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What do you want?

Life is ironic. It’s crazy to think that the things we want most are the things we have the most resistance to.

Do you remember being really nervous and fearful around a boy or a girl you liked?

Do you sometimes procrastinate on the projects that are most important to you?

Do you tend to hide your deepest gifts?

We all do.

It’s because the things we want most in life tend to create the most fear in us.

Yes, your deepest desires are sacred. They live in the most vulnerable part of your being. And you have had to create ways to protect this beautiful and most valuable part of yourself.

It’s no wonder that our greatest desires and our deepest fears go hand in hand…

The popular teachings would have you do anything and everything to breakthrough your resistance and overcome your fears. But what if your fear and resistance can actually be your allies as you move towards creating something really dear and important?

So don’t worry that you sometimes get paralyzed into inaction in your business, or that you are resisting doing the important things to move your business forward or that you are afraid to expose the deepest parts of yourself.

Perfect. You are right on course. Your fear and resistance are your friends simply letting you know that you are on track.

Thank them. And move forward anyway knowing that there is nothing more important in life than you creating exactly what you want for yourself.

Remember, just because fear is your friend, it doesn’t mean you should listen to it.

So instead of trying to breakthrough your fears or overcome your resistance, go for what you want and allow the most meaningful part of your being come alive.

Your deepest desires are waiting for you… please don’t make them wait one second longer than they have to.

Please share with us what you truly want.

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  1. Christine DiBerardino says:

    This post is so powerful. It really spoke to my heart. Just this evening I was having a conversation with my mom. I told her that I want to move back to Santa Barbara to be near her and my daughter. I’m being called. It seems spontaneous and unplanned and absolutely perfect. Her answer was even more perfect. She said, “You have to follow your heart.” I can’t explain this really strong urge to be there near them. Of course there is the obvious … I love and miss them. I am grateful that I am am willing ot open my heart and follow it.

  2. I want to engage 20 new coaching clients, facilitate 20 corporate off-sites, facilitate 20 NPO Board retreats, and deliver 20 public speaking engagements during the course of The Big Shift Coaching program. And have lots of yummy sex, family time, community time, music, fires, bike rides and beer. Aho!

  3. Janey says:

    I want to set up a business and networking and getting out there is not easy for a social phobic. Your post helped me immensely to get to my first niche marketing meeting. Thanx Bill

  4. Bill, thank you, I’m feeling paralyzed on a regular basis, and this post has been very reassuring and spot on.

  5. MYRTIS says:

    Powerful Message Bill. What I really want is to create and work on my goal daily until the completion of the project inspite of excuses. I want to have the greatest impact and influence on people who I encounter.


  6. MY biggest fear is that people WASTE fuel and pollute OUR atmosphere more than is necessary.When all they have to do to correct this is, have http://www.fitchcatalyst.com.au fitted to their drive or ride????

  7. Andrea says:

    I want to be basking in my purpose. I want my two businesses to be off the ground and moving forward. I want to stop working for someone else and be able to enjoy working for myself.

  8. What I really want is to TRUST [the antidote to fear] that I absolutely am on course to use my experience, my successes, my falterings and my failures, to most serve others.

  9. I love remember that both fear and courage live in my 3rd (solar plexus) chakra. They feel so similar that I may confuse them. It’s up to me to take those feelings of “fear” and reframe them into excitement — like standing in the line for that big roller coaster (and they make BIG ones these days :-). I can miss the ride or step up and climb in. I can then grip the bar, or throw my hands in the air and say, “Wheeeeeeeeee!” The latter is the most fun! Thanks again, Bill!

  10. It’s so TRUE! Fear is normal and if we didn’t ever feel fear, we should check for a pulse! 🙂 I love John Wayne’s quote, “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.” Yee Haw – let’s ride!

  11. Paul says:


    You’re right on. I’m sitting here, fretting what to do next. I have a proven business model that allows executives to discover what’s holding them back from greater success, faster. Getting unstuck is my challenge. Finding the right words to describe the incredible value I bring to the relationship.

    Thanks again, now back to writing my scripts for success!

  12. Wow, Bill. Thank you. I have sort of been beating myself up mentally over my recent paralysis. I very much appreciate the reminder that fear is a sign I am on the right track.

  13. I love this question. Been asking it of myself for a long time. Your post gave me the courage to answer from that deeper place. Thank you.

    To help people return to what’s most important through animal wisdom and ancient wisdom, and to be paid well doing it. To have a loving, warm and inviting home full of peace and love. To travel. To be generous.

  14. Wow, what great timing!

    Am currently dealing with replacing old, false narratives, particularly the ones that say “If you get what you really want, you’ll break it, because you think you’re so smart (competent) but you’re not.”

    Thank you for the timely encouragement.


  15. Excellent post; it is ironic how so many of us stall our futures by “summoning the strength” to be who we are, when in fact it takes far less energy than maintaining the facade. What I truly want is to be able to continue doing what I do: helping people to truly understand themselves and each other, so that compassion becomes just the normal Field of All Things we move around within.

  16. To support my tribe nationally or internationally and have group programs that sell.

  17. Right on… two things come to my mind-1. Marianne Williamson’s beautiful poem, ‘our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond measure’ and from the Sedona Method- welcome the resistance. So thank you and thanks to the resistance!

  18. Thanks, Bill! This is a really beautiful message. What do I want? I want to be having fun in my business, feeling successful. That started happening when I enrolled in Masters of Enrollment last fall. I also want to be able to travel with my husband–which I’m doing for the month of June. And I’m excited that I’m not coming home to an empty calendar with no plan of what to do.

    I’m off to make a deposit right now:). Have a wonderful day!
    Dana Lynch

  19. greg says:

    just saw this quote on procrastination that i felt fit in with this topic, about ‘holding back’:
    “œI have a contrarian view of procrastination: in most cases it’s a good thing. It’s your mind’s way of telling you it doesn’t see a smart plan. Either the goal doesn’t make sense or you don’t have a believable way of accomplishing it. Successful, productive people don’t blithely choose a goal and then charge after it. They take time to gather evidence; they study those whose have succeeded and failed. When they finally set out to take action, procrastination is rarely an issue. If you want to write a novel, don’t commit to National Novel Writing Month. Instead, take a novelist out for coffee and learn everything about her world. It’s the commitment that comes from deep understanding of a challenge, not willpower, that leads to success.”
    – CALVIN NEWPORT, professor of computer science, Georgetown University, author, How To Win At College, Washington, DC

  20. Stephanie Yost Mentzell says:

    Yes. Absolutely. Right on. You nailed it. Thank you.

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