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My biggest surprise of the year

I recently had an awesome surprise birthday party (with a
twist) that I just have to tell you about.

See I knew I was having a party but I was still surprised…
shocked even.


I told Gia, my sweet wife, that after about six years of not
celebrating my birthday that I wanted to have a party.  I
even told her what day I wanted to have it.  She had this
disappointing look on her face… so I asked her why she
looked upset.

And she said that she wanted to throw me a surprise party
and now she is disappointed that she can’t surprise me
because I am now actively involved.  And I told her that I
think that she gave up too easily.

So fast forward a few weeks.  The day before my birthday
gathering, I helped Gia set up and tidy up the house a day
and then I went out with a close friend for a chit chat.

I get home and Gia has something to show me in the living
room.  I get there with dozens of people jumping out at me
yelling “Surprise!”  I was shocked.  Wait, isn’t the party
tomorrow?  What’s going on?


I loved the experience!  I had a fabulous time as I love my
family and friends.  And I loved the surprise.

What I loved most of all is that Gia reminded me not to give
up so easily and so she didn’t.  God, I love that!


And it reminded me how often we give up at the first bump in
the road and that amazing things happen after we want to
pack it in and we just don’t.

Gia didn’t.


Where in your life and your business are you consciously or
unconsciously giving up?

What can you do to improve your sticktoitiveness?  (don’t
you love made up words?) Share in the comments below!





  1. Judi says:

    I was told that my book would not sell and no one would be interested in reading it. I gave up. I don’t know why I believed this person in the first place except that those words fit my image that I was not good enough. It’s taken me ten years to get back on track and start writing again.

  2. Heidi Alvarez says:

    Thanks Bill for the reminder to stick with it. Life choices and business.

  3. Happy B-Day Bill
    How cool that you had a SURPRISE – surprise birthday party.
    One thing I love about your story is that it reminds me that in every moment – there can be some unexpected pleasantry – if we stay open to the moment and stay aligned with our deepest vision. Thanks.

  4. Sandina says:

    Happy Birthday Bill! I’m glad you decided to Celebrate.

  5. Big birthday greetings…and forging forward.
    Nice creativity jump.
    And …better without the hat… JMHO

  6. Love it Bill! Happy Birthday wishes big time!

  7. The last week has been challenging and although I WILL not give up and WILL stick to my dream, the thought did cross my mind that life would be much easier if I didn’t have the dream, but as I see in your beautiful photos making a real commitment takes courage. I needed to hear your message this week also. Thank-you for sharing.

  8. Happy birthday! That is awesome! So happy your were surrounded by people who love you Bill! Go Gia! Xoxo

  9. Go Gia (love you had someone standing by with a camera – great shots)!

    Happy post-birthday wishes, Bill. Great new memories in your new pad.

  10. Love that she surprised you anyway and ‘stuck to it.’ Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing this precious moment.

  11. Thank you for sharing personal stories with a hint of business motivation. Lots more interesting that way. Too many business people are not willing to go there and are very very boring…Happy Belated Birthday!

  12. Gia is the best and so are you Bill! I love the look on your face in that photo. I’m so glad I got to be there and enjoy the celebration. You’re an amazing man and such a treasure to all who know you.

  13. Anne Williams says:

    Thanks for your encouragement and inspiration, Bill! Your message came at just the right time for me.

  14. I just had this experience today. I had applied for a program that I really wanted to be in. It involves 3 rounds. Round 1 results were scheduled to be revealed July 1. July 1 came and went…so I naturally assumed I hadn’t been selected. Sometime today I received notice that I had in fact made it to Round 2. I’m elated! I often think it’s time to give up when it isn’t. I had tried to “friend” a celeb I recently met at a party…she didn’t respond to my message and I figured she wasn’t interested. A week later: friend request accepted! And lastly, I asked Bill to Like my FB fan page and he said he would…I’ve sort of given up hope…but not YET!

  15. Gia,
    That was awesome! Keep your man on his toes! I love it!

  16. Be a master!

  17. Oh thanks Bill, and Gia. Just as I was thinking about giving up too! Not that I would have but sometimes the teasing thoughts are just there…

  18. All I have to say is to Gia: SCORE!!!! Awesome!!! I WILL try this some day!

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