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How Do You Create REAL Value in Your Business? | Ep. 116

Do you know how you make sure your business is creating real value for the marketplace? Most entrepreneurs get this wrong—and actually put their businesses on the slow road to nowhere.

Entrepreneurs typically think you create value by offering an amazing product or service.

What if I told you that this may be faulty thinking…

This mindset can lead you to spend years focusing on the wrong things…as the actual value of your business drains away.

Today, we’re going to stop that drain.

We’ll uncover what you can do right away to skyrocket the value you create with your business.

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • Why do most entrepreneurs have flawed thinking about creating value in business?
  • What creates real business value?
  • The 3 things lead to value creation in business
  • The “ground rule” of value that every entrepreneur needs to know
  • How a recent paradigm shift has changed where to focus your time and energy in business
  • What makes this the greatest time ever to be an entrepreneur?

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  1. So are you saying that marketing is what creates value?

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