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Why Networking Is A Waste of Time…

I rarely see networking work really well.

It’s true, the majority of business owners I speak to either network sporadically (“pitch and run”) or they spend a lot of time networking…  and …

<< drumroll >>

They rarely get many clients through their networking efforts.

I see you investing your time and effort into networking that doesn’t result in new clients and worse yet, it results in you losing faith that networking can work for you.

Networking doesn’t work unless you follow certain basic principles of enrollment. 

  1. Go to networking events regularly with organizations that have repeat visitors and a community
  2. Then concentrate on creating relationships
  3. Have a compelling “elevator pitch” that leaves the people in your tribe (your target audience) wanting more
  4. Have a unique business card with a call to action on it (see below)
  5. Follow up and schedule a “get to know you” session with potential clients

Is your business card getting tossed within 24 hours?

A business card specifically created for networking can be an incredible tool to build your credibility, help you stand out and also build an audience of people who are actually looking for the results your service offers.

Here’s how to take a plain, boring business card and turn it into a client generating machine.

Front of the Card ideas

  1. Put a picture on the front of your card that showcases your personality.  This is so people you meet remember you better.
  2. Write on the front of the business card:  “I gave you this card because I enjoyed meeting you.  I’d love to see you again, so look for me.”  This line along with the picture will cement you in their memory and it also invites them to seek you out at the next event.
  3. Include a phone # or an email address (one or the other).  You want to encourage people to use the mode of communication that you respond faster to.

Back of the Card ideas

  1. You want to include a “call to action”, so that when the person you gave the card to goes home and looks at your card again, they actually do something with the card instead of just filing it somewhere or throwing it out.
  2. I recommend that you include a link to a web page offering a high quality free gift like an ebook or audio from you.
  3. Nothing else should be placed on the back of the card, other than the URL where they should go for that action, and a short description of the benefits.

Here’s an example of the Back of a Business Card (using me as an example)

If you are coach, healer or small business owner who really wants to make a difference with your service and you are wasting your time doing free consultations and are not getting any clients out of it…

My free video training series will help you have your prospects say yes to investing in your service without you doing any selling.


Here are the benefits of having a card like this:

  • You get to stand out in a sea of networkers
  • You are inviting people who have met you once to come seek you out
  • You are developing relationships quicker
  • You are establishing yourself as an expert
  • You get to build your list when people you meet opt-in to your call to action.  And only the people who want what you have will opt-in and get on your email list.
  • You get to finally make networking work for you

Now, let’s get more advanced

I shared some basic networking principles up above, now here’s a more advanced strategy.

These days, I never network to attract clients. (Although networking for clients is a perfectly good approach.)

I network to create relationships with strategic alliance partners.

A great partner is someone that you trust and have a fantastic working relationship with.
Where we can work together on a long-term basis and mutually support both of our businesses.

And with a great partner, you can double the size of the audience you can reach.

So when you’re at a networking event, keep your eyes open for the people who are “centers of influence” and who can tap into an audience you’d like to connect with.
And get things rolling by thinking about how you can help them! (Be creative!)

Let the unveiling begin

Next week, I will unveil my free video training that I used in the business card example above.

So if you want to know more of my advanced secrets on how to easily enroll new clients, you’re going to love what I have prepared for you.

Stay tuned, my friend.  Stay tuned…


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