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What To Do When Breaking a Business Promise? | Ep. 47

Once in a while, NOT keeping your word is actually critical to your success. Here’s a confession…

I have a lot of commitments—to you, to my company, and to myself. And one of my commitments is to be as real and authentic as I can.

Too bad that means fessing up when I don’t do something I’ve promised.

This episode is a mea culpa.

Recently, I broke my word, and I felt like a failure. But now I’m glad I did, and I want to tell you why…and how all this relates to you thriving as an entrepreneur.

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Here’s What to Expect in This Episode

  • Why did I decide to publicly confess when I didn’t fulfill on a promise?
  • Is it ever okay to break a commitment – even to yourself?
  • What you should do if you need to break an agreement?
  • What you can learn from your feelings after breaking a commitment?
  • The surprising thing that turned my feelings of failure around
  • How can you use a mistake to your advantage in business?

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