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What To Do When Potential Clients Don’t Say “Yes” The First Time

A lot of people ask me questions like this:

“What do I do if I’m talking with a potential client and they’re not able to say yes to me at this particular time? What if I set up a follow up conversation  and they tell me ‘it’s not a good time’ — what do I do? How do I follow up with them?”

Here’s what I tell them:

When a person doesn’t say “yes” in that moment, or if that person doesn’t say “yes” to working with you in the next conversation – then the odds  are fairly low that they’re going to say yes to you in the future. Some people will —  it’s just that the amount of energy that it will take for you to follow up with them, and emotional energy that it will require for to schedule another followup is actually really high. It’s just not an easy thing to do.

There is another answer, though.  And that is: Just  because you’re not going to be reaching out to that person individually, does not mean that you’re not going to follow up. You’re just going to be keeping in touch with them in a different way. 

Well, what’s the best way for you to do that?

It’s to have an newsletter list.  A regular email newsletter.

By regular, I mean twice weekly or every two weeks.  What’s important is that you set the frequency and that you create a rhythm with that communication. You need to continually provide value to people even though they might not have said yes to working with you at that particular time.

If you don’t currently have an email newsletter I’d love for you to actually do it!

There’s 5 key commitments you need to make before starting your newsletter. 

Commitment #1 — Frequency

First thing’s first: You need to make sure that you’re communicating with your potential audience in the way that a media company would. Here’s two examples of what I mean:

  • There’s a TV show Monday nights at 9am or 9pm.  It’s  on every time.  There’s a frequency you can count on.
  • There’s a store are open at particular hours. If  you go to a store that’s supposed to be open at a particular time and its not open you might not ever go back to it.

Think of your emails in the same way. You decide what the frequency is  (I prefer that it’s weekly) as long as it’s consistent.

Commitment #2 — Value

That every time you send something out there’s something valuable specifically for your tribe.

Commitment #3 — Invitation

Whenever there is a next possible step for an audience member or potential client to take, the  commitment is for you to invite people to take that next step. Is there a webinar that they can join? Do they need to read up on a specific piece of content that you’ve written? Take a training? Whatever next step they can take in the journey, it’s up to YOU to invite them to take it.

Commitment #4 — Personality

The fourth commitment I want you to make is to communicate with your audience as you. Not as if its  some business persona or some mask that you’re putting on in order to impress somebody. It’s a commitment to be you in your communication.

Commitment #5 — Value

This is a bit of a bigger commitment, but it’s hugely important. It’s a commitment to producing and delivering valuable information and content. If you’re committed to creating and distributing valuable content consistently, that changes everything. It elevates whatever you do to the next level.

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