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Win a FULL scholarship to my upcoming program!

Im proud to announce a contest where one business owner will receive a FULL scholarship to my upcoming Client Mastery Blueprint program.

(In case you haven’t read up on what Client Mastery Blueprint is all about, you can do so here: http://www.ClientMasteryBlueprint.com/earlybird)

Why am I giving away a full place, when there are a very limited number of places in this program and this program will sell out (last time it sold out a week early)?

I was completely touched and inspired by the actions and messages I received from Monica, our scholarship winner from the last Client Mastery Blueprint group, so I know how much participation in this program can be a catalyst in your life.

So Ive decided to set aside a place for someone who is having a challenging time with their business, but has the burning desire and passion to succeed.

All of the coaching, step-by-step strategies, tools, and resources in this program are designed to help you make a big leap forward in your business. I know if you invest your time, energy and resources into this program! and you commit to IMPLEMENTING, and not just learning!. this program will give you the incredible support you need to GROW!

Here’s What To Do

1. Post your entry in the comments section below, answering these 4 questions:

I. What specific results do you want for your business in 12 months?
II. What are the 2-3 biggest challenges stopping you from getting the results you want?
III. What are at least 3 benefits Client Master Blueprint will bring to your business and your life?
IV. Why is it that you should be chosen?

(NOTE: Be sure to put include your email address when you are filling out the comment form, so that we can
contact you).

2. You can post your entry as text or as a YouTube video. We know that some people are better at writing, some are better at live speaking. Just be sure to include a blog comment with your YouTube link.3. I’ll review all entries and select the person that communicates the clearest vision and most compelling motivation for making a big step forward in their business.

3. I’ll review all entries and select the person that communicates the clearest vision and most compelling motivation for making a big step forward in their business.

4. Timing: post your entry in the comment section down below by midnight, Thursday July 1st.

I’ll select the winner and let him or her know by Friday, July 2nd – hopefully you’ll be the one!

One More Important Thought

This scholarship is intended for a business owner who really needs it – and will do the work to get maximum benefit from this program.

So if you are in a financial situation where you can afford the tuition, please invest in yourself and reserve your spot. This program is going to be FAR more valuable than the investment to participate. To register: http://www.ClientMasteryBlueprint.com/earlybird

What You Win

You win a FULL scholarship for the Client Mastery Blueprint gold level membership (this program is worth $10,278).

If you win, be prepared to follow through and be an active and fully committed participant in the Client Mastery Blueprint program.

This is an amazing opportunity to reap all of the benefits of a 6-month business growth program and receive hands-on coaching, step-by-step training filled with practical how-to guidance so you can attract all of the clients that you want while doing what you love. I’m teaching my own system for attracting and retaining clients so you’re going to get exactly what you need to make a big jump forward and generate more revenue for your business.

If you haven’t read up on what Client Mastery Blueprint is all about, you can do so here:


What this all boils down to: you’ll be learning the same strategies, and action steps I’ve used to create a business in which I brought on 4 other coaches to help me serve all of the prospects and clients I attract. This is a gift that I can’t wait to share with you.

Good luck!

P.S. Go ahead and do your entry now – even if yours doesn’t win, I’ll honor your intention and commitment with a special gift.

So no matter what happens, you win!


  1. Just wanted to let you know that http://www.clientmasteryblueprint.com/ appears to be down. Please let me know when it’s back up, as I’m looking forward to checking it out!

    Hope this helps!

  2. I have to say that for the last few of hours i have been hooked by the impressive posts on this website. Keep up the great work.

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