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Archives for May 2006

The Zone of Genius

The Zone of Genius what the? Yes, this is our G-spot of personal fulfillment. When we are in that zone, we are lost in the ecstasy of the experience. Time flies in fact, time ceases to exist.

Seth Godin writes that he can count on one hand the number of marketers he knows who get to do “Marketing” every day.

Marketers leave their Zone of Genius for their long list of things they do (budgets, coupons, projections, photo shoots, bizdev meetings, meet and greets, etc.) that is technically marketing–cause I think everything an organization does is marketing–but is hardly in the sweet spot.

This happens in our businesses all the time. As an example, I started a record label in 1995 because I loved music and wanted to produce. Yet I spent most of the time doing other things. I was out of my zone too much, wound up being burnt out and leaving the industry all together.

What is your Zone of Genius and how can you spend more time there?

Intention to Action to Success

Today is as good of a day as any to create positive movement in my business. I will start with an intention:

I have a new Creative Entrepreneur Catalyst Program that attracts more clients that I can handle on my own.

I can feel the power of that intention. I am experiencing its inspiration propelling me to action. So what’s the next action step to take TODAY to move me closer to my intention?

Craft an email to my ezine list asking my readers what is the one problem they would most like to solve for their business and/or their life.

I now feel good since I can write and get this email out in 15 minutes or less. I also know it will move me closer to my intention.

The email is written and sent off to my virtual assistant to get out to my list. The answers will help me craft a better program since it will be based on what entrepreneurs really want and not what I think they want. It feels good.

*** Invitation ***
* Create an intention for your business
* Feel the power of it
* What is one simple action you can take to get your closer to your intention?
* Now do it

Share your results. BTW, I did this experiment in real time and got immediate value from it, so I wanted to post this and invite others to get value from it, too.

(Total time to post this entry, to set an intention, to figure out my action step and to take it — 20 minutes)

Competitors Unite

Seth Godin blogs about the positive power of competition.

As far as I can see it, the two most important benefits to competition are:

** Competition motivates our businesses to innovate
** Competitive forces simultaneously compete and conspire to create a movement that eventually drive more people to each competitor

Ex. Organic food movement, yoga movement, photo’s on-line movement, social networking movement

In China, I noticed whole city blocks devoted to a particular retail specialty. There was a bridal store street, a shoe street, a furniture street, etc… and they were all thriving.

Leading Against The Grain

Only a tiny percentage of the population are the real leaders in their fields. They propel their cause by the sheer passion and force of their determination. These people are true pioneers. They make it possible for the rest of us to reap the tremendous benefits of their work. They have integrity, courage and willingness to go against the grain in the face of tremendous cost. And that’s very important — Cornell West

These pioneers don’t often create success for themselves in the business world. They create progress and make the world a better place as a result of them having lived.

I want to encourage all of us to recognize them and support them. Who is a true leader in your sphere?

Sandrine Hahn is one such pioneer.

*** Just being around these pioneers allows us to create innovation in our lives and businesses.

A Little Splash of Color

A Creative Splash of Green brightened up my Friday.

With Taxation Like This Who Needs Representation?

This tidbit from Malcolm Gladwell, goes into the things that make you go hmmm” category.

In 1949, the highest paid CEO in America was Charlie Wilson of General Motors.  He earned earned $586,100 in salary, bonuses and stock. He paid. (insert drum-roll) $430,350 in taxes.  73%.  73%.  I can’t help but say it again – 73%!