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How to Transform Your Past Hurts Into a Massive Business Advantage | Ep. 96

For most people, their past hurts turn into baggage.  That baggage, in turn, weighs them down and slows them down on their pathway to greater success.

What if I told you that out of all your past hurts there is a core wound that is your roadmap of how you can help the world in your own unique way?

Are you ready to hear its message?

Every human being has a core wound.  And from that core wound, you have developed beliefs and habits that hold you back from having the business (and life you want).

In today’s podversation, Jeffrey Van Dyk, a leader in the conscious entrepreneur movement, reveals how to get to know your wound and discover what your entire life has been preparing you to do.

You’ll see why tapping into the wisdom of your core wound gives you a huge advantage as an entrepreneur and makes your success practically guaranteed!

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • What is your life wound?
  • How has your wound perfectly prepared you for your purpose?
  • The wound you’re meant to heal for your tribe
  • The key to having a deep and visceral connection with your tribe
  • How can your wounding inform your marketing and branding?
  • How does blindness around wounding develop, and why is it a problem?
  • How your wound fuels your desire
  • Why achieving a goal may not make you feel better
  • How does your wound dictate your growth?
  • Are you trying to change something you’re against?
  • How to stop fearing anybody so you can influence everybody with love

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  1. Hi Bill and Jeff,
    I really liked you today! One of the Packages I am working on creating in Bill’s course fit right in with your topic of making purposful change! I also love how the story comparing two very oppositie historical figures would be seen differently if their personal wounds would have been cared for differently. These round about seemingly not connected are the type of conversations I find myself in frequently! Glad I am not the only one whose mind likes adventure! Look forward to hearing from you both again soon!

  2. A standing ovation from me to Jeff and Bill. Two leaders who I admire and feel a secret kinship with. Now that I have my health back, I will be joining you in the big, beautiful impact realms. Thank you for all the work you have done to empower my work in the world.

    Soléo Michael (previously Matt Naskrent)

  3. Wow! What a fascinating discussion. I know that my own path to overcoming my struggles with weight and addiction to sugar led me to start my business so I could share what I did to get where I am today with these issues but I never took it to the levels that Jeffrey has spelled out here. What an amazing insight to how to find my ideal clients and to have a better understanding of how to work with them so they might actually get the results I did from doing what worked for me. Definitely have to listen to this one over again probably a few times. Thank you, Bill and Jeffrey for the transparent honesty and very clear steps to take to apply this to my work.

  4. Jennifer Langdon says:

    Fascinating conversation! I picked a random podcast to listen to, and I almost picked another when I saw the topic was wounding – egads, let’s just move on already, right? 😉 – but it turned out to be PERFECT for me at this particular moment. It really pushed me to think about my own past (ok, fine, my wounds) and how that’s shaped my path but also why I am drawn to work with specific people and what I bring to the table – and perhaps most importantly, how I can shape the insights from my experience to connect more productively and intuitively with my tribe and the world. Thanks!

  5. Love the Podcasts! Great information and a great tool for my business!

  6. Right on target! I know exactly what I will not to do anymore. Thanks, Bill and Jeffrey! God bless You both! Five stars, of course!

  7. I just listened to this excellent podcast. I tried leaving a review on iTunes but the white pop-up box wouldn’t let me write in it so I’m posting here. It is entitled: How to Transform Your Past Hurts Into a Massive Business Advantage. Jeffrey Van Dyk helped me to grasp the importance of the psycho-emotional faculty of a corporation’s leaders upon the metrics of business. I know that leaders can sabotage their businesses or vault them into the stratosphere based upon the unique powers of their personalities. However, I didn’t realize that people such as Jeffrey had such powerful insights into personal motivation and how those subconscious daemons (spirits) can help a leader succeed through the very same (apparent) flaws. I could go on and on analyzing the powerful insights that Jeffrey Van Dyk enunciated. However, at a more visceral level what I most liked is that he spoke at a high intellectual level without being the slight bit self-conscious that he had to dumb down his answers to your questions. Nor did you have to prompt him to do so. What he had to explain could only be done so at the higher echelon of analysis. For me, that was what made the Q and A so engaging. Upon reflection of his insights I was able to think through my hurts and understand exactly why I retired from teaching theology after 41 years and enter into the new yet old field of being a facilitator of masterminds for Catholic lay non-clergy) leaders. Secondly, to provide coaching to individuals within the mastermind groups. I haven’t yet started which is why I have bought your (Bill Baren’s) Premium Package for getting high level clients. I had reached my burnout along with my resentments and faux slights from school administrations and clergy. Only then to realize I’m back in the same field but with a renewed sense of purpose and energy and no axes to grind. I simply want to enable other Catholic lay leaders to achieve a spiritual transformation that will make them more beneficial to the Catholic Church than they already are.

  8. Radmila says:

    You’re both great! This looks very much like my job, and I enjoyed every second!

  9. Enjoyed this podcast. Have read a lot about “woundology” from reading a lot of spirituality books, specifically Catolyn Myss. Found it fascinating though on taking this to s business level. We attract many clients who suffer from illnesses, surgery, etc. and have become unfamiliar with their own bodies. I started the business because if my own health issues and have gone through similar health problems. Guess I’m in the right business! But I have felt somewhat torn lately and questioning my purpose. Do this has me thinking now!!! Thanks!

  10. Constantine says:

    I am amazed to discover such a large range of topics discussed in a clear, concise and insightful manner. Truly this podcast by Bill is meant to make a difference in hearts and life’s. Congratulations on fulfilling this purpose! Absolutely 5STAR!

  11. Great podcast (and they are a good way to keep up with the latest conscious trends). I had come across Jeffrey Van Dyk before. Another tool entrepreneurs should consider for their mission is EFT Tapping search for Founder Gary Craig, can be used for getting rid of luggages of all kinds.

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