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My magical wedding (pictures inside)

I want to share something with you that’s raw, beautiful and

I got engaged to Gia about 4 years ago.  Right after that we
both visited my parents in New Jersey to tell them the good
news. We were already starting to plan the wedding and
were totally excited by it.

Then all of our plans were abruptly halted.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer.

As you can imagine, I no longer felt excited about my
wedding, my ceremony or having any sort of celebration. My
mom was sick and all I wanted was for her to get better. It
was rough.

At the same time, Gia didn’t want to wait to get married.
So we decided that it was best to simply go to City Hall to
make it official.

But it never felt right.   Without a ceremony and without
our family and friends with us, our marriage never felt
official in our hearts.

So when my mom got better, we decided that it was time to
plan a real wedding.

In my mind, I thought it was going to be just an awesome,
touching and beautiful party.

In my mind, I thought I was doing it more for Gia than for

In my mind, things wouldn’t really be different after our

I was wrong.

Photo 1

The ceremony was magical. As we were encircled by our
closest family and friends, I felt my whole community
lifting me up to be a better man, a better husband, and a
better human.

It wasn’t just for Gia, this was for ME.  And I have been
forever changed.

My level of commitment to myself is more consistent.

My level of commitment to Gia is as solid as I can imagine.

There is now no backdoor.  I am here.  I am staying.  I am

I know that commitment is the backbone of success.  And
everyday I am with Gia, my commitment to her is growing and
my relating to her is getting richer, better and more

Why I am sharing this with you?

Yes, I want you to know me better.

I also know that in order for you to create the life you
want and the business you want, it is your level of
commitment that needs to grow and deepen first and foremost.

What if there were no backdoor to slip out through in your
business success journey?

Photo 3

What if you were so deeply married to your business and to
your life’s work that you were going to make it work no
matter what?

Your life would forever be transformed.

You would be a different being.

You would learn to love in a completely different way.

I love you and want this for you as much as I want ANYTHING
in my life.


P.S.  I’d love for you to let me know what you think of this
post and the pictures

Photo 2


  1. Your story touched my heart and I found it so inspired, I will share it with my friends, thank you!

  2. Ledyane says:

    Dear Bill Baren, you are one of my favourites! 💓 🌟 Thanks for being you and for all the elevation you bring to my life! Congrats on your wedding! Wishing you and beauuuuuuutiful Gia all the love, joy and blessings of the universe! The photos are stunning! 🌈 🌟

  3. Heather Page says:

    Congratulations! Your words were so powerful and remind me how important having this type of ceremony is for a marriage. I am so glad you both honored your relationship in this way.

    My husband and I were married in 2013 and shortly before our 1st anniversary he started cheating on me. I found out about this right before the birth of our first daughter in January 2016. We chose to stay together and have worked very hard each day to re-identify ourselves and our relationship. Seeing this reminds me that working towards our goal of a recommitment ceremony will be a powerful and empowering contribution to our marriage and our family. Thank you and Cheers!

  4. Wow! I love the circle you created at your wedding. I love the dedication and commitment to truly finding happiness. Congratulations.

  5. To Bill and Gia:
    Thank you, Bill, to have shared your TRUE wedding ceremony with us. Moving to see you both, standing in front of each other, renewed your wedding vows, and committed forever to each other, with friends and relatives, as witnesses to your vows, in a CIRCLE around you (this CIRCLE is a very new and inspiring modality for me!). Touching to learn that you Bill, AFTER the celebration, were a DIFFERENT person , thinking differently about yourself being NOW definitely committed.
    And the photos were beauatiful.
    My best wishes to Gia and Bill. Irene from Milan

  6. Graham Gambier says:

    Your story really caused me reflect. My story is somewhat different from yours and I would not want it to appear that I was contradicting your or attempting to detract from it by divulging it here. Your story is beautiful and I am grateful and I am glad that you shared it. My story is also beautiful but in a different way.
    Thank you, Bill.

  7. I was a little confused when I saw this post, because when I was last working with you you and Gia had just announced your engagement and, as far as I knew, were well on your way to being married. Your post “caught me up” on what’s been going on in your lives, and was very touching. Congratulations for your both, and thank you for loving your community as much as you do.

  8. Alvin Sacdal says:

    I don’t know you yet well and i felt that you’re a GENUINE MAN by sharing your personal information and i really appreciate it.Gia was the luckiest girl on earth and i guess you are too..love her with all your HEART,MIND AND SOUL.i am truly happy for both of you and for letting me witnessed these precious moment of your life through the net.Wish you all the best in life..stay HAPPY,HEALTHY AND INLOVE…and i want to remind you that always put GOD at the center of your life and family..thank you

  9. Congrats Bill,
    It is unusual and inspiring to hear a bloke, being so fair dinkum, about his feelings. I hope you and Gia have a long and happy life together. I, too, am trying to get a business up and running for my beautiful life partner, Deanna. I want to have something, to leave behind, when I fall off the perch. The photos are rippers, the photographer earned, his quid. Keep grinnin’.

  10. Jānis Eglītis says:

    Thank you, Bill, that you invited me to your family. The family is the most important place for every human being and always remember that love is the verb. I wish you always have blessing and happiness around you.

  11. Gary says:

    Congratulations to you and Gia. Wishing you guys much happiness.

  12. You were Blessed & it was all in GOD’S Timing!
    Your pics of Family & Friends will be a memory
    for many years to come.

  13. Garry Montgomery says:

    Wow! You made out big time!

  14. The nicest (most lovely) ceremony I ever saw was in Sequoyah Cave in the area south of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Alabama. They blew the Shofar (ram’s horn), and had a covered booth with altar, and the cave was all illuminated by candles. That cave is closed now… and you can not even go in to see the black mica reflecting pools. But when they did let one in, i.t. was one of the most gorgeous places on earth.

  15. Thank you, Bill, for sharing your story. I had the opportunity to meet you and Gia at Big Shift in March. Although I got to hug and dance with you, I actually had a really good chat with Gia so I feel like I know you both and it makes the pictures even more meaningful. Besides that, I also appreciate your message about commitment and particularly about being all in, no backdoor.

  16. Dear Bill
    I felt at first involved in your story .I felt COMMITTED and willed to continue to read without any problem.I first though of writing in my comment
    about cancer prevention as Kevin Richardson website To healing miracles,
    Kevin Richardson & Master Lim
    Founders of the 5-Minute Meridian Healing Program
    But I kept reading and i understood the message you delivered me rewarding the reader before he willed to continue.
    I waited for your one on one call interview yesterday ,I was first disappointed for i spent a part of the night before reading and understanding your Never ending flow of clients and Yes conversations that sell .But I didn’t finish and did not attend yet the Live training because of procrastination and false subconscious believes that prevented me from achiving big work and family goals always when i nearly came to the end.Yet when I saw the message about your wedding with Gia this was a emotional answer that overcomed any subconscious learned mindbock that is a therapy and even was inspiring me for composing a songs one for the wedding and one for the healing of your mom

  17. Thank you, Bill for sharing your beautiful pictures, yet even more for the sweet story of you and Gia. You’re a beautiful couple and I greatly admire your commitment to each other and honoring it as you do!

  18. Bill, this is Gail from Chicago, in your PPSS 2017 course. I LOVE love, ritual, creating meaning and metaphors so you just hit a grand slam! (Cubs fan – World Series reference a must!). The deeper level of commitment you felt after designing your own ceremony and making it yours is something like the NEW deeper level of commitment I’m feeling from being in PPSS! For me, being more vulnerable and real as speakers, teachers, coaches make us more accessible, trust-able and, in your case, darn right LOVABLE! Wishing you and Gia the best in life. Glad you mom healed, too!

  19. Congratulations Bill and Gia, it was great to meet you in person!

  20. So beautiful, Bill. Your energy, love and commitment is truly inspiring. You and Gia are an amazing couple! I am moved by your share, and by the difference you make in so many lives. I’m in the PPSS course, and deep in the process already. As a “miracle man” and healing-arts practitioner, teacher and author, I send you blessings of love, light, and perfect healing. Namaste, Bill and Gia! Let me know where to send you a signed copy of my book!

    ~ Doug Heyes
    “THE TOUCH ~ Healing Miracles and Methods”
    Published Spring, 2016 from Findhorn Press

  21. Reese B. says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed your testimonial/recollection of the events that led you to marital bliss and to internal security and success. The photos were awesome. My favorite was of the ceremony where you all were encircled by those witnesses to your love and devotion. The circle is symbolic. I know you know that already. Continue in HIS love together, as ONE.

  22. Such a wonderful post. I love the consciousness you are bringing into theworld!

  23. Beautiful thank you for sharing. May you and Gia be in a journey of higher and higher levels of happiness

  24. Thank you for the quick glimpse into your life and heart, Bill.

    “What if there were no backdoor to slip out through in your
    business success journey?
    Your life would forever be transformed. You would be a different being. You would learn to love in a completely different way.”

    WOW! <3 Your words are so profound and I could literally feel them in my heart. It was a huge "ah ha" moment for me.
    Thank you and I wish for you… continued success.

  25. Anastasia says:


  26. Great post, and I recognize the venue! I attended a wedding reception there this past winter. Such a beautiful place. Much success in all!

  27. Gorgeous pictures. Congratulations for your wedding.

  28. Simply Beautiful

  29. This is so lovely and inspiring. Thank you for sharing. And blessings on you and your marriage.

  30. Thank your for sharing such an intimate connection. Love is the way and it shows you and me the way. And it is always reflected back to you, it seem everything follows love. I love my coaching business every time I give a workshop or a session I feel like I have been given a gift. I am looking forward to reading how to really get my coaching business working and flowing with clients and income.

    Love that you share you. I listened to your 3 day webinar and enjoyed how you interacted with people who called in. For me you listened and responded, with clarity, kindness and understanding.

    Much warmth and love on your journey.

  31. Hi Bill,
    You’re a good man. Wishing you & Gia many blessings and much happiness in your journey through life. Thank you for sharing this moment of joy for you, Gia, your family, and friends. Good to know that your mother is well. Best Regards!

  32. Daphne Gabriel says:

    Bill, thank you for including me in your breath taking wedding ceremony. I am not quite fully training with you, but remembered to extend your life commitment with me. So happy your Mom is well and be there for you. To yourself and Gia, I wish you that love you see in your eyes and steps. It saturated in you. Gia is indeed by your heart beat, and you hers. Many years of wedded bliss. Love conquer everything. Blessings.

  33. Dear Bill,
    If you will allow it, I would like to offer a blessing and a bit of wisdom for the two of you.

    May you and Gia find that your journey through life strengthens your connection, gives you reason to look more deeply into each other’s hearts, and provides the opportunity to simply adore each other just as you are. Because that is the greatest gift you can give each other–to look at your life’s partner and each time see the person you love beyond reason, without reservation and without condition. Then, when your bodies are old and gravity has done its work, when the wear and tear of everyday life has thinned your grasp on Time, you can look at the person your beloved has become and still see through the marks of Time the heart you have loved for all the years that have passed. And at the end of everything you can look back and say, ‘I can leave this life with a sense of peace and completion knowing I have been well loved and I returned that love in kind.’

    Bill, your pictures are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them. I used to tell my hetero friends who married to be grateful for the opportunity to marry, because not everyone has been permitted that blessing. That’s not as poignant as it once was since marriage is now possible for many of us (we have been together for 19 years and married 3 years ago when the laws changed), but the sentiment is the same: when conflict arises (and it will) may you draw upon the well of gratitude you have for having found your true love, and remember whatever the trouble may be, it is not larger than how much you adore each other and how grateful you are, that out of all the people in the world, you found each other. Now that is magic.

  34. Lovely post & great pics! Seems like they came out of a period piece movie set, w/costumes galore! As well, great message regarding love and commitment and inspiring to read replies from everyone!

  35. Beautiful And I’m sorry I haven’t been able to attend the podcasts that I signed up for due to personal family problems I hope to be able to catch another chance. Thank you for sharing

  36. What a beautiful love story. Congratulations to you and Gia! May you always be as happy and as in love as you are today. I love that you celebrate by renewing your commitment to each other each anniversary. What a beautiful thing to do.
    My husband, Tim and I have been married 33.5 years still love each other as much as the day we got married. We also celebrate our anniversary each year with a trip. Last year was back to the place where we went on our honeymoon.
    Thank you for sharing your love story and I am happy that your Mom is cancer free.

    Happy Holidays and all the best for a wonderful, happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


  37. Wow I love this write. Congratulations to you and your love Gia, truly a special couple.

    And thank you for sharing.

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

    Lots of blessings coming your way
    New Zealand

  38. Alexandra says:

    Congratulations to you, Gia and Bill.
    You are a lovely couple with a beautiful spirit.
    Thank you for sharing that light.

    Brightest blessings,


  39. Bill, Beautiful blog post to honor a beautiful couple. I only met you recently on your free Webinar about tips for enrolling clients. I was very impressed. Congratulations to you and your beautiful bride!
    Best, Marge Brown

  40. Suzana says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I really appreciate it, especially as this is exactly what I needed to hear today.

  41. Talk about one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen! I mean WOW!! I love how you could literally FEEL the happiness exuding from these stunning photos, it must have been such a magical day. You and Gia were obviously a match made in Heaven – you guys are going to be insatiable together!! BTW – I was overjoyed to learn that your Mama made the recovery she did – My heart soared reading that part!! Thank you for sharing the beautiful start the beautiful life you and Ms. Gia are about to embark on… I’m cheering you two on from the side lines!! <3

  42. Bill
    Your message touched me deeply. Thank you
    My life changed since I met you through Eben Pagan. You both are helping me to solve blocks I was facing since my start in buziness path.
    You realy are an amazing person, Gia is a lucky woman and for sure an awesom wife too.
    Keep being so authentic!
    Many blessings to you both
    P.S. I hope you’ll visite Geneva soon 😉

    • That is so sweet to say. Eben is amazing and so is my wife. I do think part of having a successful and awesome life is surrounding yourself with incredible people. Much love to you…

  43. Inspiring! Beautifully written!
    Blessings, Dr. Karen

  44. Grooms in hats
    Brides with tats
    How cool, that’s?!

    You two looked so wonderful together on stage at Big Shift 2015!
    I swooned a little when you finally hugged
    after admiring your living respect for her
    as a person in her own right.
    Two awesome people
    Sparkling synergy!

  45. Congrats! Thanks for sharing your beautiful love story (Gia & your mom & your biz). It’s all about love. Love of life. Thank you. “Commit first then find your niche” was your response to someone. Mine continues to morphe. I let it! Lol thanks again.

  46. Diana says:

    The comments to your beautiful blog are proof of how much and how deeply you are able to touch people’s lives. Thank you for allowing the world to be part of yours. 🙂

  47. Super Congratulations!!! How old where you when you got married and how did you know she was the one I’m 24 and would like to get married one day to multiply my life and give love and commitment care & compassion to another

    • I got married to Gia in my late 40’s. I knew that with Gia, I was going to grow and become the man I am supposed to be. That made my decision to marry so much easier.

  48. Krista says:

    WoW! Thank you for Sharing! It’s really delightful to see how you share both your Caring Heart (with pictures your personal and beautiful celebration) and also your Practical and Savvy Business Knowledge! What an amazing combination. Wishing you all the best!

  49. Hi Bill,

    What a beautiful surprise that you brought such a personal journey public.
    I am honored to be the one to document this glorious day for you and Gia.
    Sometimes we think we are doing for another, is in the end fulfilling ourselves.
    Lily : )

  50. I’m so thrilled for you guys! My biggest, most heartfelt congratulations go out to both bride and groom. I pray that you two will grow to be the personification of a truly wonderful and happy couple for many, many years to come.

    Congratulations again to both bride and groom!
    (Totally awesome!)

  51. drprashant says:

    I love the post and pictures. Bill and Gia, may you be always be happily blessed

  52. Beautiful pictures and story Bill.
    My problem is not committing to my biz it’s how to keep my marriage and any other relationships alive while I do that. I am so fiercely committed to succeeding and accomplishing what I have set out to do, that I am pretty much willing to kill myself trying. And my business is just a baby and requires so much attention. i feel that I cannot focus on both my relationship with my husband (not to mention my 2 children) and my biz. My business takes too much out of me. Teetering dangerously close to the edge…

    • Live is a balance of three marriages – our vocations, our love partner and our own self. It’s not always easy, but so gratifying.

  53. OH, NO…Your amazing article made me realize I’ve been “cheating on” my dream! I just launched in October but in the midst of designing my services I had an affair with some carefree and easier contracting work! Time to stop being so safe and learn to soar — I know “true love” will be worth it, whatever it takes! Thanks for the push and congrats to you and your beautiful bride 🙂 -Tracey in Virginia

  54. It absolutely makes a difference when you’re committed to making your business work no matter what. I think it’s the difference between throwing in the towel after your first failure and choosing to change, grow, and improve from that “failure”. If I gave up as easily in my marriage as I have in the past with my business I’d have been gone long ago! This year I am claiming my commitment and am ready to grow into my business instead of giving up.

  55. Matthew Gardner says:

    Thank you for sharing this experience with the community, Bill. My heart, my mind and my soul are filled with gratitude upon joining you in this experience via photos and commentary. Much love and Godspeed on a beautiful journey together!

  56. Adhere to the strategy and also sooner compared to you realise you’ll discover that
    you could play guitar as well as sing at the very same time!

  57. Congratulations! I’m really happy for you both.

  58. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos and your thoughts. So great to make a commitment for life isn’t it?
    All the very best for a blessed and love-filled marriage.

  59. Dr.O.P.Joshi says:

    Congratulations, Bill and Gia, you have real love for each other and Mother. I hope you will live long,active,creative and helpfull to family. People get inspiratin from your story. You will also work for community, society and humanity.
    With best Wishes.OMJOSHI,India

  60. Congratz to you both ,Bill & Gia! Wish you both a brightfull future on this new journey 🙂

  61. Dear Bill

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful and joyous moment of your life; and congratulations for taking this very important step! Your photos are not only beautiful, but they seem to echo the love from everyone present; you both look so happy it shines through the images. I am new to your blog and I’m truly inspired by your message of commitment to things that truly matter in life.
    You have a new fan in me as I’ve just started a new business on the side, which I’d like to run full-time in the near future, because I know that I need to commit fully in order to grow it. So, I believe I can learn some invaluable lessons from you.
    Keep on being an inspiration to many!

    • Bill Baren says:

      Thanks, Mamang! And yes, here’s to your business growing to a full-time, lucrative, world-changing venture…

  62. Wow! This is beautiful and thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I’m glad to learn how much more we can achieve when we truly love and commit to what we do. Thanks.

  63. I loved your letter about Gia and work. I was struggling today, letting go of a lover/friend that has shut me out and frustrated that I have not been fully committed ( passionate) about moving my biz forward this last year, not quite knowing what it is. I did manifest someone who has stepped forward to help me and even partner the biz with me. I was thinking today that I am just tired of limbo. I found the analogy of love and commitment ( no back doors) a beautiful way to hold how I move forward with my work in the world. I think I have been afraid of the commitment and losing myself in it. Many blessings to you and yours.

  64. Cassandra Arnold says:

    Wow Bill. I am so touched by your ability to be vulnerable and therefore being authentic and intimate with us. You are your word. I really get that. I also want to thank you for speaking to me on a matter that is so important to me commitment in my business. I find it much easier to commit to things for others than myself. As I’m writing this I realize that my business as a intuitive life coach is for other people. I would still love to learn how to be committed for me. Thank you again for your share.

    • Bill Baren says:

      There is no other greater commitment than to thyself. We are all learning this lesson in ever-evolving ways.

  65. The way that you describe the commitment level the ceremony brought to you and your marriage is spot-on! And then to tie that ‘no back door’ policy to our business is very inspiring! This gives me a great visual to have when growing my business. I am new with my business, so I am working hard and laying the upfront ground work. AND the pictures were very moving as well. I love, love the intimacy of your ceremony with the circle of friends brought into it. Very powerful! God bless your marriage! We just celebrated 33 wonderful years!

    • Congratulations, Janice! You and your husband are blessed! Bill, I also love that you decided to have the important people in your lives surrounding you with love and blessing while you committed yourselves to each other. The energy is tangible even in a photo. What a send off to a life together! Love to you both!

  66. Congratulations and Blessings! Today is our 29th wedding anniversary, and we can both attest that marriage changes (deepens) everything for the better. We’ve been together 32 years and it just keeps getting better!

  67. Bill, thank you for sharing your joy with everyone.
    Congratulation to you and Gia.
    Wishing you peace, love and happiness as you both begin
    this wonderful new journey.
    Louise Cohen

  68. Bill and Gia,

    CONGRATULATIONS! Bill, this was such a unique read and I found myself recommitting myself in a new way to my business. Thank you for this unique look that got me thinking. Wishing you and Gia an amazing life of love and happiness.

    Debbie Gibb

  69. I just love your total vulnerability. You express your honesty in a real way. Staying real and honest will get you both through anything life throws at you…so inspiring! Thank you for sharing these intimate photos with us. And Congratulations!

  70. Oh Bill, really enjoyed sharing your journey with Gia. Thank you and sending you many blessings, abundance and a beautiful life together.

    • Bill Baren says:

      So glad you enjoyed! It has certainly been a blessing just sharing this amazing day.

  71. This section is called: « Speak Your Mind » but I sincerely believe « Mind » should be replaced by « Heart » …
    Humility, I believe is a man’s greatest quality… and you’ve got it.
    Thank You For Being Part Of My Life & Inspiring Me.
    God Bless You & Your Loved Ones

  72. Wow, Bill,
    I’m pretty new to your “Tribe”, but feel very blessed to have met you. Your story really touched me.
    I have lost a few friends to Cancer……..so I very happy to hear your mother recovered and was able to share in your’s and Gia’s very special Marriage Ceremony. It’s so important for all of you to have the special bond that is formed by this act of commitment. I loved how you wore a hat….and had the special “circle of love” surrounded by friends and family…
    IF I ever get married again…….I think I will borrow your idea.
    Your wife is very beautiful and I can see the genuine love between you both……good to see.
    Thanks again for sharing your personal journey……hearing a man be this vulnerable is great.
    I also want to thank you for sharing all your Business knowledge with us…..I’ve learned from you,
    and I appreciate it. I’m working on making several changes in what I’m doing….as my level of commitment is just not where I want it to be for several reasons.
    Keep us “posted” and many blessings to you, your wife and all your family too.

    • Bill Baren says:

      I hope you do get married again and I a huge proponent for the “circle of love.” It was deep, joyous and dazzling…

  73. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment in your life. Your words really hit home. I have been married to my soul mate for 17 years . I have been married to my business for 5 years. I can’t say that I have been totally committed to my business. That is changing now! I am renewing my vows to my business! Thank you Brian!

  74. Hi, Bill! Congratulations! And here’s my favorite quote on Commitment:

    Until one is committed there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffectiveness.
    Concerning all acts of initiative (and creation) there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans:
    That the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves, too.
    All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred.
    A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way.
    I have learned a deep respect for one of Goethe’s couplets:
    ”Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
    Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

    W. H. Murray, The Scottish Himalayan Expedition

  75. Congratulations! What a BEAUTIFUL story thank you so much for sharing!! 🙂

  76. Wow, wonderful, Bill. I wish you as much happiness as Dina and I have found in 30+ years of marriage and nearly 35 as a couple. You both look great (and very happy)–and the fedora suits you :-).

  77. Beautiful….THANKS for sharing your personal story which is what really matters!

  78. Beautiful article and beautiful pictures. I hope to be married again someday. I always tell people that even if you are already living with your fiance, being married deepens the relationship in a magical way, because it is archetypal, you become a part of history. Wishing you much happiness.

  79. I love love love love the fact that your ceremony was in the middle of a circle of your friends and family. I am not married yet and this concept couldn’t be more perfect. I might just have to do this when the day comes! Thank you for sharing this beautiful moment with us. Congratulations!

  80. Congrats, Big Bro. You too, Gia.
    Wishing you all the best, and more!

  81. It is great to hear of the good things that really matter to people. I can understand the heartfelt situation with your mother, I lost my Dad in 2010 from cancer, I’m happy to hear your Mon is a survivor.
    I too so love my wife, and love waking up next to each and every morning. My life without her would be nothing. I wish you and Gia the best always.

  82. Thank you Bill for sharing. I love getting to peer behind the scenes into your life and know the man, not just the message or expertise. I appreciate hearing the revelation around commitment for both your marriage and relating it to business. And one thing that particularly struck me was that you had your
    ceremony set up in a circle with you and your bride in the center. I LOVE that! And what a beautiful way to have one’s ceremony and really make it like its including and welcoming everyone as part of the family and the union. Thank you for sharing! XO

  83. I think your post is positively fantastic; and your wedding pictures are amazing! I love that you have spoken from your heart, that you have related having a successful business to the level of commitment it takes to have a wonderful marriage. Your wedding pictures show the event to be classy, deep, full of love, and in surroundings of beauty. Great work! Thanks for sharing yourself in this way, Bill!

    Ilene Dillon, The Emotional Pro

  84. Jackie McBride says:

    Congratulations, Bill. I can’t see the pictures, but I’m glad you & Gia are happy, & I’m guessing Mom’s doing better, too. Have Mom visit cancerrecovery.org. I certainly attribute my own successful breast cancer journey to their program. Best of luck & success.

  85. Really beautiful Bill. I love the circle! Gave me goosebumps looking at these. Thank you for sharing. What a lovely way to put commitment to your business into a new perspective.

  86. I met your beautiful bride Gia in March at the Big Shift Experience in San Francisco. You are a lucky couple. I took one of my clients with me to the life changing event. We are changed! ~ Nancy Kaye

  87. Timothy Clark says:

    Do I sense some passion? Bless you both and thanks for the inspiration.

  88. Congratulations! The photos were beautiful, and I can see all the love in the room!
    Cherish each other every day….I’m glad to hear your mother is doing better.

    With best wishes,

  89. Dave Kashen says:

    Beautiful, Bill. Congratulations!

  90. Congratulations to you Bill and Gia. Thank you for sharing your beautiful wedding photos and your commitment to you, your wife, to us and to life. I say “Amen” to the celebration of life in its essence!

    Love and hugs to both you Bill and to Gia,


  91. Bill, Deeply moved by your words and loving heart. I truly appreciate your generosity to share, your authenticity and your expression of love ! You are so appreciated! Much love to both you and your lovely Gia! xoxo, Giselle

  92. Matthew says:

    Brother, thank you for these beautiful photos of such an enchanted moment. I’m grateful for having viewed them. And I appreciate your intentions and sincerity for my business growth. More to come!

  93. Bill and Gia, hearty congratulations and all of God’s blessings for you and a long and very happy life together. Bill you are a very special guy and Gia a very lucky girl. I wish you both well.
    Bill, for a while I have felt out of touch having finished many of your programs only today to hear the quiet tones of Bill Baren on your call this morning. It brought back the warmth and caring you offer all those in your special community. Thank you for being a true an authentic you and for sharing a special time. With gratitude Alistair

  94. Great post, great pics, love it. My wife and I have been together for almost 30 years, we waiting 10 years before getting married and I agree there is a huge difference. The biggest for me was that after getting married for the first time i “saw” us old together, decrepit little old people helping each other across the street. I loved that change.

    Congrats to you and your beautiful wife!


  95. Hello Bill

    I was deeply moved when I saw your magic pictures and read your wonderful story. It feels so true from the deepest core of your heart, loving, humble and uplifting. Thank you for sharing this! I wish you and Gia all the best and happiness!

  96. Wow, Bill, what a beautiful expression of commitment. This is exactly the weakest link in my chain. I once read that there’s no such thing as an uncommitted person; that we’re all committed to something, the question is, “What?” That is my inquiry. What am I committed to more than my business? Playing it safe? A story of “I can’t”? This is important, deep work. Thank you for sharing your personal insights and growth.

    And I love the way you organized the ceremony with you and Gia encircled by friends and family. I will remember that for my wedding. 🙂

  97. Bill, Gia: Like music that emerges and delights, like obsidian sky filled with lights, like a drop of dew for which we pause, like a Love nourished in a greater cause, your Yes resounds like a ring of fire, and all those words like Higher! Inspire! Hire! Shaking my bones and dancing my heart in reverence of a Love that is more like Art so personal and bold and stunning! I’m stunned with Love.
    Thank you for a most courageous message friend. You are a huge leader and a huge presence and now… wow man so lucky to have Gia as your true partner. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  98. As a wedding photographer, I can say that your images are beautiful and congratulations on both of your commitments. I am very committed to my work and my husband, who is also my best friend and assistant. Good luck with everything.

  99. Hi Bill,
    Thank you so much for sharing from your heart! That is the true source of our power. I agree with many of the posts above. When you’re an entrepreneur, how we live our personal and business lives are necessarily intertwined and reflective.

    Thank you also for your focus here on commitment. When I first heard you on a teleclass, maybe 4 years ago, you spoke of true abundance in all aspects, and I felt that vibration in your voice. It was a life-changing moment for me, to really FEEL it, because it was a concept trapped in my brain at that time. It continues to expand throughout my being. My level of commitment to myself and my business is definitely part of the bridge to the next place for me.

    Thank you again for opening your heart and sharing in such a poignant way!

  100. Bill, this is beautiful! I’m so glad you did this. I can feel the love. Thanks for sharing so vulnerably with me.

  101. Linda says:

    Beautiful post, thank you for sharing this intimate moment of your lives. I look forward to the time when i can marry my partner of 17 years.

    All the best,

  102. Thanks Bill! I like learning about you and Gia, I like the reminder about commitment, and I’m inspired by the passion that shines through your post. All the best to you and Gia!


  103. Congratulations to you Bill & Gia!
    May you have many many years of joy to celebrate….
    and thank you so much Bill for being so genuine is sharing your heartfelt feelings and emotions. You are certainly opening a door for men out there and in your circle to know that it is ok to be in touch with one’s feeling and to open up about it. We women like that, and you are giving permission to your fellow “bros” to be ok, taking that route.
    Your pictures are beautiful. I love the sepia kind of look the photographer gave them. It makes them feel like something “of old”, conveying history, long lasting, of value with value. May your marriage be long lasting and one to be remembered…
    Congratulations again.

    • Bill Baren says:

      Thank you! To communicate like this is so natural for me that I don’t even know it’s a big deal. And yes, I love love love the look of the photos, too.

  104. Wow! What a beautiful post, amazing pictures…you have deeply touched my heart. I am calling forth my divine right love partner (thank you Johnny and Lara) and your story and obvious love for one another is inspiring. I am honored that you shared this with us, your tribe.

  105. Bill . . . this touched me in so many ways. . . . truly wonderful and heartfelt words often not heard from a male’s point of view, the awesome photo of the two of you walking looks like a painting, and the back door view – oh my – SO true. Thank you for your constant inspiration!!

    . . . and the hat . . . what can I say 😉

    • Bill Baren says:

      I get criticized for my hats more than anything else I do. I just love them, so…. 🙂

  106. wonderful post. The ceremony in a circle feels like it really did support that uplift which you referred to. So glad that your mom is well now, and that you and Gia were able to celebrate in such a wonderful way. That full in commitment does really change things. It is how I would like to approach my business, but I haven’t yet found the right partner (niche) for me. No longer playing the field, but not at the marriage level of commitment yet. It is a great metaphor.
    Your post is filled with love and inspiring.

  107. Thank you Bill for sharing your words and your feelings. You and Gia are so lucky to have each other and to have the wonderful memories and photos of your spectacular day. I love hearing people embrace all the love they have and really appreciate it. Having been married for a long time, i now know that it is the best and the hardest thing we ever get to do. Your being able to look back at what you said now and recall all of these feelings will go far to making your relationship a lasting one, always full of promise and love.

  108. A lifetime of blessings to you both! Absolutely stunning.

  109. Hey Bill, I love it when I see commitment like yours to Gia. Reading between the lines (like I do) also come to an understanding of the fact that I must come to that level of commitment for my writing. I am deeply committed to my lovely wife, just like you are. I, however, have allowed life’s little, not so important, events to take precedence over my work and wife time.

    Thank you for the ecouragement, I’m all better now. ;=>
    Dan R Klatt

  110. Audrey says:

    This is one of my all-time favorite emails, Bill. Sharing your heart in such a profound and beautiful way says so much about who you. True LOVE is magical. To embody that LOVE and share it with another … DIVINE. Thank you so very much touching my heart this morning.

    I send to you both a heartfelt Congratulations!! May your love & lives continue to be profoundly blessed throughout all of time.

    And, like Fran, I will always be sure to open your emails from this point on. I loved your Master Enrollment webinar and will utilize your services when I finish my Life Coach certification program later this year.

    Here’s to all of us who believe in love … May we always be blessed … May we always share that love with others.

    Audrey Hogan

  111. Mihaela says:

    That is a beautiful article and you and your wife feel nice together . Gia is gorgeous .

  112. Dustin B. says:

    It’s challenging to add to what everyone’s already said.

    Totally. Utterly. Inspiring.

    You are blessed in many ways.

    Bravo, continued blessings, and thank you.

  113. Hi Bill,
    May the uplifting and love from that circle of friends stay with you and Gia as you share your lives together. The photos are stunning and seem to capture the magical feeling of the day and your combined energies.

    There is something so powerful about commitment and I agree that when we have both feet in (not one out the door), the more in-love we become with whatever we commit to. For our wedding 24 years ago, my husband and I wrote our own vows and this quote was read.

    “Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.
    It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions.
    And the actions which speak louder than the words.
    It is making the time when there is none.
    Coming through time after time after time, year after year after year.
    Commitment is the stuff character is made of;
    the power to change the face of things.
    It is the daily triumph of integrity over skepticism.”
    ~~ this is commonly attributed to Abraham Lincoln

    Cheers to you and Gia spending a life enjoying what grows from love and commitment,


  114. indeed, beautiful in every way.

  115. You guys look styling! Congrats to you both. Best wishes and lots of joy…

  116. Leslie Stewart says:

    So gorgeous Bill – the ceremony, the photos, the love and the message.
    Love your sharing! I’ve definitely been most committment-shy in life around my business….I’m inspired to write some vows and do a ceremony reading this. Big hug & congratulations…Leslie

    • Bill Baren says:

      Your business is waiting for you to commit so that it can give more to you.

  117. Donna Davis says:

    Thank you Bill for being so real.
    I so appreciate that quality in you as it inspires me to hold that same level of authenticity. Beginning to understand that about commitment too.

  118. Your She E.O. ...not C.E.O. Coach says:

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing you. Wishing you both the very best.

  119. Fran says:

    Amazing and such gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing! It is very hard for me to get personal but I love the way you do it!

  120. Awesome! I can’t wait to meet the love of my life again… I saw again, since I am fortunate to have been with several great girls that lived up to those words, but the universe had other plans for us all.

    So, I know there is another one out there patiently waiting for me, and I for her.

    Ryan K

  121. Congratulations! These photos truly capture the magic of your connection and commitment to each other. Thank you so much for sharing.

  122. Hi Bill,

    This is the first time I am commenting on your blog — this post caught my attention and I LOVE the pictures. I can see how happy Gia is, and also the commitment in your eyes 🙂 You two make lovely couple.

    Stay blessed x

  123. Congratulations Bill and Gia! What a lovely way to get married in the middle of a circle. I really appreciate you sharing your story and photos with us. I wish you both much joy, love and blessings!

    Tamara Owen

  124. Congratulations Bill and Gia!!
    I wish you all the happiness and blessings in the world.

  125. Thanks for sharing who you are with us Bill…

  126. April says:

    All my best wishes for your future together, Bill and Gia!

    I am always amazed by how the rituals of life enhance our lives, and enrich our human experience. Sharing these with our community and publicly declaring our intentions is a contract with our psyches. You are right, it leaves us without that “backdoor” escape when we commit to not only ourselves, but to our communities, too.

    Enjoy, and embrace each other and your life together.

    April Frazier

    • Bill Baren says:

      Yes! Rituals, traditions and rites of passage are vital to move us from stage to stage in our lives.

  127. Kate says:

    I love your letter, your photos, your sharing with us all, and I love you and Gia! May your growth and joy together expand continuously! May your kindness together be ever rich in possibility and humor! May your creating of and receiving blessings ever surprise you both with the wonder of love’s infinite goodness!

  128. OMG Bill! I love the way you share so openly your life. I love the way you are willing to put yourself out there to entice, inspire and love us, your tribe. I am inspired by your story, in awe of the beauty your and Gia have created for your ceremony, and appreciate your sharing of this intimate moment. Your leadership and modelling is exciting to me. May you continue to show us how the Masculine, loves, commits, inpsires, respects not only the Feminine but himself and the world!

    Continued Love Blessings to you and Gia!
    ~Caro xo

    • Bill Baren says:

      Thank you, Caro. I am excited for the journey you’re about to take, too. Can’t wait to see what unfolds.

  129. Susan Shearer says:

    A beautiful wedding, Gina and Bill! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it through your pictures and blog.
    What a blessing to have your Mom there, Bill.
    What a blessing to read of your renewed commitment and love for your wife. Be the example to others out there in this broken world. Show them what love is.
    Susan :0)

    • Bill Baren says:

      Thank you, Susan. It’s interesting for me to ready your comment. I don’t see our world as broken. I see that some of our brothers and sisters are lost in an amazing, beautiful and loving world, so that can’t see it’s beauty and then act accordingly.

      • gina says:

        Bill ~~
        Thank you – our world is not broken. And congratulations, you lovely Loves!
        I met (actually re-met, we had dated 24 years ago), a precious love and must say, my distaste for my old idea that marriage is institutional or for financial purposes could change!

        I didn’t put much thought into it, yet considered too many people get married for the wrong reasons – and maybe I appreciated a back door, more than I realized!
        We are committed so it makes more sense to commit! Thought provoking article and I feel your joy.
        Who knows?
        I love love, appreciate you sharing your love! It makes the world go around and is proof the worlds not broken.
        Helping people heal their pain, even one at a time – because the beauty the universe gives enables us to all make the world the most fabulous it has ever been! People remember the good old days, and forget to think how great things have become from the state it was in – yet it’s all perfect then and now.
        ~ Gina

  130. kalifa says:

    Congratulations on your wedding Bill and Gia!!! very touching and authentic story. I bless you and wish you more success than you have now. It is nice to get to know you more. The pictures are beautiful – amazing..
    Later x

  131. The pics are gorgeous and your transparency is powerful!! I love how you created a circle with your guests – for in a circle no back door is possible. Dave and I did a similar thing! Beautiful Bill!!!!

  132. Bill, truly one of the most beautiful posts ever. Thank you for sharing your heart and thoughts and love so clearly and vulnerably. Thank you for loving us all into better businesses. And that photo of you both in the circle of friends and family speaks volumes…wow.

    I too have discovered the amazing truth of how the commitment of marriage changes and strengthens a relationship. I was with my husband for 7 years — living together for 6 — before we married almost 4 years ago. Married late in life, first time for both of us, and I was always one foot out the door in my mind when things got tough. Learning to be committed and staying put because the door was closed has led to us being much closer, and me being much more settled and connected to him and to the best parts of myself.

  133. Kat says:

    Beautiful and inspiring post. Commitment is one of my biggest struggles and you just put a different spin in it. Gorgeous pictures. Congrats.

  134. I adore this post on many levels. First because I love love and I think you showed how many ways you can show it – to each other, to your mother and to your community. Really beautiful. Second, I also love the way you crafted it into a metaphor for business and I realize that I am far more committed to my relationships than my business. Maybe I need a ceremony….

  135. Peter, Peter, Peter … what a beautiful post. To see you and your beautiful Gia so happy and having a gorgeous wedding after experiencing a big curve in your journey is truly lovely. I lost my Mum to cancer not long after I got married. Mum had fought the disease for over 20 years and that is how I got into Personal Development in the first place as we both battled her disease with the “power of the mind”. Mums are so very important and the fact that she came through it and was able to help you celebrate your Big Day is fantastic. I want to wish you and Gia copious amounts of Peace, Power, Beauty, Harmony, Abundance and Joy always.

  136. Sherry Davis says:

    Congrats to you both. The warm hearts, surrounded by ALL the Love comes pulsing thru your words and photo’s. Having been married for 33 years and more in love then ever I can attest to the power of finding the right soul mate and sharing life together. So very happy for you both. Love Sherry

  137. Bill, I LOVE the way in which your ceremony was in a circle. I am STUNNED that I have never seen this!!
    I wonder if in your coaching program that is coming up if at our retreats we can somehow set up a semi-circle instead of the classic classroom setting where the teacher is a front and the students in rows in front of them. Makes it easier for those who might want to sit on the floor and get up and move without having to be at the very back of the room….just an idea. xo, Irene (from Vancouver = ))

  138. Beautiful, Bill, just Beautiful.

  139. Congratulations – wishing you both many many happy awesome years together! Commitment to one another is the first and most important key – honest true love; sincere commitment to making your business a success comes after and may be the second or third key on a golden ring of keys that you hold onto for life. Sincerely share by someone who has been a business owner and happily married for over 25 years – I know of what I speak.
    Blessings to you both!

  140. Aloha Bill,

    Thank you so much for sharing your awesome story. You both look so happy! You are an amazing couple. Life is so much more fun when you can share it with someone else! And you have picked a good one! I had the pleasure of talking with Gia and connecting with her. I feel we had a time together in the period of Joan or Arc and your trip to France is going to open up even more doorways! Commitment is great, but even just saying YES! Yes to my life! Yes to Happiness and Yes to more Love! Blessings to you both!
    Aloha Jeanne
    P.S. I love the candle ceremony!

  141. Congratulations to both of you. It’s very touching to see you both here. I’ve been with my husband for 23 years and thought that living together would have been the same as married. Then 7 years into our relationship, we decided to get married (in part because of emigration laws) thinking that nothing would be different. IT TRANSFORMED our relationship and solidified our commitment.
    Then we decided to renew our vows after 20 years with everyone that wasn’t at our initial marriage. Again, life changing, not only to us, but to our friends as well.

    Bill and Gia, all I can say is that the more committed you are to each other, the better the relationship gets.

    Think of it as a wonderful bottle of wine that ages well.
    Enjoy the journey of marriage and of being committed to the relationship.

  142. Speaking from my heart & mind, Congratulations to you, Bill & Gia! Love your Blessings Marriage Story! It’s so precious & meaningful journey. Life is full of miracle, magical & surprise. Less mind & more heart control in your life, you will begin even more experience magical. May both of you always bless with peace, love, happiness, good health & positive togetherness. May your mom always fill with Angels that lift her spirit every day! May each day her life filled with love and healing blessings. May our prayer for you, Gia, your mom, all your family and friends always draw all of you closer to our God. May our god bless each of you with love, peace, joy, good health and prosperity. Love & Blessings to you & your family, Siew Tan & Koi Tan (Aka TanKoi)

  143. What a beautiful sentiment! Lovely photos and such a beautiful wedding ceremony with everyone you care about surrounding the two of you, up close and personal. And yes, I love the idea of marrying my business, publicly declaring to the world my passion, commitment and all-consuming love that is in me. Wow!!!

  144. Bill & Gia,
    Beautiful post. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful lives. Thank you so much for sharing this intimate moment. Commitment is such a powerful force for transformation. I experience it every day in my own marriage, and now I’m experiencing it in my business. I love that you walked us through a commitment ceremony at our last retreat. Now I know where the inspiration came from! 😉
    Congratulations to you both,

  145. Gloria Zabala says:

    Congratulations to you Bill and your lovely wife Gia. The love you have for each other is felt through these pages. It is so awesome to see your commitment to each other.

    I love the idea of making that commitment each year on your anniversary.

  146. Bill: Love the photos you picked; the one outdoors near the bench is like beyond Avatar! I mean it is real and fantastical and multi-dimensional all in one shot….it’s amazing! I am so struck by what gets stirred in me when asked the fierce AND loving question of “What if there is no back door?” And what I see now is that I want to love my partner and my work from the perspective of I LOVE YOU THIS MUCH–so much that there really is nowhere we can’t go. Love is the underwriter of commitment so love madly, right??? Thank you again for amazing inspiration. You two are a beautiful couple in all senses of the word.

  147. What a beautiful story and pictures. Thanks for sharing Bill. I love the idea of having no back door. Makes you ever more committed.
    Love and hugs to you both, Ritamarie

  148. pat says:

    Blessings to you and Gia.
    I urge you to take your marriage many steps farther.
    Just a few thoughts- You’re planning to celebrate and renew once a year – why not lunaversaries – every month on your wedding date – or even both of your wedding dates.
    It seems that you plan to take care of the backdoor all on your own. You are probably not man enough. A three strand cord is not easily broken. Perhaps you can consider this along with Gia and allow your spiritual support and power to strengthen your wonderful life together. forever.

    Then — consider what this larger focus does for you, your family, your world,………. and even your business.

    All the best…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
    the Good News Coach

  149. What an absolutely beautiful post and the pictures are stunning! Totally love how you analogized this with your business and making a commitment. My husband and I have been married for close to 27 years, and I wish the same for you! There is no Plan B! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your heart!

  150. Beautiful! I just commented on the power of commitment in a post on the virtues of change and stability today. This is a beautiful illustration and so true!

  151. Oh Bill, congratulations to you and Gia! It looks like it was a perfect ceremony with all the focus being on the things that truly matter – your closest family and friends sharing in such a binding, magical and monumental occasion with you. I am sure neither of you liked the wait (or the temporary fix of the idea of a wedding at City Hall) but it was obviously well worth it! My fiance and I are going through something similar. We’ve been together for 7 years and engaged for 6 of those. Financially, the time was never “right” for the kind of wedding we want and many of our friends and family have suggested just going to the court house. I have never liked that option. Don’t get me wrong, a marriage is not all about a fancy or expensive celebration or showing off to anyone. I just don’t like that a city hall wedding does not give the feeling of commitment that I know a planned ceremony would. Not to mention, we have several friends who’ve gone that route and almost none of them are together anymore. At any rate, I completely agree with you. Of course you know that you were always committed to Gia, but I don’t think the actual feel and magic of that commitment truly manifests itself until you do things the way YOU want to. There isn’t always a need for a wedding celebration, but I do think that there is something to be said for how a couple feels after reciting their vows in the presence of those they love. I think it would be a very life-changing experience – one that I hope we are able to have soon!

    I also LOVE how you related this to creating the life and business of one’s dreams. There HAS to be a solid commitment, not just fleeting interest. Creating the life of your dreams (and by extension, the business you truly want) should be a priority, because it will improve upon the relationships, hobbies, values and beliefs that are already important to you. If you aspire to start a family, then creating the life of your dreams will include that family and should be just as important to you as the deepest of your beliefs.

    This is how I am trying to view my new venture. Even though it is small to some people, I took the time to plan it out as one would plan incorporating a much larger venture. I have pulled out all the stops and put into it as if it is a fortune 500 company already. I am committed because I see the potential and because I LOVE the thrill and motivation that comes from achieving even just one sale! I also love the hope for the future that I feel each time I achieve a sale or some other form of positive notoriety. It is small now, but I take it very seriously and I hope that that level of commitment will take it from being a small venture into something much larger that can bless all parts of my life!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. The photos are beautiful and you all look so happy. That is what stands out to me – not fancy clothes or huge reception halls. You are both in love and your family and friends love you, and that shows beyond anything else. Congrats on achieving another in what I hope will be many more amazing steps in your life!

  152. Wow, Bill, that brought tears to my eyes! What I see in the photos is the beauty of a deeply spiritual experience. 🙂 Gorgeous! I send my most heartfelt *Congratulations!!* on your wedding and I wish you and Gia such joy, richness, depth, and breadth of the time you will share together. And, of course, lots of Love!
    Your message is a powerful one. Thank you for sharing the analogy. Plant the feet, stay calm, take steps forward, however big or small. I see it. Sometimes, the magnetic pull to keep going just never stops! 🙂
    So glad your Mom is better! It will be a special Mother’s Day this year, no doubt.
    Love and Gratitude,

  153. Congratulations to you and Gia, Bill! A beautiful, and transformative experience for two beautiful and transformative individuals who are doing amazing work in this world.
    The day that I ‘married’ my business, surrounded by my community of like-minded and passionate business explorers and BSE adventurers, I also felt transformed. More committed, more attached, and more determined to care for my business as I had not felt before. The is no more I TRY, there is only I DO.
    Blessings to you both,

  154. Beautiful. Touched by the significance of the two of you in the middle of the circle surrounded and supported by your friends and family. While I am truly happy for you two, I will be happiest when all who are committed to their loved ones can be married. Thanks for sharing.

  155. Huge congrats & much love to you both!

    And I totally grok you on this one. Randy & I created a recommitment ceremony on our 10th for much the same reason. It was as meaning & powerful a moment (& in some ways more) than our wedding.

    Funny how you just can’t tell you’re all in till you are. And how you can only be ‘in’ the way you’re meant to be.

  156. Bill – Wow, your story is total inspiration. Congratulations. You are constantly showing the world what a special, thoughtful, caring person you are, Bill. I wish you and Gia a beautiful life together. Rick

  157. Harriet Tubman Wright says:

    So happy to finally “see” your wife…and I’m happy that both of you decided to celebrate with the community that loves, respects, appreciates you…and will help hold you to your commitment! Thanks for sharing!

  158. Congratulations Bill and Gia. The pictures look magical. Thanks so much for sharing them with us.

    Your message on commitment resonates very deeply with me in terms of being ‘married’ and committed to my business and my clients.

    My best wishes to you both.

  159. Congratulations to you and Gia!
    Thank you for sharing this personal milestone with us. The photos are beautiful. Wishing you both a lifetime of good health, much happiness and love. Carol

  160. LOVED this post and your beautiful photos Bill! Congratulations! So fun to hear you say that you thought the wedding was for Gia and then you discovered, surrounded in that beautiful circle, all of the love that your family and friends have for you too! Love the commitment you’ve made both professionally and personally! Thank you for your heartfelt sharing!

  161. Bill, this is a most extraordinary share. Beautiful, classy, heart centered and conscious! Thank you for allowing me a gorgeous glimpse into your world~

    Deborah “Atianne” Wilson

  162. Congratulations to you both. What a beautiful moment. I absolutely loved the circle of love you stood in for exchanging your vows — such a strong image and moment (I hope you don’t mind me stealing the idea should I ever find my self in a bride’s gown!). I am also touched by the commitment and appreciate you sharing this concept of “no back door”. I’m one to always being thinking of plan B while working on plan A (which can be helpful sometimes), but it is inspiring to think of myself as “wed” to my life’s work and with that comes the same resilience, forgiveness, and gentleness that I would offer to a spouse.

  163. Magical pictures, meaning-full words. Thanks for sharing the love and inspiration, Bill.

  164. Ania says:

    Your letter is just oozing of love, passion and commitment and I know you mean ever word of it. It is inspiring. Thank you.
    When you have roots that are this solid, there is no hurricane that can overturn your tree.
    Congratulations and the pictures are beautiful.

  165. Tayo says:

    Congratulations from Germany Gia & Bill !!!
    The pictures are awesome and I bet the ceremony and those who attended were as well.
    100% commitment is fantastic.
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS with us your community.
    Alles Gute und Liebe ! (German)

  166. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing in such a real way how you are forever changed by this… And I love the very real idea of real commitment to your business – I do sometimes think I have a backdoor out – even if I really don’t want it! As I try this on, I feel that if I really removed that option – how much stronger would be my resolve and who knows how I could show up differently in my business as a result?
    Thanks for taking time to share your celebration and your wisdom,
    much joy to you both!

    • Bill Baren says:

      Exactly… remove the backdoor and watch yourself soar!

      • Congratulations!
        A story: Lots of years ago, and many extraordinary years before now, my husband and I quarreled. In the middle of the event, my husband looked at me and said, “I want you to know that I am fighting to stay–not to leave.” He smiled, I said, “Me, too.” AND then we continued our discussion, resolved our issue, and held each other.
        May all your wishes come true and be better than you ever imagined!

        • Bill Baren says:

          Wow! That’s a really awesome story. Thanks for sharing.

        • To Ameena.
          Inspiring ! The sentence “I want you to know that I am fighting to stay – not to leave” is spiritually really powerful, and reveals the true wish of the person: to love and be loved, in the respect of both, not the determination of “winning” above the other and runaway in presence of the inevitable obstacles. God bless you, Ameena, to share this moment of your couplelife with us.

  167. I’m always looking for that person who has something to say that will take me higher. Let me learn something new, or at least tell it to me in a new way. I’m always looking for the blog, or story, or movie or book that makes me think “I would have liked to have written that.” Bill, this is one of those moments.
    Thank you. You took something personal and made it universal so smoothly, so beautifully and with such heart that if I were an envious sort I would envy you. Instead, as a writer and a person, I applaud you and look forward to hearing more from you and knowing you better. From now on I will open every email you send. Whether or not that was your intention, for me it’s definitely part of the result.
    Fran greenfield,
    The Resilience Coach

  168. That’s rich, very rich and a great nexus to business. Commitment is key in any successful relationship – business or personal.

    So pleased to hear your mum has recovered and you were able to share your special moment with her.
    Congratulations, and here’s wishing you a long, healthy and successful life with Gia and respective families!

    Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  169. Amanda says:

    Thanks for the share — heart warming 🙂
    Blessings to you both.

  170. Bill and Gia — I love your post and your spirit. I’m so happy for you. Great pictures too. I guess you are stuck with each other, now since you told so many people how you really feel 😉
    I love you both

  171. Awwwwwww!!!!! Of course you are wearing a hat. Of course your wife is so gorgeous and stylish. I can relate- marriage can feel scary, but when I realize my husband and I will work through anything, that feels really good. Congratulations!

  172. Congrats Bill!
    How stunningly beautiful; both your letter, your commitment to everything, and the depth of your ever-inspiring spirit.

    Love and best wishes for a beautiful marriage,

    P.S. Any baby Barens in your plans?

  173. Awesome! Just awesome!

  174. Just 3 words: LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. And 3 more words: Best. Post. Ever. Congrats to you and your beautiful sweetheart!

  175. Christine says:

    beautiful photos- looks like a beautiful weeding. Love seeing these happy pictures. You and Gia celebrate every day and enjoy you mom. I just lost my mom to breast cancer in April and time with loved ones can never be taken back!

  176. WOW–thank you so much for sharing this! The pictures are just beautiful. I can literally feel the love emanating from them. Your words hit home for me both in my relationship and my business. So I very much appreciate your willingness to share your life in order to help others. You have succeeded!

    Much love and happiness,


  177. more cowbell–oops, i mean pictures. My heart is swelling with appreciation for the richness of your commitment–to Gia, to your family, to all of us, to our lives aligning with our hearts, just as your hearts have aligned, enfolded, encircled.

  178. I LOVE these photos. They make me smile to see them. Even more than that, to “hear” a man making such heartfelt statements about love both “humanizes” you and attracts me to what you offer. The genuineness brings tears (happy ones) to my eyes. If everyone in the world moved to such thinking, the world would be transformed…and everyone in it..simply by association.

    Congratulations and all happiness to your life together.


  179. Congratulations Gia and Bill! What a beautiful and heartfelt letter. I hope you will celebrate many happy years together. Remember, every day is another opportunity as a married couple to renew your commitment to one another.

    Best Wishes,
    Michelle Mendoza (blissfully married for 14 years)

    • Bill Baren says:

      I love that. Gia and I have committed to going away on our anniversary every year and do a little recommitment ceremony.

      • Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos! We can feel the warmth and love surrounding you both and hope you will have a lifetime of happiness. May your yearly recommitment bring joy and deepen the bonds you have already formed.
        Thanks for including us and integrating your happiness with our work. May this joy be ever your yours and our gratitude be your ongoing support.

      • Kay says:

        My husband and I do the same – we also wake up and say, “I choose to love you today.” 🙂
        Love to both of you.

        I’m thinking I’ll invent a ceremony where I invite anyone who has been touched by my sound healing work, or my husband’s healing touch, to come and witness our re-commitment to serving the world with these gifts.

        • Wow… first this post had me blown away, then your comment knocked me off my feet! I absolutely love the idea that you and your husband say that to each other! I hope one day to have the same feeling with someone.

      • The love you radiate for each other, and your willingness to share it with your tribe is beautiful. Love is the answer. You two are wonderful together! Great examples of love, wisdom and power.

      • Thank you for sharing your magical experience this is quite a lesson.

      • Jerry says:

        Hello Bill – wonderful! You’ve hit it exactly! If you don’t do what you enjoy and love, you’ll never take it to the next level – congratulations and best wishes!

    • I love the post and pictures. Bill and Gia, may you be happy daily. I was glad to meet you at the big shift experience few weeks ago and love to see your beautify pictures. May God bless you daily as you bless many others as well. Bill, thank you so much for your love and passion to help others to be succeed. Your passion has touched so many people in our big shift experience.. What a great transformation experience. May you inspire more business persons to create big movements to impact the world.
      Jane Cheng http://www.authenticlifesuccess.com

    • Beautiful pictures, beautiful words lifting all of us to a new level. That’s what words can do and also unite souls. Thanks for sharing all your heartfelt stories and expertise and we’re all better because of it. For various circumstances I had to take a hiatus with the tele-seminar program but plan to continue and resume where I left off. I know it will help me to get to where I want to go with my business. Thanks for keeping me posted and in the loop. Your reaching out makes a huge difference.
      Warmest regards,
      Rosalie Moscoe

    • Congratulations, Bill and Gia! True unconditional love is what life is all about. Without love, nothing in life has any Real value. “If I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but do not have love, I have become a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal” (the Bible, I Corinthians 13:1). “Beloved, let us love one another, for … God IS love” (the Bible, I John 4:7). Commitment to family, friends, and clients and to one’s soul-based work is what makes life work. Thank-you, Bill, for opening your heart and soul to inspire us all. I greatly appreciate your heart-centered work and your desire to help everyone you touch make a positive difference in people’s lives and to have the life of their dreams.

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