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Sprinkle Some Fun On Top

I am generally a fun person to hang out with. Wait, perhaps the debate is still out on that.

In any case, when I create my products and my marketing, I simply block that part of my personality from entering the picture. I fall into the paradigm – I do serious work. I work with clients to help them create more prosperity in their lives. Enough $ — Enough Energy — Enough Time. That’s serious business. The reality is that I produce better work when I am having fun. My clients are more inspired when they are having fun. My services sell better when they seem approachable and not so serious.

I wanted to thank Kathy for her amazing post and this brilliant reminder.

“Brains like play, because play is important to survival. But how does the brain know that play is happening? The chemistry associated with having fun. If something is enjoyable, that registers in the brain, and the brain rewards us with reinforcing feelings and–more importantly–attention and memory! All things being equal, fun things are more memorable than things which are not enjoyable.”

The more fun something is, the more likely you are to keep doing it.


  • How can you put more FUN in your products, your marketing, your services?
  • How can you infuse more FUN into your work day?

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