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Meet My Rockstar Client

I can’t tell you have proud I am of my amazing clients.

There is nothing better for me that seeing someone live into
their full potential as a business owner and grow by leaps
and bounds as a person in the process.

This week I am going to be highlighting three of those
clients, who a little less than a year ago came to the Big
Shift Experience with a desire for making a bigger
difference with their business and with the hope that the
time they spend with me for 3 days is a catalyst for things
to change.

So I want to introduce you to Sakada

Amazing Rockstar Client Sakada



1.    Tell us about your business

I am the creator of the Write Your Book: The Visionary
Author Program that will help you, the cutting-edge
entrepreneur, write excellent books that will share your
mission and message with the world, bringing clients and
multiple streams of income to your business. The program is
about moving you from being an expert to being a visionary
author and leader, and taking your business to the next
level – the level where you will be autographing your book
instead of giving out business cards.


2.    Before you attended the Big Shift Experience a year ago,
what was your business like?

I had six struggling “businesses,” which meant that each
time I sat down to work, the first work was to figure out
what business to work on and by the time I figure that out
my time was up! Obviously this was not efficient or
effective, and I was scrapping by financially, despite the
high quality of my services.

Marketing was a four-letter word to me and I was desperately
hoping that people would “just find me” and become clients.
When I write this, I see how absurd my thinking was… but I
have to admit, it was true.

I had tremendous confidence in what I offered, but when I
got to the point of asking a potential client to sign up for
one of my programs or classes, a tension would enter my
body, making my brain foggy and my mouth dry. My words, and
passion for what I do, would get stuck in the back of my
throat and never make it out, or I tried to answer twenty
objections the potential client might have about my program
before they had even thought of any themselves.

I felt the alone part of “solopreneur,” and despite the
large number of friends and colleagues who believe in and
support me, it was still difficult to make decisions on my
own, without the feedback of a community of entrepreneurs
who shared the same “language,” information, and goals.

3.    What is your business like now (a year after the Big
Shift Experience)?

As always, I love helping people write excellent books and I
love witnessing the transformation that the process itself
brings to them, but now…

  • I have a focused mission and vision about my business
  • I have a solid foundation for an elegant and prosperous
  • I have a business that feeds my passion.
  • I have “merged” with my business. I do not mean this in a
    workaholic way. I feel like my business is an expression of
    who I am and when I commit to it, I commit to myself and the
    values I honor. Before I had an “old story” that success in
    business would involve me compromising my values – now I see
    I can elevate and express my values through my business.
  • I feel my commitment to my business, and myself, on a
    deeper level than I have ever experienced before.
  • I have a business that I am truly proud of.
  • I have clients who praise me and pay me! (Credit to
    Chellie Campbell for this phrase.)
  • I have a business that is bringing in money, instead of
    costing me money. Ah, a much better model
  • I am currently charging 6x more for my services, compared
    to my fees before Big Shift.
  • I am getting clients to sign up by speaking to them
    honestly and from my heart, and finding clients I love to
    work with.
  • In the last three and a half months, I brought in $ 22,000
    and am on track to bring in at least $35,000 in the next
    three-four months.
  • Marketing is a creative adventure and feels linked to my
    being of service in the world.
  • I love networking, and am finding it highly effective for
    bringing in new clients.
  • I love having enrollment conversations and signing up new
  • When I want more cash flow, I think, “Time to get a new
    client!” Then I smile, because I know I have what I need to
    do this, and everything is in place and ready to go.

4.    What are you most proud of having accomplished?

It’s the mindset shifts that have made all the difference!
Our mindsets are intricate and intimate puzzles and
everything works together, so I can’t say that there was one
mindset change that I am most proud of… but I can say that
doing the mindset/inner work is crucial to everything else.
In fact, once I started opening up with this work, the
logistics of putting together my business became a journey
of ease and adventure; not a journey without challenges, but
a journey well worth taking despite the challenges.

5.    What’s the biggest personalshift you have made?

The way I view money and prosperity is being re-written, the
old stories are vanishing, and I welcome the energy and
abundance of money… while still feeling like I am being both
of service to others and true to myself.

6.    What would you have wished you knew then that you know

I know now that the most important thing I do for my
business is to commit to it, then implementation and the
resulting success are inevitable.

I also know that in order to move ahead into a successful
business, risks must be taken. So faith in myself and the
universe, and the willingness to invest in myself and my
ideas have been critical factors. I feel like I have finally
separated myself from those who just dream of a business and
am joining those who make it happen. Now – no matter where
you are in the process – is the time to invest in your
business and yourself. Activate!


Now you can see why I feel like a proud papa bear!!!

Shower Sakada with praise of her accomplishments below.



  1. I love it ! I’m so happy for you!

    I thought I was alone in that. Not quite 6 (I had 3), but now focus on 2 only. That’s only because i spent a tonne of money developing one with a coach. But honestly, the one that appeals to me is http://www.sparklingchi.com. It speaks to my heart.

  2. Vadym,
    Thank you for your note. Kudos to you for being an entrepreneur in Russia. I truly believe that entrepreneurship is a powerful way to change the world. Let’s do it!

  3. Vadym Sakhno says:

    Sakada, you are my star. You really could light up inspiring visions for entrepreneurs, especially in my native Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet states.

  4. marie-jeanne juilland says:

    Rock on Sakada with the special magic you bring to the world!

    • Thank you for your note Marie-Jeanne!
      I appreciated the insights and wisdom you shared at the retreat!
      Also, love the word “magic.” Magic makes things easy, and I believe everything is easy – of course, it sure can be difficult to get to the easy! Oh my!

  5. Sakada – Fabulous ;progress. I can see how focus matters. Congratulations.

    • Hi Rick,
      Thanks for your note.
      I must say, somehow… and sometimes I can’t even believe it myself… I was able to stay focused in a way that brought me to commitment that brought me to clarity… and clarity is so sweet! Of course, I fall off of my path all the time still… but I get up again. The Japanese proverb says: Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight.
      Write on Rick!

  6. cynthea says:

    Hi Sakada,
    Your story truly inspired me and your answers so well written I instantly trust that you are a real Master of what you do. I’m very proud of you. Very very inspiring and gives me hope!!!

    • Hi Cynthea,
      Thank you for your kind words!

      I will say that writing has been a great teacher to me. I was lucky enough to work with mentors in my graduate program who were breaking open the way writing is taught at universities. They broke me open in a way that has allowed me to write from deep places within and this has brought untold ease and joy to my life. Writing simply allows me to be me!

      When I taught energy work I realized that a master with no master is not a master. I have masters/mentors in writing, but for years thought I should know how to do the business part of my business. Silly me. It was actually when I said “yes” to Bill Baren’s program that I opened the door, and now I have something to share, because I opened to all I had to learn. Hope this makes sense…

      Good journey to you!

  7. How fantastic Sakada! I’m so inspired by your success! Thank you for sharing your story with us. It means a lot to see other entrepreneurs succeeding, feeling fulfilled and making a huge difference. Way to go!

    • Thank you for your note Lori.

      We entrepreneurs are changing the world, and I wish you all possible success in your entrepreneurial endeavors!

      One of the reasons I coach writers is because I so believe in story. Our stories empower us, and when we share them, we contribute to the world. So here’s to your story!

      At the last Big Shift retreat, Patrick shared his love of business biographies with us. It made me realize that stories would be both informative and inspiring… so I am headed to the bookstore!

  8. Congrats, Sakada!

    Always love to see someone clear about their purpose in the world. It’s a beautiful feeling not many experience, so consider yourself truly blessed!


    • Patrice,
      Thank you for your note. I do indeed feel blessed when the clarity shines through. Truth be told, it still gets foggy at times… but just knowing the clarity is there somewhere feels good. I think of it as the difference between driving somewhere the first time when it seems a long and confusing drive… compared to when you drive there again, knowing your way. Although, I live in LA, so there is often a detour and construction on my familiar path… but I still know that good ol’ clarity is there waiting for me. Also, I keep wanting to go to new places! But if you can find your way once, you can find your way again. Oh yes!

  9. Hello, Sakada,
    THANK YOU for sharing your story. You are such an inspiration. And I need your help, as a book is on my to-do-list. Continued great joy in you work, and in your life,

  10. Funny, I just bought your book on Amazon 2 days ago. I’m excited to get started with it; it looks great! Thank you for offering your gifts to us!

  11. Wow, Rock Star Sakada! Reading your story just now inspired me greatly. Thank you for sharing your many shifts and congratulations!

    • Cathy,
      Thank you for your note. It was great to see you at the last retreat, and here’s to all of our big shifts! Oh yes!

      Note: Love your profile photo!

  12. Michelle Reynolds says:

    Wow Sakada, impressive transformation. Big respect. Would love to interview you or post the above interview on my blog in the future.

    • Thank you for your note Michelle.
      Would love to do an interview with you and/or you are welcome to post this interview on your blog. Thank you!

  13. Sakada,

    Your story is powerful! Thank you for the honesty and the courage to live it and then share it here. I relate to so many parts. Great inspiration!



    • Thank you David. Indeed, the “living it” part is difficult at times… but we keep moving forward! I think it was Matisse who talked about the small light in the darkness that kept him painting. I love that he only needed a small light.

  14. Congratulations, Sakada, on your success. You are an inspiration to me.

  15. Sakada, you are my hero!!! I’m glad I can call you my friend as well. Congratulations on your massive success!!

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