confidence. I am on a mission to help entrepreneurs think BIG and take BOLD action. So witnessing this transformation is always amazing to me and I can’t wait to experience it at this event. I am looking forward to meeting you, Bill, your team, as well as all the fellow attendees and sharing the transformation and the Big Shift in our incomes and business success. I know this is going to be an outstanding event where we will create new opportunities and many of us will breakthrough to the next level of impact and earnings. As your, ‘eyes
    and ears during the event’, I will be honored to use my intuition, creativity, enthusiasm, energy, and love to spotlight remarkable transformations among the attendees, have fun, and facilitate collaboration, while supporting you and your team. I hope you choose me to be one of your roving reporters and I promise to do my best to help in any way. With my professional project management skills, coaching skills, creativity, awareness, curiosity, and the desire to inspire and motivate others, I will be an excellent choice. This would be the beginning of my personal and business Big Shift that would be absolutely priceless as I can’t wait to meet our fellow attendees and learn about them and from them, and find out how I can be of service. I am skilled at taking pictures and video using many types of cameras, from simple to sophisticated DSLRs.
    Thank you for the opportunity.
    Eva Zacks, PMP, CPC
    Twitter – @EvaZacks

  6. Hi Bill!

    **This is my second time posting, some reason my post did not make it up there. Wanted to do it again and remembered most of what I wrote yesterday! Here goes again! :-)**

    I love your idea for a contest! When I read “roving reporter,” I immediately smiled from ear to ear and said to myself, “Self… 🙂 that’s totally you! ” I absolutely love getting the scoop and giving the skinny. It’s my passion to help out, be involved, instinctively communicate personal concern and live in the world of people possibilities. As a reporter, I’m a copious note taker, have a crazy knack for details, possess the memory of an elephant, and by virtue of being an art director my skills behind a camera are quite crafty!

    Ever since I was a little girl, my nick name has literally been “the reporter.” Bill, I give you full permission to dial up my parents and ask them about some of my famous and funny childhood “reporter” stories. Being an ENJF personality type (a people person/teacher), I love to question, listen to, speak with, and look after folks while also seeing deeper into why we tick. We are very interesting creatures and why we do the things we do (both good and bad) is truly amazing and it truly all belongs.

    I/m super passionate about communicating the bigger picture and going into the details of a situation, person or place. I believe I’m here on this earth to live out my passion and to learn more, see more, be more, say more, relax more. It’s not a surprise that I ended up with BFA in Communication Arts, Design. For the last 13 years I’ve specialized in art direction, branding and strategy work, which has very much quelled my visual and cerebral interest the macro and micro perspectives. My freelance design career has inspired me to lead and create my life intuitively. It has also provided me with the ability to see my present and future opportunities through a creative lens.

    However, in the past few years my longing to know more about myself and others—to drop deeper in to my heart—and to do what I love to do (help people) lead me to become a certified Yoga Instructor and a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am currently taking Linda Claire Puig’s program and that is how I heard about you. I can’t wait to experience The Big Shift with you in a couple of weeks!

    Experience wise, I certainly have taken my roving skills on the road with me land, sea, and air. I have traveled loads and lived and worked in my favorite cities–LA, SF, NYC and Bali Indonesia. My vision is to support more people say, “yes,” to themselves and “yes,” to feeling healthy and happy from the inside and out. It is my mission to help busy professionals and their families design a lifestyle full of energy, confidence, and vitality while also finding more quality time, meaning and purpose in their lives. I’ve recently launched my holistic coaching practice this year– Hungry for Nutrition–and I am excited to learn more tools to build my business up through “The Big Shift.”

    For so long, I have been on a wild goose chase seeking the answers, finding myself, finding my truth and what resonates with me. I realize that I can be busy doing and thinking with not enough being and truly feeling. What I recently found in the past years is the answers are constantly finding us if we allow it to, and I have recently found you!

    WIth all that said, phew! I’m looking forward to the journey, onward to bigger and greater shifts ahead!


    Stephanie Lum
    AADP Health + Wellness Coach 
    Hungry for Nutrition


  7. Name: Geffen Rothe

    Well-Defined Solutions ~ A Personal and Professional Development Consulting Firm

    Twitter: @GeffenRothe

    Dear Bill,
    What a fun way to connect directly with your massive list of fans! Clearly, Bill Baren Coaching models innovation, achievement, and evidence that pursuing a ‘path of heart’ in business is the BEST CHOICE.

    Last year, I renovated Well-Defined Solutions from a one-woman entrepreneurial pursuit to a large, professional team serving a broader client base! Shifting into this type of leadership role in my company has been profoundly rewarding.

    Currently, I am in hot pursuit of creative ways to connect with more people that will increase engagement and celebrate our clients’ successes; your invitation feels like a perfect opportunity!

    It would be an honor to simultaneously participate AND capture attendees’ Big Shift Experiences right in the moment.

    And now, just for fun, here’s a poem for you and everyone…

    Celebrating success each step that we do
    Is the skill that I bring to report Big Shifts with you.

    I’m a professional, entrepreneurial, San Francisco lady
    Who’ll provide Big Shift reporting enthusiastically and clearly.

    My work is my passion; I’m privileged to guide clients,
    All achieving Big Shifts and pursuing skillful guidance.

    The Big Shift is upon us,
    We will gather and discuss
    That change happens readily
    With support and community!

    As The Big Shift Roving Reporter I will ask questions that get to the core;
    These questions point to deep answers that a Big Shift attendee cannot ignore.

    With all due respect, it will be a treat
    To interview and celebrate my fellow Big Shift peeps.

    I encourage people to be their own loudest supporter,
    Which is why I am ready and honored to be this year’s Big Shift roving reporter.

  8. Being a roving reporter at The Big Shift Experience weekend and having my reportage published to your list of 30,000. Now let me think…why would I want to do that? The real question is, “Why doesn’t EVERY participant want to do this?” This is a Gigantic Triple Threat WIN Opportunity. The interviewees win because they get their stories published to the list (along with business details). Bill wins because the Big Shifts are captured and documented at their high points. The roving reporters (hopefully me among them) win because we have an official “excuse” to talk to a lot of awesome people and write about their breakthroughs. You bet your rubber duckie booties I want to do this.

    For a living, I write websites that attract pre-sold clients for consultants and coaches. On top of that, I help my clients create packages of services that command top prices, doubling, tripling and quadrupling (and more) the average sale. As a certified coach/professional writer, I’m all about documenting and cementing Big Shifts. It’s who I am.

  9. Hey, Bill, I’m getting so excited about the Big Shift, woot!

    I’m Sue Kearney, and in my biz (MagnoliasWest.com) I work with passionate women business owners who wanto to integrate their most sacred mission and purpose with their branding—their logo, website, messaging and social media marketing. I lso do business coaching for these same women who want support as they envision, manifest and sustain their ideal business serving their ideal clients.

    I’m a good writer (I’ve been told), and I have a eightish-year-old blog (MagnoliasWest.com/morninggratitudes) with over 650 posts.

    Maybe I’d be a good fit for this, as long as I can still fully participate. As much as I am excited by this opportunity (and for the exposure!), I don’t want to dilute my commitment to have a transformative experience around my pricing and my income.

    Uh-oh, did I just kick myself out of the running? Oops…!

    Love and light, my heart to yours,

  10. Hi Bill,
    I’d like to be your rover reporter because it would help me shift out of shyness that tends to come over me when I’m put on the spot! And this is all about shifting, right? If I can’t share my gifts with people then I’m only doing them and myself a dis-service. I know that if I was given this task in a high-energy environment then it would leave a positively remarkable imprint of confidence on my energy field that I could share with others!

    Holly Cook CMT, CSP

    Transformational Energy Work for your Body and Soul.

  11. Hi, Bill.

    I have taken two programs from you so far. Both of them contain valuable information, but I seem to have difficulty in implementing what I learn. When I hear other people pose questions, I realize they see and hear things differently from you than I do. As I’m a writer, I would be delivering clear, concise, and exciting reports to you while simultaneously learning from all types of people as well.
    Blog: http://www.jedaenterprises.com/blog

  12. Hi Bill:)
    I’m here to help others recognize and embrace their highest gifts. With that as my mission and my love of engaging people with their stories of inspiration and growth, I’d be productive, happy, and of high service to those I worked with.

    I take great delight in listening and chronicling the growth and insights of others. In fact, my wife and I had a business for several years where we conducted interviews with people to help identify their core attributes as illustrated within their life stories. We called the qualities Golden Threads. It was joyous and rich work.

    In addition, I’m a former professional photographer with a profound love of people. Thus, I could add fun imagery in with the story capture.

    Other comparable experience included leading a workshop at Agape International Center in Culver City on Spiritual Biographies. In the workshop, we encouraged people to share their stories and then assisted them in identifying and chronicling the spiritual qualities that ran through their multi-generational families. That, too, was a fabulous, intimate, and inspired experience.

    In sum, my love of others combined with a natural appreciation approach as well as highly functional experience in StoryCapture™ (what we actually called it!) makes me an excellent candidate for the role.

    How can I find out more detail as to what this entails? We do have other commitments before and after the workshop and I want to apply myself fully if chosen. If possible, please give me a call or send me an email. Thanks Bill!

  13. – Dana Yates, principal/owner of Dana Yates Communications (“Translating research for lay audiences”)
    – Website: http://www.danayates.ca
    – Blog: http://danayates.ca/dynew/blog
    – Twitter: @ExploreResearch

    I’m a professional writer who is in the midst of making a big shift in my business (and that possibility both excites and terrifies me in equal measure!). At the moment, I am hired on a freelance basis by university-based magazines across North America to profile academic researchers who are creating big shifts of their own in the world.

    I have a fantastic job – one that has enabled me to learn about everything from spiders and satellites to 18th-century poets and air pollution. But here’s the thing: I have pretty much taken freelance writing as far as I can as a one-woman shop, and I must create more/bigger income streams if I want to live my dreams fully (e.g., start a family with my husband, travel the world, rescue abandoned animals and have enough soul-nurturing time to pursue my passions – screenwriting, paddleboarding and dancing).

    As a freelancer writer, I translate complex research projects – and explain their potential impact – to lay audiences, clearly and concisely. Now, I want to teach everything that I know about effective knowledge translation to researchers and those in helping professions, so they can share their expertise with the broader community, and along the way, raise their public profile, expand their influence, and gain more clients or funding for their work.

    On that note, I am currently writing a teleseminar series and am putting marketing systems in place to attract clients who will pay for my expertise. But fear and doubt are funny (read: frustrating) things, and I regularly face resistance of my own making. This uncertainty slows me down, and turns this take-action gal into a take-NO-action girl. But as “someone” (ahem, Bill Baren) wrote on his coaching blog in March 2011, “…when you think that you can’t, then you simply must.”

    So here I am, proving that I CAN indeed push fear aside – and I’m doing it by throwing my hat into the roving reporter ring. By stepping forward as an applicant, I’m definitely stepping out of my comfort zone (no more hiding in the corner of the conference room!). That being said, I want to experience the Big Shift in the best, most engaging way that I know how: by not only being in the same room as heart-centered entrepreneurs, but also hearing (and writing about!) their stories of transformation. I can think of no better way to get inspired and amplify that inspiration for others.

    During that journey, I look forward to linking up with some amazing people – some of whom may even become my own joint venture partners in the not-so-distant future. After all, as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” And I, for one, want to be surrounded by – and get to know – the other believers in this world.

  14. Bill Baren says:

    Hi Folks, make sure to post your comment here!

    • Heather Severson, Mercenary Writer at your service. (Virtual hat tip.)
      I am your roving reporter gal. As a writer, keen observer, and enthusiastic participant, I will help bring the magic of the event to those who are not able to attend, while reminding participants about the key take-aways. This will be a wonderful way to meet and learn about as many people as I can at the Big Shift Experience. I’ll do you proud, you can count on that.


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