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How a Note on a Napkin Became a Blockbuster Business | Ep. 97

What would you do if an inner voice instructed you to create a business that seemed way outside your expertise? Here’s the story of a woman who chose to follow that inner guidance, and the incredible rewards it brought her.

It all started with a simple message that popped into Melinda Cohan’s head while she was riding on the freeway.

Then came the sentence she spontaneously wrote on a restaurant napkin.

Melinda didn’t know exactly what it meant, and she didn’t have a business plan.

But she’d found her mission—and the faith and strength to make it happen.

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • How an inner voice gave Melinda Cohan her mission
  • Why Melinda wanted to serve coaches around the world
  • How Melinda knew she’d found her mission before she knew what it meant
  • How did Melinda build a full coaching cliental in just 6 months?
  • What does it mean to “build the right machine” as an entrepreneur?
  • Why getting comfortable in your own skin is vital to your business
  • The incredible power of emphasizing giving over getting
  • What distracts entrepreneurs from being the best at what they do?
  • Why do efficiency and fun need to go hand-in-hand?
  • Daily practices to make being in business more fun
  • How dance breaks can be the key to greater creativity

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  1. Ngozi Keri says:

    Very relevant and informative.

  2. Hi Bill,
    BTW you have an amazing and soothing voice which makes the podcast compelling. And I love Melinda
    calm and organised way of explaining of how us coaches can best get our ball rolling. Thank you

  3. This is a great podcast!! Melinda’s comments were spot on for me:) Love the napkin story; it is amazing how those things come to us out of nowhere when we least expect it. Thanks Bill!

  4. Frederikke says:

    Great Napkin Story 😀

    Thank you for reminding me of Dance Breaks!

  5. Thanks Bill! Love the advice on being authentic and sharing genuinely!

  6. thanks for very helpful stategies. trying to apply them.

  7. Patricia Loya says:

    Really Inspired Me!!!

  8. Great podcast and message!

    Love the honesty/info of both host and guest!

  9. I love the note on a napkin. It’s time for me to follow my dreams.

    The more I listen to Bill Baren the more I see a vision and a clarity

    for my next steps. A great teacher and motivator.

  10. Thank you I love the fact that following your heart will get the lifestyle and business of your dreams.

  11. Really enjoyed hearing about Melinda’s journey and being part of the easy rapport between her and Bill. I continue to feel inspired by the dedication to service that I experience through my interactions with Bill’s program(s). Thanks, Bill!

  12. Shelia Barnett says:

    My take away from this POD cast is how important networking in your marketing plan is so important. Loved it!

  13. Another inspiring and educative podcast and interview, Bill. Wonderful to hear the inside story that has informed and guides Melinda, Kate and Coaches Console. Inspiring gems we wouldn’t hear any other way. BTW, I continue to use and value Coaches Console – and ditto your MOE approach that is integral to the values-based approach I take to client enrolment.

  14. Thanks for this podcast. Melinda’s vision and application of tested marketing strategies is encouraging. Follow your dreams.

  15. Dianna Spanos says:

    Love this topic! 5 stars!!!

  16. Robert Monroe, Jr. says:

    Great podcast! Very informative! Thanks!

  17. Sharon Ames says:

    Loved this. I get ideas all the time either meditating or walking. Sometimes I write them down if I can, sometimes not. I also love Melinda’s explanation of her business and will be checking out the Console.

  18. amazing podcast! thank you.

  19. William says:

    Nice Podcast

  20. I really enjoyed the podcast. I thought I was the only one who heard inspirational voices in my head

  21. Sharon Seabrook says:

    Wow! Where else can one get a major business insight in just 8 minutes? And from someone so real,
    so humble yet so aspirational!

  22. This was absolutely one of the best Podcasts I have heard in a long time. It was engaging and fulfilling. Thanks for the basic understanding that excellent marketeers like yourself intuitively understand. It was beautiful. I aspire to be as rich in knowledge as you, concerning this existential element of content marketing and “brand management”. Thank you!

    Walter Lewis, CEO
    Lewis Media Group,LLC

  23. Jack Austin says:

    Outstanding podcast topic! Keeping it fresh and relevant.

  24. Thank you for this episode. Very inspiring and an encouragement to stay simple, direct with our vision in mind.

  25. very inspiring interview. Melinda is great! i’m heading over to her website now.

  26. henrie mkandla says:

    Listening to Melinda’s transformational story is real inspiring.

  27. Michael Morales says:

    Good to hear of a success story that started with a vision, but then creating a structure for fulfillment, rather than shooting from the hip for years. Also, having people you trust and complement your strengths, with competence, is critical.

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