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Integrity is a Choice

Conscious Capitalism is based on the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit. Seth Godin reminds me today that it’s also about integrity. It’s not enough for integrity to be part of the personality of your business. Integrity must be a part of its essence.

Systems are always going to be manipulated by some. That’s inevitable. What’s happening today is that manipulation has become part of the system. How unfortunate it is that the people that choose not to manipulate are the ones going against the grain. Integrity is going against the grain. How sad is that?

We don’t have to play the game, we can, we should, we must create a new game. Integrity is a choice. It’s not an easy choice. Conscious Capitalism is about making conscious choices.

*** Thank you Andrea for such an appropriate post…


  1. Great Article, Bill,
    Written almost 8 years ago…….I think this is even more TRUE now. I’ve come across soooo many
    very unscrupulous “Business” people on the Internet. Outright liars…….and seemingly no conscience at all to what they are doing and who they are hurting. I’ve always believed having my own Business meant serving people in some way. I’ve learned from the greats like Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Dale Carnegie, Zig Ziglar, and many others now in the InterNet field. I consider you to be right up there…so to speak.
    How very, very sad for the human condition that having Integrity is ” going against the grain”.
    Well, I for one…….would not hesitate to make less money if need be to keep MY integrity, and I’m sad to say I’ve joined a few Businesses that I thought were honest who turned out not to be.
    A big challenge today is to see through all the “shiny objects” and become a part of a legal, ethical, and profitable Internet Business model that is actually helping people……..
    I’m doing an Inventory and making some serious changes in the very near future…..

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