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How Nigerian Scam Emails Earn Billions Every Year | Ep. 46

You know those Nigerian scam emails saying you’re entitled to a huge sum of money? What if I told you they could lead you to more success (with integrity) in your own business?

You probably delete those messages right away and wonder how anyone could fall for them.

I always used to laugh about how dumb the people writing them must be.

But guess what?

They’re actually brilliant.

And once you understand why, you’ll be on the road to getting more clients—without scamming anybody!

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • Why Nigerian scams actually work
  • What’s an avatar and how can you create the perfect one?
  • Why are Nigerian scams worth a lot more than you probably think?
  • Why copywriting really matters to your business
  • How to get clear about your ideal clients
  • Can you have two very different sides to yourself and still own one business?
  • Why it’s good to not please everybody all the time
  • How swearing might help you get rich

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