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How to mesmerize your clients?

I was hanging out with my wife this past weekend in the kitchen of our new home and listening to music. There is nothing better than spending some time with someone you love on a sunny morning with nothing to do and nowhere else to be.

Then a song comes on one of my Pandora radio stations and I was mesmerized. It sounded like the most beautiful creation I have ever heard. And then out of nowhere I just started crying as if something long forgotten just got touched. I was touched that deeply by the beauty of the music.

The song was Bella Luna by Jason Mraz. And it got me thinking that when we create something from some deep place inside of ourselves, other people can feel it and it creates a magical effect.

So how does this relate to being in business?

Jason Mraz dug deep into who he is and out of the depth of his being, he created Bella Luna.

And this doesn’t just apply to musicians and artists. This is true for business owners like you, too.

How can you dig deeper into who you are and simply share in a way that will have your clients and your target market be transformed?

  • You can write a heartfelt newsletter that shares your own experiences.
  • You can write a poem that will make a difference for your clients.
  • You can create an inspirational video that will inspire your audience.
  • You can articulate what you do in a way that will get across exactly who you are and what difference you make.
  • You can!

But what will you do?

Please share a way you will share yourself in a deeper way in your business.

Leave your comment here.


  1. I loved the poem Marty, thanks for sharing this.
    What a talent you have!

  2. This poem was inspired by the process of growth – that feeling of emptiness that we seek to fill outside ourselves vs from within only to discover it is only from being more of who we are that we can fill our emptiness.

    Remember when the moon was full and near the earth a month or so ago. I think the moon pulled this out of me – I hadn’t written poetry in years and was compelled. I shared this with my tribe to inspire them to write from their heart as well. Thank you Bill for providing this platform for sharing.

    Another Layer Striped Away

    Another layer striped away
    Voice raised to sky in pain
    Calling out – “Take this away.”
    “Give me what I want”
    And want is more of what I got.
    Desire unfulfilled – yearning deeper
    In wishful thinking of narcissistic dreams
    Ah, to taste the fleeting kiss of pleasure
    to avoid the pain of
    Hollowed holes of emptiness,
    Shearing lifelong shame.
    Resistance the focus ensures it never stops
    An insatiable vampire where dawn is never seen.
    Where self-gain rules like a lofty queen specter raised
    in triumph, the spirit relinquishes its power – a nobody
    obedient to those that weld the power – hooked
    by the deliciousness of fleeting pleasure that
    fills the holes only to drip red upon the ground.

    The pain of desire’s futile grabbing at false pleasures seared hot,
    The welcome coolness of assertion bubbles up –
    At first, a syllable here or there finds power.
    Feelings let themselves be known and decisions
    made, and problems solved – personal power gains
    force. Giving for giving sake – the pleasure found within.
    Honor lowers the specter to its place
    As the empowered self emerges aligned.
    The sovereign power of the Self experienced, at last.
    by Marty L Ward

  3. Great message, Bill. I often feel that I give the best of myself when I’m with a client. I feel an intimate connection with them and when appropriate, I share
    some pretty personal things with them.

  4. Julia says:

    I don’t spend time on other people’s priorities and put creative work first. My phone and email is off for the first 3 hours of my work days – I focus on being creative!

  5. Thank you Bill for reminding me that is why people come to me. You encouraged me to articulate this:

    I tell my story of when I was run down by a car, crushing my leg in a hideous mess,
    and I let people know that I know how frustrating and helpless it feels when you can’t move properly or walk unaided and it hurts every time you try. Then I let them know that I know how delicious and triumphant it feels to move again, and how I’ve made it my business to know how to get there.


  6. Gai Lloyd says:

    Journal Those Diabolical waves

    Today was my second day as a middle aged woman pitting myself
    against the waves at Sandy Beach on the island of Oahu.

    The cross currents were even more powerful today, the waves bigger,
    more chaotic, stronger and more unpredictable. Without question, each
    wave caught without a body board (that would give one and extra burst of speed) would end in a wipe out, and a likely a painful one if you decided to go for a decent wave.

    Catching waves have such a myriad of different dimensions for me now as opposed to when I was a child catching waves. It is much closer to a spiritual practice, so much more so than it used to be, when it was more about ego games, proving oneself, and flirting with the boys “œout there”.

    I overheard several conversations as I passed by some local guys, and I
    was struck (and thrilled) by how how metaphysical the conversations were.
    I wish I had a tape recorder, because it was just so powerful how much was being conveyed by so few words, infused by passion, devotion, nuance in descriptives of the different breaks and what they had to offer.

    “œOver there… its like a tornado !.” gestures and more descriptives towards the spot I had been body surfing where there were the most rip currents but the waves were less thick and menacing.

    “œOver there… man, the barrels, that’s the spot..”, more descriptives, gestures…and a sense of a sculpture being described, or perhaps a physics professor giving a dissertation on some sublime, infinitely powerful and beautiful structure, and how to navigate it.

    Sitting on the wall above the beach, feeling a gratifying weariness in my muscles, the salt drying, and sand blasting my skin by the strong trade winds… I continued watching the navigators. They are beyond acrobats, beyond fear of pain. The “œwipe-outs” today were gruesome, spectacular… awesome.

    Then, there were the great rides… making the fearsome beautiful, possible.

  7. Allow more of my vulnerable heart and true desires to be known in my professional newsletter.

  8. Usha says:

    I loved your sharing Bill. I am contemplating my next book and you have deepened my inquiry into what I want to write about. Thank you.

  9. Here’s my poem Bill:

    Being what I am makes the world whole.
    The world, being what it is, makes me whole.
    How could we be, without each other?

    Thank you for reminding me to share poems… mine often stay in a drawer!

    • I also want my bf to be 白手興家, who will actually have the drive to push hmlseif forward if he has so much money in the family? The family can give you the money, but not the brain….what will they do if they can no longer get anything from the family one day? To rich to consider la…沒有人坐安思危的啦

  10. Truly heart centered post, thanks Bill. As a heart centered entrepreneur, I appreciate it!

  11. Wow, what perfect timing! I’m actually writing my June newsletter right now. I’m sharing a little bit more of my personal experience of packing for a month long trip. You inspired me to add in a very personal story about mistakes I’ve made in the past. I’m hoping it will inspire those who don’t have the confidence to know they can do it. And if that doesn’t happen, I’m hoping they call me for help:). Thanks, Bill!!

  12. I do a lot of marketing on Facebook. I don’t sell, but share and offer support. I posted a picture of my mom in 1959, and it was Mother’s day! She was beautiful, elegant, and was holding my first pet, a cat named Sasha. She really looks like a cross between Coco Chanel, and Audrey Hepburn. Amazing that this gorgeous woman is my mom! Look at my FB page here!


    The response I got was amazing, and it just helps everyone to know more about me, and that I shared this got people to respond and share their mom pics! Awesome. Thanks Bill for sharing about your life. We love you!

  13. Bill,

    What timing. I did a soft launch of my new blogsite and put a poem at the end of my first post. Did that at 2am this morning, then low and behold, this shows up in my inbox.

    I totally agree that we are in a time where we do need to open up a bit and mesmerize our clients. I just love that idea. And this is new territory for me to put it out into the world. It is usually just one on one.

    I so appreciate the inspiration this morning.

  14. So true, Bill. I wrote an e-zine right after my beloved dog died – closest companion of many year. The title was “I am not doing very well!” I shared my grief but also my deepening understanding of what it means to live fully and intentionally in this sadness. I also shared what i was doing and being to feel the pain and still function. The response was overwhelming – over 50% open rate and the stories that unfolded about their pain and their experience as well as big hugs for me. What a gift I got. Message? Be vulnerable and give others permission to do so too. Thanks for putting this blog out there.

  15. Julia McCoy Pavlicek says:

    I am investigating my family tree at this time in preparation to start my memoirs. It will give me a base to start my work and understand where I come from to begin to understand where I am going. All in preparation for writing my book.

  16. Bill, that is beautiful! I love how you invite people into getting creative while digging deeper… like with a poem. There’s nothing that makes you more honest and vulnerable than digging deep into your creative heart and sharing it. And that scares a lot of people because they fear they might get hurt or struck down if they get that real.

    You do a beautiful job showing people how to hold strong and be sensitive at the same time- a gift to all who cross your path.

    Thanks for such a wonderful dose of inspiration!

  17. Hi Bill –

    What a lovely and true message. Share from the heart and with honesty and others will appreciate your presence. I spoke recently over the phone explaining what my passion was and the other person responded by saying – ‘i just got goose bumps.”

    With our really meaning to but by speaking from the heart she got my message.

    Now it is a matter of doing this consistently with family, friends and everyone that crosses out path.

    Stay well,

  18. Madeline says:

    Thank you for the song share…. it is lovely and an important thought to go with your experience!

  19. Hi Bill,
    I know what you’re talking about. I actually had a woman cry over my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos!!The first store I ever approached to sell my tattoos wholesale was a crystal and psychic store in Sedona. A petite woman behind the desk looked at them and then said she had to sit down. She sat down and started to cry. She said she was a “sensitive” and the energy coming off of the tattoos was so sweet it brought tears to her eyes (my son and I created them together with love).

    I actually sold my tattoos to the buyer of that store, but it wouldn’t have mattered if I didn’t, because that woman’s tears affected me so much more deeply than the money. I will carry that memory with me forever — especially pin the “down”/tough times.

    Eventually, though, that store did not re-order because my tattoos were put in a not-so-visible place and most people didn’t even know what they were. It’s a cutting edge product — tattoos that boost and balance your chakras — so I am spending much energy just trying to educate and cut a new trail. I sell them online now and a few people (from all over the world) are finding me, but probably only .0001% of the people who would want to know about them and could greatly benefit from them.

    My question is this: as an entrepreneur/healing/lover once you’ve created your “song” with love… how do you share it with the world without an ad budget or major capital? Please help — love and blessings, Vicki

  20. Great message, Bill,
    I’ve found that living in service is an antidote to anxiety, not just for me, but my clients as well. This gives me the gift of knowing that by fully living my work, basically a full Yoga (not-asana-centric) wherein Congruence of thought, word, feeling, and deed illustrates for them what is possible.
    All is One,

  21. Julian says:

    The idea and the music video reminded me how absent I am from life!! Thanks for sharing.


  22. Bill, this is an awesome message and inspired me to go deeper into my marketing message and share from my heart.

  23. Will convey more candidly my journey through terror into freedom from fear, for my writing.

  24. I actually have a poetry cd I wrote for my ideal clients to express my reasons for doing the work in business models & strategy development. I wanted to find a way to connect with them and share with them who I really am.

    Thanks for this as I haven’t finished recording it but need to and send it out.


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