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How a slice of pizza changed my life forever

I still remember the pivotal moment when my business turned
around, without me even suspecting it.

I was at a going away party of a couple of friends of mine.
They were moving to Hawaii and had a little get together at
a pizza place in San Francisco.

There I met Jesse Koren, a business coach I really respect a
lot. We are now friends, but that was our first meeting. We
hit it off and talked a lot.


He then made a business proposal that changed my business

Jesse asked me if I could host him for a teleseminar to my
growing community. In return he would host a telecall with
me for his community.

This was really unexpected!

And since I really enjoyed my conversation with Jesse and
because I thought it would be a cool experiment, I decided
to give it a try.

I had no idea what I was doing and I said Yes only because I
suspected it was a smart thing to do.

Looking back, I had no idea this was going to be as huge as
it turned out to be.

Little did I know that personally hosting teleseminars with
other experts and also being hosted on teleseminars where I
got to share my expertise would be how I would generate more
revenue than I could have ever imagined (at the time).

I had no idea that this chance meeting at a pizza parlour
would be how I would seriously grow my newsletter audience,
and that teleseminars would be the vehicle that allowed me
develop my voice as a thought leader.

Basically, being on those two teleseminars changed my
business forever.

It was the YES that truly rocked my world.

And it got me thinking about a question I want to ask you.

Is there an opportunity right in front of you that could
rock your business (but perhaps you’re avoiding it)?

Let me know here. Seriously I want to know.


P.S. One thing came out of that conversation grew my list
by 10x and ultimately changed my business forever. I’ll talk
about it with you in the next few days.

P.P.S. The pizza place of this fateful meeting was called
Pizza Orgasmica. Isn’t that so San Francisco?



  1. For years I’ve been doing prayer-paintings, as the spirit moved me, and then photographing the paintings at different angles in different lights, so that I would get 200-400 images of the piece. The light fairies come and dance on the paper and the results are magical. Sometimes I turn them into peaceful soothing videos. A couple of times friends have asked me to do a prayer-painting for them as a healing for themselves or some issue that they were dealing with. It serves as a visual reminder and reinforcement of their intentions. It’s been a profoundly moving experience in each case. Charging them never occurred to me, but I have a feeling that creating prayer-paintings for others could be really big, but I can probably only do a couple a week. And I’m concerned about having to produce on demand. I know that this work is really important…it’s my mission, but I need to be making the art; not running a business. Now is the time for me to retreat, read, meditate, and make art. I want someone else to do the business part. But here I am, signed up for two of your courses… doing what I can on my own. I have a million ideas for how to get my work out into the world…and the world needs my beautiful, peaceful, soothing images and ti’s really hard to put a price tag on it. Ah! The crux of it… And I don’t want to be thinking of my friends as potential clients. Where do I go from here? (PS If you look at my website, please be patient and forgiving…I have someone working on a new one for me and we’re in betwixt and between for the next few days…thanks)

  2. I have wanted to joint venture with someone forever, but I don’t have a huge list to swap out. I’m pretty good in my local market though. It’s very difficult to have big list people to even want to work with you no matter how good you are, because all some people see is what’s in it for them. I’m so excited about having a big online presence, because I would love to REALLY help others get their name out there and not just make money of them. Great article! I think an even better twist would be to ask those who have had those opportunities extended to them how have they extended those same opportunities to others.

  3. Shawn Mahshie says:

    Hi Bill-

    Kind of amaZing to get this email TODAY because today is the day I am SO excited to be starting a joint venture with Susan Pierce Thompson!!! Susan has already enjoyed a huge amount if success with her Bright Line Eating Boot Camp, Platinum program, and premium package–her clients and students are having SO much success losing incredible amounts of weight quickly, consistently, and sanely –and keeping it off! She works from very solid principles of brain research (she has been a professor and researcher in neuroscience and weight loss) and has an amazing story of her own lasting recovery.

    I just previewed the first in her series of videos for her huge launch and they are incredible! Loaded with valuable information and strategies for ANYONE who has ever struggled with food issues of any kind. Here is the link to get this amazing video:


    And for me the best part is that, Susan knew I was in a similar position in offering folks the shift of a lifetime in their level of internal peace –by using the very things that upsets then to their freedom–and was powerfully affected by her own experience with it.

    So she invited me to a JV partnership where she is offering my Reliable Relationship Relief webinar to her participants, where I teach the radically life-altering technology of how to go from fear, anger, despair to happily living and loving without conditions and no longer suffering under the weight of your thinking.

    Will be fun to see where this goes! This is such an exciting joint venture for me where I love being part of the high momentum of so many people getting both emotional and physical recovery around food and relationships. Email me at clarityworks@comcast.net to learn more or click on the link for the free video series (starts tomorrow so check the website later if you get on and the video isn’t up yet):


    Thanks for all you give us, Bill!
    🙂 Shawn

    • Hi Bill,

      Thanks for the question. I just got an email from another Hendricks Institute coach, who suggested that we get together and discuss our specialties. I had the urge to delay because, “Yikes. What is my specialty?” I’m looking forward to getting more clear on that as I do your Master of Enrollment course.

  4. As I’m in the process of refining my niche as a zany artist, event coordinator, and life/biz coach I KNOW that I’m going to have to redo my websites so that they are funnel-riffic (or make a consolidated new website). Rockin’ opportunities galore are right in front of me as for the type of offers to provide, but I’m not sure which would be the best use of time and energy for most probable financial result, or in what order, or combo – webinars, video trainings, book, seminars, Mastermind groups, 1-on-1’s, radio show to build credibility (this was offered with fee), etc… As a creative and optimistic person, I see opportunity everywhere, so it’s a matter of what to focus on first, which got me hesitating and be an avoider when it comes to focus…

  5. Hi Bill,
    I’m going to be interviewed tomorrow evening on someone’s podcast. She features holistic practitioners, authors, coaches, light workers, etc. to help them get exposure. She wants to let her audience know who and what’s available out there to help them thrive in life.
    I’m excited about getting the opportunity to do it AND I don’t feel fully ready. I’ve never given an interview before. I’m just starting out in my coaching practice and don’t yet have a website. But I’m going to just do it and know that I have infinite do-overs and that this is good practice.

    I’m making a squeeze page and offering a freebie so that I can leverage this interview. We’ve already done a discovery interview so she knows what I do and she’s impressed enough to have me on, so I’m diving in and taking imperfect action.
    Your advice about taking imperfect action is the single best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten!

    Thank you so much for your support!


  6. Bill, I wish I had an answer, for myself and for the others who are wondering. I really don’t know where to start, but something tells me I need to get in front of people who are similar in intention and then listen, listen, listen, and explain what I do.

  7. Richard Ford says:


    Thank you for the e-mail. I’m learning to own up to my challenges, as well as manage my time more effectively to move closer to success. I believe that mistakes are inevitable, and must be made in order to learn and improve from. If it were easy, everyone would being doing it, so I choose to own up to my challenges.



  8. Hey Bill,

    I’m drawn to your authentic style and have been working hard to deliver the same to my guys. I’m a Rick Litvin fan and you seem to have much in common with him.

    My income stream is all 1:1 coaching by phone and in person. Lots of “conversations” are happening for me to create new clients. I mostly coach men on relationship, marriage, and intimacy development. Recently booked some women clients and more recently a couple!

    I want to do GROUPS! I feel this opportunity is staring me in the face DAILY. Men’s retreats, couples seminars, etc. Still working another job full-time and hesitate to jump into this space fearing a big time crunch and uncertainty about marketing it.

    What words of wisdom do you have for that?

    • Lis says:

      Hei Steve,
      Truly looking for Bill’s answer to your question!
      I’m in very similar situation as you – hoping to finally open ‘the group decade’ fully in my life, too.
      Also found your core idea very interesting (quick peek to your website).
      – Lis

    • Joining the growing list of those looking forward to your answer on group coaching. I am fairly new in the coaching business and I feel most comfortable coaching groups – I’m kicking off my 3rd in a few weeks. I’m a little intimidated at the 1:1 process but rock it with 8-15:1. Teleseminars for groups? Love your style, message, wisdom…. etc. Looking forward to your response.

  9. Lis says:

    My answer to your question is Me.
    Only me, myself and I.
    Not anyone else (like the mentors I’m training), only me & my profound method, only me in front of everybody.
    Need brand myself, make myself seen for the audience. Any ideas?
    Now I made it clear, for myself, too. Thanks for the question Bill!

  10. Wonderful story Bill.
    I’m in San Francisco for 10 days end of May – can I take you for a slice-o-pizza? = ).
    Irene. xo

  11. Love your success stories! Always is food for thought regarding my life and encounters that are going to open up and shoot me to the moon.
    Thanks Bill.

    • Bill Baren says:

      Love how you have been commenting on multiple posts here, Sharon. I appreciate you.

  12. Matthew Taylor says:

    Bill, What I know I need to do is build out an SEO presence for my rental property website, that would make a huge difference for me, and just haven’t made time for it. Thank you for sparking this conversation.

  13. I think going to networking events could help get my business and message out into the world. I work a full-time job and I’m tired in the evenings. Any suggestions to pep up and move forward?

  14. Paulette says:

    I recently met a women on BART and we share an interest in bringing sensual experiences to people, she through scent and me through movement. We’re both excited about the idea and holding workshops, yet I’m hesitating for all kinds of reasons that seem good, but not really…. Thanks for asking!

  15. Orgasmica!
    I’ve been asked by a woman that I consider my mentor to do an interview on her radio show…
    But have no online programs to offer yet, and no live events scheduled that seem relevant to her audience.
    I know in my heart that Getting infront of her listeners could certainly rock my business…I’m wondering if just picking a topic I’d like to discuss is wise, or to wait until I have something specific to offer.

    • Bill Baren says:

      The experience of doing the show is going to be great. It will not be a financial windfall since you don’t have anything set up to take advantage of the opportunity. Also, most blog radio shows have very small audiences.

  16. I have not built a list as I should have. If I were to host a seminar or a call, I’m not sure who I would invite. I’ve been considering making CD’s instead–recordings of my presentations and hoping I can market those and make money while I complete my book for publishing.
    I feel really overwhelmed, and although I love your advice, I am really strapped for cash to get help.

    • You don’t have to have a list to host your teleseminars. There are other channels to invite people from. And selling CD’s is not going to make a big financial difference for you. Lots of investment of time and very little pay-off.

      • Hi Bill
        Thanks for the share. I hit reply because I can’t find how to leave a comment.
        I am currently looking into finding a system to do a teleseminar for the least amount of investment and provides great sound etc. Love any suggestions you may have. I would be truly interested in doing a joint venture however how do you find the people to connect with to do this?
        Thanks for all the great advice.

  17. I did make this attempt to host teleseminars in the past, but was so bullied on line that I became traumatized
    and I had to shut the whole thing down. I have been trying to build something with my Blog Talk Radio shows,
    but haven’t found the way to monetize it.

    • Gail,

      I am so sorry you had such a negative experience on teleseminars. In the future, you don’t have to open up the line for questions and just teach. You can also only take typed in questions and you can choose which ones you answer (if any at all). The entire experience needs to work for you, so you might as well create it to your liking. Blog radio is difficult to monetize.

    • Gail, I loved doing telesemnars that built my reputation as a book coach-still here after 30 years, and know Bill is a love and I agree with most things he says. After some health issues and my partner dying a year ago, I’m finally back on track–just created a JV group of speakers for nonfictionmasterycourse.

      I took risks-I reached out to several influential marketing people and Joel Friedlander and Michelle PW said yes! I’m also creating my first ecourse to build a book your audience will love. I read alot-Bill’s emails, his programs and besides him, one top sales person, Matthew Pollard’s info. and learned from him to add to my daily to dos–every day- 2 a day–reach out and ask for what you want. from people with big lists. It also means to give those top influencers reasons to know, like and trust you. I usually recommend them in my 15,000 members in my Linkedin book writers, self-publishers and marketing group. I built from scratch to 15,000 in 8 years. If you want more help if Bill doesn’t have time, reach me, Judy Cullins at my site.

      • P.S. My goal is to host Bill Barren in webinars and teleseminars to lift audience enthusiasm to live their dreams by using their mindset to stay focused and put time in on their business projects.

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