Definitive Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche

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Here’s Why Choosing A Profitable Niche Will Unlock The Next Level Of Success In Your Business

When you focus your business on the right niche, (one that is profitable):

  • Ideal clients seek you out, eager to work with you;
  • Your niche is something you become known as an expert for;
  • Your income increases because it’s easier to attract the right clients;
  • You get invited to speak for awesome audiences who want what you offer;
  • Marketing and growing your business becomes easy;
  • You get a lot more word-of-mouth and referrals
When you zero in on a niche, you become sought after by clients eager to work with you.
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Bill Baren

Meet Bill Baren

As founder of Bill Baren Coaching, Bill has become known worldwide as a transformational business coach. Over 50,000 from 32 countries people have participated in Bill's online and live trainings.

Bill's purpose is to help conscious business owners make more money with their gifts while making the difference they are here to make. He is the creator of the Big Shift Experience, Premium Packages Success System, Get Clients in Your Backyard, the Teleseminar Enrollment System, Time Mastery Program, Reliable Revenue Success System, and Master of Enrollment.

Dear friend,

If you’re struggling with ‘finding your niche’ in your business...I’m hoping this guide can help.

I want to let you know that struggling with your niche is very common. Most clients I meet struggle with “niching.”

Often people choose a niche that sounds good, but just isn’t PROFITABLE (which means people aren’t paying much for your services).

Or perhaps you’re just resisting having to make a choice.

The problem is, when you don’t have a clearly defined niche...Everything in your business is difficult. It’s especially difficult to communicate what you do....which makes it really difficult for potential clients to say “yes” to paying for your services.

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re new to business...when you take the time now to choose your niche wisely, it will pay you back immensely for years to come.

How I Discovered The Path To A Million Dollar Business By Finding My Niche

For the first years of my coaching business, I resisted having a niche like crazy.

I was coaching everyone I could on just about everything.

But it was terribly difficult to market my business. Or to communicate exactly what I do.

One day I got “niching religion” and decided to narrow my niche on one clear thing....and I believe that was the turning point that led to a multi-million dollar coaching business.

You know, I really love doing a mile deep (and serving people deeply), rather than a mile wide (and doing a little bit of everything, but in a shallow way).

See, when you become focused on a clear niche and a clear message…

Then your website, your services packages, your marketing, your public speaking, your webinars, your networking – literally everything you do will connect and speak to what your niche really wants.

It’s much easier to tap into an already existing community of people who already want what you have to offer -- the very gifts you’re here on this planet to provide.

Is It Possible To Pick the Wrong Niche?

Yes, it happens all the time. If you choose to focus on something that people aren’t willing to invest in, then no matter how hard you work, your business will never take off.

However, there are thousands of niches where you can have a profitable business.

You’ll increase your chances of picking a successful niche when you deeply research the problems that your audience wants to solve and the results they want to achieve.

This guide will help you answer three fundamental questions:

  • Who are the people who need what I offer?
  • What results are people willing to pay for?
  • What problem will be solved for them if they hire me?

When you discover the answers to questions like these you'll be able to discover the perfect niche to take your business to the next level.

If you focus on a niche that people aren’t willing to invest in, your business will never take off.
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Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Definitive Guide

How To Find Your Niche

Accurately identifying and claiming your “tribe” (the people you serve) and then delivering a result to them they want is what it’s all about.

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7 Characteristics of an Ideal Business Niche

These 7 questions will help you evaluate if you have a niche where you will be well compensated for your work.

Take Me There!

Determine Your Ultimate Result

Clients pay a premium for results. Everything in your business should revolve around the result you are providing to your niche.

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Create An Irresistible Marketing Message

Learn how to immediately grab the attention of the people in your niche.

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5 Big Myths Stopping You From Choosing A Niche

Does the idea of committing to a niche make you cringe inside? Are you doing everything you can to resist deciding on a niche?

Find Out the Myths!
Download the free PDF: “The Definitive Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche”

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The Definitive Guide to Finding Your Profitable Niche | Bill Baren