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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

We are living during a very interesting time in history.

There has never been a time when there is been such a disparity between the masters and the PRETENDERS.

  • At a time of unbelievable advances in sports training, the majority of people are trained by the average.
  • At a time when masterful food preparation has become an art form, awful fast food places are also spreading.
  • At a time when our ability to help people make breakthroughs in their psychology is astounding, there are also a lot of subpar practitioners.

My prediction for the future is this:

The masters will succeed beyond their wildest imagination, the rest will battle to be the low-price leader.

The choice is yours, which one will you be?

Please share your thoughts with me here.


P.S. If you are choosing to be a master of your craft,
what are you committing to do to achieve that mastery?


  1. Bill, what a great question!! For me, I’m not interested in half-a**ing it, in having to compete with others, in playing small. I am definitely looking forward to being a master in my new and uniquely me brand – which is still becoming clear to me and coming into fruition more and more, so exciting! 🙂 In order to be this master of this yet-to-be-birthed-brand, I am enlisting the guidance of those who will help me to learn and grow in a way that is in alignment with Who I Am, and thus, in alignment with my own personal brand. This includes participating in the MOE :), having business/spiritual/etc. mentors in my corner to give me a holistic growth experience, and following through with their homework and yours. I’m a student of life at a graduate level, and it is an incredible place to be! 🙂

  2. cynthea della paul says:

    Yes, I agree with you Bill….and the coaching you gave me at the Flip your Switch Event really helped me! Thank you! And what am I doing to improve becoming a master…I’m doing programs, and am following through no matter how much emotional stuff comes up, and I’m working on gaining mastery at the things I find difficult to do, and that I avoid doing that pushes my buttons, and then keep breathing through them, and go for it some more.

  3. There is an eastern saying:
    He who shouts from the top of a tree will sell
    More than he who whispers into a well

    Historically, the masters have been reluctant to shout from tops of trees. It may be modesty – it is the laden tree that bows – or just that masters are their own worst critics. Pretenders, however, have never stinted from blowing their own horns as loud as possible. On the one hand, as Herman Melville wrote, “A man of true science… uses but few hard words, and those only when none other will answer his purpose; whereas the smatterer in science… thinks, that by mouthing hard words, He proves that he understand hard things.” On the other hand, since there are so few men (and women) of true science, a vast majority of the population is impressed by the hard words that pretenders mouth.

    Until masters learn to shout and let the world know that pretenders are just pretenders, until the world knows the difference between mouthing hard words or understanding hard things, the world will continue to allow pretenders to shine.

  4. Mastery, period. Writing a book on play.

  5. Rani says:

    I am committed to being mentored by at least one master on an ongoing basis as I develop my craft and grow my business.

  6. Thank you Bill, this is the reminder I needed at this time. Along with Lynne, I am always learning, by completing continuing education units, reviewing case studies, trials and research in my field and investing in myself. I also educate others by hosting a weekly chat.

  7. Hi Bill,
    Edgy, provocative post. I know that when I post
    something in a community all about “living your supreme destiny”
    entitled, “They sent a Boy to do Men’s work” (re. how supernatural
    powers are engendering that I not be shamed again, and how,
    if I have these forces at work, why can’t anyone else who is
    being oppressed tap into them ????)…
    and that quote is echoed on public radio a few hours later
    while I’m driving in my car; well, that sure as heck
    shows me I continue to have a lot of
    influence in the world.
    What’s on your mind ?
    p.s. sorry about the run on sentences, rushing through posts

  8. Well said Mr. Bill! Yes we will always be in opposites here on planet earth, from north pole to south pole, from the good to the bad, the beautiful to the ugly, from war to peace.

    So it is.

  9. kayoko says:

    Hi Bill, the way I see it is that the world is mirror of ourselves. Literally everything is in yourself. There are vibrations that I let go, that I stopped witnessing in my world- I attracted bright homeless people that needed “a little help” from me. When I see something and I feel something, repulsion, for example, OK, that’s a vibration that I am letting go of but is still hooking me. Whatever it is, I’m judging it, I better own that. You’re talking about mediocrity (living in non-truths/ out of integrity) and mastery. Mastery is the part in the mirror that I didn’t use to notice at all, because I didn’t believe I was that. It was always someone else. BUT, now I know that if you DON’T live from mastery, you PAY THE PRICE. HUGE PRICE. Bill, I am at a stage where I am freaking out because I see the price I pay, but don’t quite know the manifestation part of my own mastery. Do you understand??

  10. And the teacher calls? I hear to share what was heard in sadhana this morning…Allow your body to be the vessel. Don’t worry about anything else.

    Blessings to you and all you do,

  11. Polly says:

    In order for the masters to “œwin out,” our “œcustomers” will have to believe that they deserve a master. I’m thinking of a youngish family I know (late 30s early 40s). They have three kids and are on food stamps. They are all starting to have health problems from a very poor diet. I’ve tried to make suggestions about how to eat well with little money, but their response is always “œwe can’t afford . . . “œ Yet the expenditure would be the same. I’m toying with the intention that I only want to work with people who want to work with masters.

  12. In my own experience, there is a place when I am shifting a pattern that I get pulled hard to the opposite side for awhile, before I come into balance. I believe the same principle is at work here universally. And as we continue to focus on what we are moving towards, what we don’t want naturally starts to drop away.

  13. Yes! Excellent post and comments. I’m super aware of what holds me back right now… mastery requires courage, in the form of willingness to fail. How can I take that risk, trying to feed my kids? How can I afford not to? This is why I’m here with you all in the Big Shift.

  14. This is very timely, Bill.
    I have just about defined my niche as working with the people for whom all the red headline long page marketing does not work. When the “system” is said to work, it does! For almost everyone. However for a slim minority, urgency and seeding are seen as “tactics” and they balk. For the fish that get thrown back? I am the guy. Uniqueness may spell disaster and extra work to most, but I happily pick up that challenge. I’ll take the “hard” ones, the ones who “don’t buy.” Swimming upstream is apparen’tly my style, so why not embrace it, and serve the “contrarians” in the world? Authenticity demands this within me. Congruence of thought, feeling, word, and deed steer me to these people. Purpose is glowing like a well-lit path..

  15. I have a wide background, have many choices of what to do, however this creates a difficulty of picking a niche. I know I love coaching, and have some success in that but each time I am coaching a different thing. It seem to me that if I can narrow down to one niche and use more of my knowledge in one niche would be the right thing to advance my coaching.

  16. I am a master at my craft and I so agree with your statement, Bill, that “the rest will battle” and not necessarily to be the low-price leader, but there are folks out there who believe they are the master … but their clients, who feel duped, are telling otherwise. Those will battle. Sadly.

    What do I always commit to to maintain this mastery? Continued/Constant study; constant learning; constant stretching; constantly investing in myself for the purposes of all 3 and Continued Mastery.

    Thanks for the provocation.

  17. Great post, Bill. It may come down to living in integrity to craft & reach that master level, followed by self-accountability. Whereas ‘the battlers’ may not leverage their courage to believe in themselves enough to realize that they, too, could be masters.

  18. Hi Bill, I am a 60 year old teacher. I have a Master’s degree….pretty sharp, but unable to get on “with the show”….to develop website, counsel women, build shelters….etc…..
    I just received today your materials for meditation. So, I’m hoping to move forward instead of getting distracted so much. Thanks for your stuff. I’m reading the little book of instructions.
    Thanks a lot,

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