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Want to know how to read your clients’ minds?

I want to share with you a great resource on how to practically read the minds of your clients, so you can design exactly the kind of offerings they are craving.

The way to become a mind reader is first to stop wanting to read their minds and actually ask them what they’re thinking.

How easy is that? Ask your ideal clients what they want and then simply give it to them.

Yet, most business owners don’t do this. And if you could just do one thing to improve your earnings and impact with your clients, it would be to ask your clients what they want.

The specific resource I am talking about here is the one-question survey.

If you want to see an example of it in action then click on this link and take my one question survey.

You will notice that I chose a broad and open-ended question because posing a question in this way gives the person answering an opportunity to give you their most current top-of-mind answer. This will provide you with some incredible intel on what they want help with now around your area of expertise.

If you ever wonder what to write about in your newsletter, or what the topic of your teleseminar should be, or what your signature speech should be about – wonder no more! Just do a one question survey by duplicating what I do using Survey Monkey.

And if you don’t have a list, don’t worry, take your one question survey to a networking event and simply ask live.

Here’s my assignment to you:

  1. Formulate your one, broad and open-ended question around your area of expertise
  2. Create a Survey Monkey survey and send it out to your list, Facebook friends or members of a community you’re a part of
  3. Invest 15-30 minutes of your time to review the answers and pick out the top 2-3 themes
  4. Create a teleseminar on your favorite of these topics and offer your services as a solution

So let’s get started right now.

What would be a question you’d like to know from your audience? Post it here on my blog.



  1. What is the one habit of thought, that if you eliminated it, would dramatically increase your business success?

  2. What is the one thing that busy professional moms crave most in “their” lives?

  3. What is your biggest challenge in looking and feeling younger?

  4. Target Market is Women “Boomers”
    1.What is your biggest challenge when you go to your closet to get dressed?
    2. What is your biggest challenge when you go shopping?

    3.What has been your biggest frustration in trying to look good after the age of 40?

  5. chikeola karimou says:

    Question: what are the challenges or obstacles that you perceive are in the way of you being totally you, every day, every time?

  6. Hey Cliff,

    Since your survey question is going to sales organizations already.

    I would ask it this way instead:

    What is your biggest frustration you experience with your salespeople?
    What is your biggest frustration with increasing sales in your organization?

    Hope this helps.


  7. If you are over 40, what is your biggest challenge in obtaining your weight loss goals?

  8. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to dealing with knee pain?

  9. (Addressing Entreprisng Leaders of Corporations, Organizations, and Instititutions of Higher Education) my question would be:

    How do you see Heritage Tourism being useful to or helping your organization to deliver on it’s organizational committment to (cultural) Diversity?

  10. Very thought provoking. Thanks Bill.
    I’ll play, here’s my question. I look forward to answers so let’em come!

    What do sales organisations feel would be the most help to their salespeople?

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