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Archives for April 2011

It happened! It really happened

What a couple of months it has been!

I have been quite the busy bee, so I have needed the last couple of weeks to recuperate and re-energize.  Mission Accomplished!

I wanted to give you a bit of a closer look on whats been happening behind the scenes.

My business partner Patrick and our amazing team have been played full out.  After all we had every intention of creating our biggest live event of the year – the Big Shift Experience.  We went to the edge of what was possible for us in putting together a truly magical event.  I spent many sleepless nights in excitement and anticipation of the big day.  Patrick battled stage fright.  I felt like we were racing against time with so much more to take care of than on any project we have previously done.

We were swinging for a home run.  Nothing else would do.  To tell you the truth that was a crazy amount of pressure I put on myself.  I had never held an event with over 150 amazing business owners registered.  I had never led a 3-day experience for some of the best people in my community.  I had never put anything together with so many people expecting me to be my best.  We also needed to make sure that people left the event with the blueprint of how to add at least 6-figures to their income AND experience their own internal big shifts, too.  Whew! that is a lot, isnt it?

After months of preparation – the big day is finally here. Now I am on stage with 150 people on their feet, clapping and cheering for me.  I take it all in.  I take what felt like the deepest and longest breath in my life.  And IT WAS ON!!!

I made a decision.

I knew that in order for me to facilitate amazing Big Shifts for all of our participants at the Big Shift Experience, I needed to go through my own Big Shifts, too! ON STAGE… being totally seen, vulnerable and exposing who I am in the deepest possible ways.

And what transpired during those 3 days in the Bay Area was beyond my own high expectations.  People laughed! men cried! and everyone left the experience knowing that was possible for them before paled in comparison to what is possible for them in their business NOW.

And I had my own big shifts, too. I stepped into a new level of leadership and authenticity.  I am no longer willing to tolerate being busy.  I left the event with a new intention.
I am going to serve more people and in a deeper and more effective way.  I am going to have a multiple million dollar business while working 4 days per week.

Yes, it is scary just writing that.

I have no idea how I am going to do that YET.

What I do know is that I am grateful every day for the opportunity I get to serve YOU.  And during this event I got to see first hand the fruits of my labor of love.  This is what happened for people in the room:

  • I can charge what I am worth and get it
  • I really can add six-figures to my income in the next year
  • I am a success.  I am enough.
  • I am connected to my mission and to my movement
  • I love who I am becoming on this journey towards prosperity
  • I can see how creating premium packages is my ticket to success

But the thing that made all the hard work worth it was seeing peoples hearts open WIDE and with that, witnessing everyones possibilities skyrocket.

What is possible for me today is so much greater than what was possible for me yesterday.

Seriously! Think about it.  If you expanded your possibilities just a little bit every day, what would happen?

  • What if you made this mantra your daily mission?
  • What if you increased your possibilities by 1% each day?  Where would you be a year from now?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this here.