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How to Turn Any Challenge or Slump into Success

Overcoming obstacles woman

There is something I learned recently that is having some profound positive effects on my business and my life that I want to share with you.

I started to notice a phenomenon in myself (and in so many of my clients) that I am starting to call the False Future Projection.

Here’s how it works:

I am upset about something and during this upset, it feels as if how I am feeling at that moment is going to last for the rest of my life. And it feels like what and how I am currently thinking is the ultimate truth. I am seeing everything from the lens of my upset or from the lens of my stuckness.

During those moments I can only see the future based on what is happening at this moment in time. What I am in fact doing is falsely projecting the future from my current all-consuming feeling or belief. And I’ve gotta tell you… feeling this way totally sucks!  It is as if my funk is coloring the past and the future.

Here’s an example:

I was talking to a very successful entrepreneurial friend of mine (name omitted to protect the guilty) who shared with me a story about a time when his business was experiencing a really bad period – when money was tight and things were going badly with his biz.

During this period of time, it felt like this was going to be his reality for the rest of time. But in fact, just a week later, one new high-end client changed everything.

Now not only was he no longer experiencing this feeling but his entire outlook for the future changed.  Now his situation wasn’t radically different but his perception of the future was.

The more I started to notice the False Future Projection in myself and in people I know, the more I started to see how prevalent this phenomenon is.

The good news is there is something you can do to not allow a slump, an upset, or a current challenge get in the way of clearly seeing and planning for the future.

#1 Notice that False Future Projection (FFS) is happening

When things aren’t going well or we are in a slump of sorts… we project the current feeling and the current situation into the future.

The first step is to simply notice that it’s happening. This takes you giving yourself the time and space to notice it. For me, it became so much easier to realize that I am in the False Future Projection phase when I recommitted to my regular journaling practice which allows me to scan my day, my feelings, and my False Future Projections.

I also know that early detection of FFS is important for turning it around more effortlessly and with the least amount of emotional damage.  Just knowing that I am projecting into the future helps to alleviate the situation.

#2 Let Go of the Story

Once I detect that I am in False Future Projection, I know that any story of the future I create is going to be false.

So, what I do is simply notice any time a thought comes up about what I think the future may hold and then I simply let it go.  I do my best to not engage in those stories.

This does take some discipline. It is so much easier to allow those thoughts to run amok in my mind, but catching those thoughts and redirecting my thinking brings with it such a high payoff that it’s totally worth it.

So instead of activating our brain when we are experiencing those feelings, I find that it’s so much better to activate the feelings in my body instead. This brings us to the next step in the process.

#3 Feel the Feeling Fully

So as soon as I notice myself going into the story, I close my eyes, and I just feel what I am feeling.

I become aware of all of my bodily sensations and I just feel.  And as stories and thoughts come my way, I let them go and go back to feeling.  I am not trying to chase my feelings away…

I just let them be and simply feel them, knowing the feeling will not last forever.

#4 What’s the First Step I Can Take to Change the Situation?

I am now experiencing so much more freedom from my current situation because my false projection of the future is loosened. The next step I take is to bring myself back into the present with my actions.

I don’t try to solve the entire situation, I just ask myself what first step I can take towards solving it.  This makes the solution real in the now.

[IMPORTANT: Do not make any decisions when you are in the grips of False Future Projection.  This is critical because you are going to WANT to make a decision, but that decision will inevitably be reactive and often off-base. So avoid making them until you have gone through the 4 steps I outlined here]

This practice has been miraculous for me.  Not only is it making me happier, but it is also the solution to most problems, puzzles, or disturbances I experience in my life and business.

I’d love for you to try it for yourself and let me know how it goes.

Let me know what you think : 

Leave a comment letting me know what you think of the concept of False Future Projection and how it has affected your life and business.

This is my recently discovered behavioral transformation. I will be developing a deeper body of work around it and would love to know what you think.

Can’t wait to read your thoughts….



  1. I’m so concerned about my negative thoughts.mostly I feel it has to due with my marriage and the feelings of being invisible. After 15 years I e started to stand up for myself but it’s comjng out wrong or negative.
    I don’t like it when I’m dismissed for having a feeling or someone telling me im wrong for having that emotion.

    I always considered myself a positive person – solution oriented- and always wanting to level up and grow but the non business marriage family dynamics has me for a loop.
    Thanks for listening anayway!

  2. This is really good and just helped me nip a bout of false future projection I was doing in the bud! I like it and await your further development of this

  3. Bill,
    I want to thank you, for this slant on perspective, it takes the, ‘drama is inevitable, problems are optional’, approach, one step further. It makes perfect horse sense, rose coloured glasses with reversed lenses. It is something that I will be taking on board, with my decision making, process. Keep grinnin’.

  4. You’re the one with the brains here. I’m watncihg for your posts.

  5. You present a valuable vision, Bill! Thank you.

    When things turn upside down, I always look at it this way: This too shall pass…like a kidney stone!


  6. Bill, Thanks for sharing this practice. I have been working on observing my thoughts and feeling my emotions for my own healing and career, but I have never applied this practice to grow my business. Until yesterday (after the live Q&A call from MOE and a meeting with my other teacher) I didn’t realize how much I have suppressed my frustrations related to my business. And now, I am allowing myself to feel all that is surfacing with tears and all coming as I typed this, and from reading the post, I am starting to take Step 4, which I have never done consciously. Thank you.

  7. Karin says:

    A perfect coincidence? It looks like everything coming from you since the beginning of the Premium package program is such perfect coincidence. Each time I listen to one of the calls, I get the perfect hint I needed to make the next step. Not only about creating packages. I got inspired clarity for my mission, and then about my niche, like gifts from above. I had been searching for these over years. It feels like you’re facilitating downloads, while teaching us practical steps. Now I just read the beginning of this post and my mind went “of course, everybody does this “, see, the “I know this already” effect. But there’s a wiser one within me now, and she said: “try it”, so I did. Immediately I realized that I had kept projecting the “beginner level” ever since I started my business. And that even with the Premium package program, I had been doing the same, like: things will be in the project state forever, I will never really do it anyway, I’m taking another program to make believe that I’m doing something about my stuck situation, but it will not change anyway. I finally get why it hasn’t changed, I had been projecting the present on the future -and repeatedly re-created the status quo. The permanent beginner. having tons of experience by now, but still in the “beginner flow”. BUT: 3 minutes of feeling, and the world has opened up! Not only is this process very realistic, it also is quick and easy to remember! Thank you for that gift!

    • Thanks, Karin, for your awesome share. When you are ready the perfect information from the right person will come. I am excited for you!!! And I am so glad this methodology works for you.

  8. Kathleen Sweeney says:

    When in any emotional state, negative or positive, the more you can feel it, the more you can create what it is you do want. In other words, since it takes emotion to create what we want, it doesn’t matter if it is a good feeling or a bad feeling, it is still a feeling. So just think about what it is you DO want to create, what it is that you want in as much detail as possible, involving all the senses, and feel the feeling that is so strong in you at the moment. USE the emotion to your benefit. Then when you’ve done this for at least 68 seconds (more if possible) let it go. Just have faith that the Universe is on your side and don’t even give it another thought. Let it happen the best way for everyone concerned. Just KNOW it will happen. Try it! It used to be a secret. But now there aren’t any … LOL!

  9. Alison says:

    Oh!!! sooo timely. After walking around with my premium package in my head for a few days now, I finally sit to write as I have a sense of ‘the what’ in addition to which, I now have a deadline of hours before the call. Been at the computer for the last 3 hrs. get the aha! as well as just how I want it to look. Taking shape and ready to roll to completion, then, press the incorrect button and lost every single thing. Nothing saved. Called around to all my computer experts, nothing can be done, its lost, need to start again. No need to tell where my emotions are at this point. Not even thinking clearly. Come to check in and find this. Thanks Bill, to the rescue once again, even if you could not bring my stuff back, as least I found a way to treat with the emotions. If I can’t submit before the call, it will be ready for tomorrow. Must walk away now.

    • Things will always happen that get in our way of creating what we want. It’s what we do as a reaction to these obstacle that will determine our eventual successs!

  10. June Timberlake says:

    It’s really exciting to me to see how the concept of “being with” the negative thoughts and feelings that arise in us is being spoken of in so many arenas today. And I always learn some little tweak or aspect about how to do it from each share. It can be very challenging to be with the feelings especially without being taken over by them. And you are right, the pressure to take some kind of action to “fix” them – to stop the pain is strong. But in being with and allowing the emotions without judgement can finally yield a fresh and improved perspective on what can be the next step. This is true in our relationships as will as in business. And hearing these encouraging words multiple times from multiple sources is reinforces this truth to us all!

  11. Hi Bill: Just had one of those experiences and when I finally thought to quiet my mind, then I noticed that my breathing changed and the messages I was sending all the tissues changed from fight or flight to calm. Then I noticed in the lungs there are areas just behind the solar plexus that were generating this calm from the lungs to all the fascia in the body. Your comment page seemed a good place to record this observation.

  12. I needed this today as it was feeling like “groundhog day” to me after yet another failed consultation
    Past performance is no guarantee of future results

  13. Joselyn Quintero says:

    Yes! this is part of the findings in Behavioral Economics and Neuroeconomics. Is called “The Long Term Effect of Short Term Emotions” => https://hbr.org/2010/01/column-the-long-term-effects-of-short-term-emotions/ar/1

  14. Hi Bill – I really appreciate your post and the comments as well. I recognized some years ago that this phenomenon applies (for me) equally to the negative and the positive. Basically, whatever state I find myself in – most noticeable when extremely positive or negative – I “eternalize” and project it onto the future, imagining that this will last forever. In the positive version it is harmful because when it inevitably shifts, I can feel demoralized by “failing” to fulfill my positive projection-fantasy. Blaming myself, in other words.

    Last night I was dealing with a doozy of a negative future projection. I really hit bottom. What I did to deal with it was a) feel the feelings; b) extend self-love and compassion to my suffering self and tried to “hold” the hurt/scared child part of me energetically and comfort her; c) started listing all the powerful negative beliefs that were lodged in this feeling. I keep a list of beliefs to clear (for when I get around to doing that, which is seldom).

    As I was writing down a lot of powerful negatives about not “deserving” – everything from love to success – I had a major insight I’d never had before about the roots of this “non-deserving” imprint. I saw how much of my mother’s pain when I was a child I took on as “my fault.” She had a very tragic family history in Europe (Ukraine, actually!) related to war, pogroms, etc. and I had this dazzling realization last night that in seeing and feeling the ways that I was hurting her, causing her emotional pain in our interactions (which she let me know was true and which I could see) I had conflated that with the entirety of her suffering as also somehow belonging on my tiny shoulders. I don’t know how true this insight is, in the light of day, but last night it stunned me. I could FEEL the energy of pain and the long lineage of suffering that was part of that energetic matrix. I think I’ve known intellectually but not really let myself feel it fully before. And in the process, I started to pull out of me the embedded energies of guilt, grief, entanglement, and resulting feelings of non-deserving. As a result I had a huge turn-around and feelings of freedom and possibility emerged again. (And yes, of deserving!)

    I appreciate very very much the emphasis you put on directly feeling feelings. I’m in your PPSS program and watching how you do this has give me an even greater respect for you than I already had.

    • Wow, what a powerful and vulnerable share! Thank you so much for being you and letting me into your experience. I appreciate your kind words about me as well. Much love.

  15. Joni Dunn says:

    Hi~ I really appreciate the False Future Projection! I use the Hendricks term of Upper Limiting. I’ve been doing both recently with PPSS and another program. I had a life altering event about a year and a half ago which threw me into dropping all the momentum I was gaining in my life and career. Now, when I move forward into expansion the trauma of this situation shows up ( as both Upper limits and PTSD). I appreciate you addressing this in the PPSS program! I’ve called this my inner Dominatrix, as is she relentless and I can never do enough to satisfy her!!! My method is to acknowledge her, and breathe into all my feelings and adding some movement while practicing loving myself for all that I am in the moment. Thank you for addressing this!

  16. Lorraine says:

    Hi Bill,
    Your insight into this self depreciating phenomenon is brilliant! We often think we are the only ones this stuff happens to. But your article proves it can happen to the extremely successful as well.
    I believe it really is about energy in the form of fear. Fear smothers positive energy and perpetuates it as we feed it with negative thoughts that project the future doom and gloom.
    I appreciate your steps to dispel it. Being honest about the emotions we feel can truly get to the bottom of the issue we are having in the first place.

  17. Bill,
    Thank you so much for this timely, simple-yet-profoundly-effective process. Letting our Awareness be with (in a non-attached way) our thoughts, emotions, bodily sensations is very integrating and harnesses our holistic Intelligence/Feeling/Will in a way that can spontaneously sort out and heal the situation and come up with creative solutions that are no longer resisted by unintegrated, fearful aspects of ourselves. No longer tortured by the limitations that happen when we are untethered from our own Wholeness and thinking we have to do it all from the place of the small self.
    Going to do some more practice of this now–thanks again!

  18. Thank you for deconstructing this phenomenon. It takes a lot of courage to focus on the future truth, and to recognize that the depressed feelings are derived from a believed truth that is not useful. I find that folks have a hard to conceptualizing what they “want” as any version of a “truth” even a future truth, as they are so deeply committed to the “belief” that has become a truth which is the source of tremendous pain.

  19. My thoughts on First Steps:

    I like what you said about making the first steps small. The small steps in business are sometimes called “Kaizen”. Big changes or goals can trigger the ‘fight or flight ‘ response in the amygdala of the brain, and then I want to fix it by eating a bag of chips or something. By taking small, seemingly insignificant steps, I can tiptoe right past the amygdala, skip the chips, and move in the direction where I really do want to go. I get to win on all fronts.

    Procrastination, ‘being stuck’, is generally not about ‘doing’ stuff, it’s about how I *feel* about doing that stuff. For instance, if I can recognize that I’m afraid I might fail, or I’m nervous about jumping into the unfamiliar, I can then call it what it actually is (fear), and choose a very small step forward. This gives me a positive experience to build the next small step on. Eventually, my mind is reprogrammed to succeed while the amygdala sleeps through the whole process.

    I am doing this myself every day to go forward with my dreams. Thanks for your blog.

  20. Bill,
    Great insights. Here are some of my thoughts on controlling our thinking:
    In order to succeed you will need to control your mind. You will need to control what you think and what you allow into your thoughts. One of the most productive ways I have found to control my thoughts is the daily use of affirmations. I have built up five lists of affirmation that range from success to health. I have these lists tasked in my Outlook program so that I am presented with them each day Monday through Friday.
    Why is it important to control our thoughts? Thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions, and actions lead to results. To have consistent success you will need to control your thoughts. Don’t be too hard on yourself. It takes time to change. We are constantly surrounded by what some have coined as “stinkin-thinkin”. Remember that success is a daily decision. Decide to control your thoughts and you will be amazed at how you feel and act.

    • I have found affirmations to be extremely helpful also. I like to record them and play back when I’m trying to fall asleep but my brain won’t quit. I figure if I’m going to be thinking something, make it the best thoughts. I have gathered my affirmations into categories and play them according to the need of the moment.

      Our brains can be really stupid at times; making up all sorts of ridiculous stories. I was pleasantly surprised to find out I could tell my brain what to think and it listens.

  21. Anita Web Weaver says:

    Hi, Bill,

    So timely and so right on! I really identified with Giselle’s comments about thinking I am ‘meant’ to struggle financially and never get above a minimum level of financial comfort. You helped me realize FFP is playing a huge part in my life right now; I believe I can now ALLOW the feelings associated with this difficult state and free up some energy to move forward.
    With grateful thanks,

  22. Hey BB,

    Just a heads up. Your opt on page for the book is not optimized for mobile devices. The description gets cut off. Just FYI so you can drop a good page in there.



  23. Dear Bill, thank you! It really feels to be in the right place for new business. From a perspective of Truth or Reality there is nothing but the very moment, yet we are creating from there. This creation is now shifting from the mind to the heart. So in fact we are more “allowing” what wants to come in from our heartfelt vision, than projecting something from the mind. In order to do that we need to move beyond polarity. However our entire human system – mental, emotional, physical – is still hardwired to function from an old polarity software. To shift this, the only modality is “no resistance to what is” – hence allowing to feel all the frustrating, negative e-motions and release them. I love the fact that this is now becoming part of a new generation of entrepreneurs. Wonderful! Thank you for bringing up and sharing such deep stuff – bridging spirit and business. Namaste.

  24. Bill:

    Great advice at just the right time. Good to know others have the same problem with false future projection. I generally get through this when I recognize that I’m not a helpless victim, and there are things I can do to make changes. Your point #4 really says it … what’s the FIRST STEP I can take to change the situation? I will definitely put this post in a place where I can refer to it often.

  25. Hi Bill, I find that using my spiritual intelligence overcomes the influence of false future projections, as well as all the other effects of ego domination. There’s a simple three step process for activating spiritual intelligence at the bottom of this page: http://sqi.co/ego-and-soul/

  26. It’s so affirming when someone else’s experience parallels my own this way!
    I love the way you’ve articulated this experience, and the process you are using to move through it. My own parallel story is I’ve just left my “day job” to jump more fully into my entrepreneurial pursuits, and I found as my last day at work approached, I was feeling more and more panicky. I finally realized I was afraid of repeating a previous negative scenario when I wasn’t working. I held up the stop sign on my racing mind, took some deep breaths, and said to myself “my past does not predicate (or predict) my future.” Suddenly I was able to allow there to be a blank canvas ahead of me, and to feel the freedom in not knowing rather than the fear. So thanks for the affirmation!

  27. This is such a great reminder – thank you so much for the article. I was transitioning from a digital product business (lower price point but frequent sales) to one of coaching, and it took a while to adjust to “not panicking when I don’t see revenue for a week” – so when right around “day 5 with no sales” I reminded myself the big WHY that I CHOOSE this new direction, and how one high-end client will change my “view” of my reality… when I am able to loosen up the grip, usually I sign a few clients in a row.

  28. Thank you Bill, you have once again spoken so coherently and described the actual steps that I’m taking. By realising that I can circumnavigate a knee jerk decision, you have made me aware of how i can reassure myself in a calm unhurried manner, while still believing i’m on track to handle this challenge with grace and confidence. By restressing the fact that FFP is just one of my options I can feel the unlimited possibilities come flooding back in. Great insight and thank you for being my Witness.
    Suellen Edwards Direction Technique™ Practitioner/Instructor

  29. Grant says:

    Thanks for enunciating this Bill. I have been having some challenges recently and had been using something similar to push through the emotional and physical stress that has been making life seem (at times) unpleasant. Last night, I started my FFP again, begun the spiral to oblivion so I used a meditation and breathing exercise to calm myself down so I could relax and rebuild my mindstate. I had been using steps #1 and #3 but having #2 and #4 has allowed me to step through the door rather than just standing in the doorway.Today I have taken many steps to resolve my challenge and have been rewarded with what seems to be a Houdini like escape. Thanks again. There is much to take out of this short article…best wishes for your future.

  30. claud says:

    Yes, excellent advice about False Future Projection- thank you. However, you don’t mention FFP in terms of projecting a wonderful future, filled with financial security and all those good things that “The Law of Attraction” bloggers speak about. Do you think FFP is a problem for negative projections, and along with cutting our negativity, we should also put out positive projections to change our futures? Or is FFP a problem, period- regardless of what our future thoughts/projections are?

    • I am referring to when you’re experiencing a challenge that is having you emotionally and energetically spiral down the rabbit hole. Positive Future Projection as a practice is always helpful.

  31. Good one Bill. Really good.

    • Thanks, Lisa!

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  32. Terrific post, identifying the doomsday feelings we all get occasionally, and how easily they lead to false negative projections about Everything! We can’t fix what we don’t recognize as broken, and the first step, awareness of our current mindset, makes a big difference in our future actions (or inaction, LOL).

    It takes perspective – accepting we feel this way and it is painful, but also realizing this upset is temporary. That is tough to do, as you state so well. When we feel that way, it seems it will last forever. Often, there is a benefit to feeling so down – it is a message that we need to do something differently, even if it is to temporarily switch our focus from external concerns (over which we have less control) to self-care (which is less dependent on others).

    When we practice self-care (sleep, eating right, exercise, creative expression, etc.), we’ll often feel better, which makes it easier to then attack the challenges that led to our negativity. If the challenges relate to self-care (i.e., I’ll NEVER lose weight), then focus on any other area where you can experience success, or at least have fun! Remember those times when you’ve felt this hopeless before, and how it didn’t last, so it is easier to believe that ‘this too shall pass!”

    -Susan Lasky, Productivity & ADHD Coach

  33. Michael Harris says:

    Great stuff Bill…

    It is so easy to take our past and present reality and project it into the future. Even when those “present realities” are false. In investing it is said “past performance does not necessarily represent future performance”. It appears though that when we plant seeds – we need to make sure whether those seeds come from beautiful flowers or weeds. Thats why it is so important to check the source of our thoughts (seeds). Some of our thoughts will always be weeds so as we plant (project) our seeds it is just accepting that as the flowers grow we will need to keep pulling the weeds.

    In India there is this saying “lotus flower only grows in muddy water”. In other words we need to have the shi* to actually grow. It just seems to work that way.

  34. Wendy says:

    What is false? What is true? When speaking of the future, you can’t conclusively say one or the other, but if you’re standing on the tracks and you hear a train whistle, it might be a good decision to relocate. And there have been future projections, that I’ve tried to convince myself wouldn’t come true, and the reality ended up being WORSE than my projections (like trying to convince myself the people would wake up and abolish ObamaCare, only to find it’s not only still rolling out, but to a bigger disaster than I thought it would be four years ago)

  35. Bill, you may be in the wrong business! You have nicely outlined some basic techniques in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, both often used in therapy to help people overcome worry, anxiety and stress. I find that many business techniques are based in psychological theories. Thanks for giving these psychological therapies new life in business practices.
    Cheryl A. Eberl, LCSW-R

    • That’s pretty cool! Who knew…

      • I agree with Shanna. There are several supplements on the market today that are really helpful to the aging dogs. Also you might get a really good bed for him as he will need his beauty rest at sleep times I think he is staring at you with unaidnotioncl love and devotion!

  36. I agree with you wholeheartedly. Actually, I have the reverse of that. If I am having a time of struggle, as we all do from time to time, I generally escape the present situation by telling myself that the future will be better; that this will soon pass and there are brighter days ahead.

    Setbacks and struggles only last as long as it takes for me to learn the lesson that is there for me to learn. Once I open my own eyes to the reality of any situation, I no longer find it controversial. We must remember that most of our trials are brought upon us by our own actions. Therefore, taking responsibility for those actions and making the necessary changes to our character to avoid them in the future will ultimately provide us with a much more enriched future, relative to any trials we endure.

  37. Brillilant, Bill! Your take on the False Future Projection is so true, and in my experience, seems so real, as though there never was any other reality. Once I confront the FFP, it gets tougher and tougher to convince myself that it’s real, though. Getting in touch with feeling it in your body, acknowledging it, and then transitioning into the better reality is such a relief. Tapping (EFT) is a great way to expedite that process: tapping with 2 or 3 fingers of your hand, on the inside of your eybrow, outside of your eye, under your eye, under your nose, and collarbone, with each phrase, just try saying, “Even though I feel like things will never change, and I was just fooling myself before, I love and accept myself anyway. Even though things look so bleak, and I’m upset and in despair over ______, I love and accept myself anyway. Even if these feelings float through my mind, they’re aren’t my reality forever, and I love and accept myself. Even if they linger, I can help them move along with my breathing, and I still love and accept myself .. . letting them drift away from me.”

  38. Steven says:

    Bill….. This came at a time when I needed it the most, and more importantly, was in a place to receive it. I won’t go into detail, however I was in a moment today that was very identical to the first example you provided and the FFS concept hit me square in the face. I stopped what I was doing and walked myself through the four steps. Afterwards, of course my circumstances did not change, however my mind was freed to make 4 phone calls whose outcomes gave me greater time to breath and feel freedom from the unwanted mental capacity bondage I was allowing myself to stay in.

    Funks can be the most challenging , things to come out of … especially when you can’t see the other side. We know that it is there but when we allow the fog to penetrate it is a tough road. Thank you for providing a simple, yet wonderfully effective way to navigate through those hard days!

  39. I have practiced meditation for the last 6 months since I experienced a big set back. I got down to zero. I went into level it’s called and began to visualize abundance. 6 days later 4 big clients came on board and we have come back strong. Strange thing was most were from other states and had never met before. No coincidence as other things like that have happened since.
    Thanks for what you do. Jim

  40. Bill,

    Thank you so much for putting a name to one of my major life frustrations! Whenever something happens in my relationship, my first reaction is to run. To end it completely. My mind says this is NEVER going to work.

    I’m going to take these 4 steps the next time the funk hits…
    To Your Heatlh,

  41. Thank you Bill for allowing us to share with you. Since I signed on and committed to doing the Premium Package Program a lot of feelings and emotions came up day after day and It is like a roller coster ride. But I am now better equipped for the ride and I do not give in to my fears and upsets…I myself have been practicing on FEELING and not listen to all the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH stories of my past. I really was thinking it was my life Karma that it was my Destiny to have just a small piece of the pie. I actually was going to believe that…Wow! and then I realized that it is not true…No, one said Oh by the way Giselle it is your destiny to not succeed. I really thought I was cursed. I have changed and that is because I no longer let my negative thoughts take over me. I practiced this morning what you had said in your Audio re: Money beliefs and I was amazed of what I wrote and what others shared. I am truly not alone. I felt normal again and not cursed. I awoke with not feeling so great and yet yesterday I had an amazing day I even had a man during a Networking event say to me after we had spoken awhile said…You know Giselle …You changed…You seem to have gotten so much confidence and your presence is powerful and what ever you are doing it is working for you. I was very surprised…But I realized he was right. I finally stepped into my value and I am here to serve not to please. And this morning as I was not feeling so good and felt the black cloud again…my daughter actually said mom maybe you are in your zone…Longer story short…I actually again allow myself to feel and I started to cry and I did not let the story get in the way. I made a decision this morning that it really is the first time Ever…Even if the money would pay my bills. I actually respected myself and told a woman who wanted me to do her mom…but get this Bill..she called me up this morning ( but even before she called I had a bad feeling and I no longer wanted to go and work with this client) But I said to myself..now now Giselle, you need the money and blah, blah…But I cut if off right away . I said No, I will listen to what this woman will say and I will make my decision. This woman, who was a past client …bought a gift certificate for her mom at Xmas to for my services. When this women called me 2 hours before I was to see her mom…she proceeded to tell me about her mom and tell me what and how I should speak to her mom and not do this and not do that and don’t talk about this and In my mind I felt really calm. And when she was finished I told her very calmy….I am afraid I will be cancelling the appointment with your mom. She said really why? I said because I love what I do and I enjoy my sessions with my clients and they love the sessions also. And you are telling me not to be ME and not share my PASSION and not do my job . I cannot work with a client who does not want me. I only work with clients who loves me and sees my value. I am sorry I will reimburse you no worries. I respected myself Bill and this is all because of how you have helped me. Thank you. I needed to share this …because my bank account right now sure can use it. I then felt so good and I proceeded to do my day and I actually went on Facebook and asked questions for my assignment and I no longer will let the False Future Projection get me…Because I recognize it’s face. And I can immediately change it. And it is soooo true not to make decisions when I am in it…Just like not to make decisions when I am in my zone (PMS) which I learnt many years ago…And you got it…that is when we want to make decisions. I now wait till I feel calm and then talk about it and get feedback. Thank you Bill . Very Best Wishes! Giselle

    • Thank you for sharing so candidly. I am really glad my Premium Packages program is a catalyst for your personal and business transformation.

    • Kathleen Sweeney says:

      Giselle, thank you for being so honest. I was so proud of you and cheering you on when you told the client’s daughter who bought the certificate for her mom that you wouldn’t do that out of integrity stuff. That is exactly why you feel so good now, despite not having the money come in. You stood up for not only yourself, but what you believe in and that made you stronger. You go girl! Great job!

  42. Barbara says:


    Thank you for your sharing. Your suggestions remind me of the work that Dr. Mario Martinez has in his book titled “The Mind Body Code.

    All The Best

  43. Hello Bill,
    This technique reminds me a lot of the Landmark Forum concept of “running a racket” only it has the added steps of mindfulness and meditation. I”m intrigued: becoming aware of being stuck, getting out of your mind and into your body, and then to not go crazy trying to solve things when your are too much in “the thick of things” makes sense to me. I look forward to more info.

  44. Bill, can I translate to Portuguese and post your article “How to Turn Any Challenge or Slum into Success” in my website? I’ll credit you and link it to your website.

    Best, thanks, congratulations on your great work,

    Raul Candeloro

  45. Tricia says:

    Spot On! Exactly what I’ve been doing and an Excellent solution! Perfect! Thankyou very much for this timely advice! Love it!

  46. There are times when I project about the future without having all the information. I begin to fill my story with thoughts that do not serve me. I call this my Itty Bitty Shitty Committee. Others call it Gremlin or Monkey Mind. We all have one.

    What usually happens is, additional information comes in and I discover the truth and it’s not what I thought it to be. That’s when I either smile or break out in laughter, kicking my self in the arse for acting this way to begin with.

    So, here’s what I do instead.

    Knowing I don’t have all the info, and knowing when the info comes in I’m going to laugh or smile in the end. I make one small adjustment:


    Smiling in the beginning lets me know I’m not in control however everything is going to be ok.

    Hope this helps someone.

    Thanks Bill.

    • Love this Steve! The Bitty Shitty Committee Laugh Party…

      • How hilariioius! My thoughts exactically! LOL!!! My monkey Mind and my rational mind come to grip. Monkey tries to make me forget that I have a mission to serve, it throws all kinds of distractions my way, it tells me that I can’t possibly get everything done: (zig). it pushes me to consider failure as an alernative. Not liking this scenario one bit, so Instead; I zag back to my vision. and take on a small step towards what will generate revenue. failure is unavoidable! Instead I turn my failures into manure to fuel my ambitions. Learning from failures eventually leads to success. There’s hope! Because my vision is stronger than my fear of failure.

      • That takes us up to the next level. Great pogsnit.

    • Donna says:

      Oh my goodness. I love your name for the negative naysayer in all of us Steve! I think I may be adopting it soon 🙂

    • Super Duper! The joy of creating… Smiles and laughs…

  47. Thank you, Bill. Brilliiant observation (I so expect that of you) and love the tangible steps to take to move forward with a different perspective. I can relate to your experience.

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