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Make the “Big Income Shift” in Your Business in 2010

(Let me know if you think this “Big Income Shift” is totally on target – or way off base – in the comments below!)

This shift is going to help you get unstuck from your current income level and breaking through invisible ceilings to significantly increasing your revenue.

A big mistake many of you are making is you’re either not setting your income intention at all for 2010, or you’re not setting it high enough.

Were going to solve this problem with the Big Income Shift.
Its very simple, and were going to do it together right now.

(1) Start by writing down your income goal for 2010.
Get out a pen and write it down somewhere where you can see it. If you havent planned your income goal for 2010, then take a moment to choose a number that feels right to you now.

In fact, if you’re at this point in the year and you don’t already have a clear income goal formed for 2010, then committing to an intention is already a shift for you.

I have a question for you. Most business owners approach the new year with a plan to try to maintain the same income they had the year before. Or the set a goal that is slightly higher.

Heres the problem – if you set a goal thats the same or slightly higher than last year, you’re not going to expand your business!

If you want to have a big shift in your income, you have to set a bigger goal for 2010!

(2) OK, do you have your income goal? Now what I want you to do is double it.
So if your income goal is $50,000, then cross out $50,000 and write down $100,000.
If your goal is $100,000, make it $200,000.
If your goal is $200,000, make it $400,000.

How does it feel to expand your income goal so much? Do you feel some excitement? Do you feel some fear too? If you’re feeling some fear, thats good, it means you’re pushing out of a comfort zone. If you’re totally comfortable with your current goal, its too low.

Would you be able to do this level of income? Could you save money toward a house? Could you radically reduce any debts?

Now this idea of doubling your income right now might seem like a fantasy.
But by trying on this new level of income thinking, youll be able to break through any limiting beliefs or old ways of thinking that held you back in 2009.

I want to give you an example of one of my clients.
We did this exercise, and at first he was a little shell-shocked by the idea of doing this big income shift. But in just one session, we were able to map out how he could change his services and his business model to give his clients a lot more value, and how he could serve a lot more people too. He also started thinking about high-level partnerships he had never thought of before. All of these possibilities for expanding his business opened up in one conversation. And it all happened by making this one shift in his mind.

So the Big Income shift is the first step is to significantly increase your income goal in 2010. Because when you do, youll start to attract the people, the ideas, and the resources to make it happen. Can you imagine if all of us on this call made a huge shift to our income goal right now, and we worked together to help each other achieve it? We would all be able to chart a course for doing business in a bigger way, and be bold about helping a lot more people.

When you begin to make this big income shift, your confidence grows, your income begins to grow and accelerate. And yes, it feels great.

Now if you want to turn your Big Income Shift into reality, join us for The Big Shift Experience LIVE event in San Francisco!

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